Monday, December 14, 2009

Stressed out....

So when I stress out all I need is some good Jib Jab to get me out of it....

Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Working Double Time... And that is HARD with ADD!

Lately my brain has been moving at a million thoughts per second which makes it hard to blog. Plus I feel like I can't blog without putting pictures up and since I can't find my camera... well you get the point. I have about 189237489 excuses. So let's just get to my random thoughts in my head... shall we?
  • I put my 2 weeks in today at work! Bitter sweet.
  • I love my job but this is a good move for me.
  • It's freezing outside... and inside.... My hands can barely type.
  • I am extremely excited for the new Vancouver Temple. I can't wait!
  • My life is passing me by... I will be 23 in less than 2 months... yikes!
  • I miss my old Friends (i.e. Kristin May Booth, Alex James, Chyla, Bonnie, Kendra,etc!)
  • What if I am not smart enough to graduate from College? Will people shun me?
  • Am I going to be able to find work?
  • Who keeps messing up my room... seriously guys! This is NOT funny! I just cleaned it!!!
  • Vegas for Christmas.... YAY for family time
  • I am team Kate (J&K+8) Jon's a jerk!
  • Did my EC forget about me? Just wondering....
  • I saw New Moon WAY too many times... on the first day.... uh.....
  • But secretly want to see it again.....
  • Why does Amanda put up with me?
  • I want to adopt a child within 10 years
  • Firefighters are just better looking than normal men.
  • Sometimes I do really stupid things... and think I should be a blonde...
  • My face is breaking out because I am stressed... about what you might ask... good question... I don't know! I just feel stressed!
  • I need to get my cosmetology liscensed transferred to Idaho
  • My sister is amazing... I miss her
  • My dad on drugs is no fun (drugs = painkillers fyi)
  • I am turning into an old person... I am in my pj's by 6pm... I guess it runs in the family
  • Is it really almost 2010
  • And you don't think 2012 is going to be the end of the world do you? I don't... at least I hope not....

Ok, seriously all of those thoughts came to me in uh 1 minute! My brain has just been spinning lately. Going a million thoughts per second it feels like. And that is more than normal for my ADD brain. Anywho.. that is why I haven't blogged lately. My brain can barely concentrate on one thing. Let alone blogging about something useful.. ha! That is just out of the question... well...

I hope everyone is staying nice and warm and is enjoying this Holiday Season. I hope you guys all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is it January yet???

Ok, so a lot has happened in my life since the last time I blogged. NOT! Remember how I don't have a life and all I do is work and watch Heroes (Thanks Bonnie and Tyler!) / Amazing Race/ Survivor/ The Office/ Vampire Diaries/ GLEE!!! YA I know. I don't have a life! It is pretty embarrassing how many shows I watch. Wow. Before I moved home in June I didn't even watch TV at all..... hmmm.... what a waste of my time... oh well! It is quite entertaining and I only get to do it until I go back to school in January. So might as well enjoy it right? In other news I just watched the Thursday night line up which consist of 3 of them.. First, Survivor. If you aren't watching this season you are missing out! It is absolutely ridiculous how Russell started out the season no one liked him (*Minus Scott Peck, of course!) and now, I love him. I don't want him to win, but I hope he keeps it up! Next, The Office... I hope DMI stocks go up soon... This show makes me laugh so hard! Especially Dwight! And finally... Vampire Diaries. I almost like Vampire Diaries more than Twilight (ONLY THE MOVIE!!!) because of one thing. The actors are like 654,245,977,246 times better than Bella. End of discussion. And I said I almost like it better than Twilight the movie. ALMOST!

Also.... I went to visit Tyler and Bonnie and Lucy Haas a few weeks ago (wow.... I am a SLACK-ERRR). I shall be posting about that soon. We had an amazing time and it was definitely needed... on both ends. I loved spending time with one of my best friends, Bonnie. We picked up right where we left off... amazing. And it was good to get to know Tyler better. He is such a funny guy! And my little Lucy... she is the most precious little girl. I love her with all of my heart. And she LOVES me.... and that makes me happy. Pictures/ videos to come of my trip and all the tricks I taught her!
Ok, on to more important topics.... Lately when I wake up all I think is "Is it January yet??" for several reasons. One, I am eager to get back into school. Three, I am excited to have a social life... and see my Buddha!!! Seven, because I am or was incredibly sick of issues that were arising about me being "a mormon". So, here is my response to anyone and everyone that has an issue about Mormonism. (Basically a long ranting from me... don't feel like you have to read, it might not even make sense....)
Dear the stuck-up "Mormon Hater",
Yes, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I consider myself lucky to be a member of the only true church on this Earth! Do I think I am better than you? No. Actually I think we are equal. But I am blessed to know already. To know why I am on this Earth and what is to come of us after we finish our stay on this Earth. Do I judge you because of your choices. Whether you drink, smoke, lie, steal, cheat, kill, are gay? Nope. I love you just the same. Maybe if you kill someone I might be a little weary around you. But I would never judge you. That's not my place. I don't like to judge because I don't want that sin of what I am judging you on me.... I sin enough as it is. I don't need other people's sins. However, if you have had bad experiences with "Mormons" I am truly sorry. I hope you can see from my example not all "Mormons" are bad people. Most of them are the nicest people you will ever meet in your life. But here is something someone once told me when a "Mormon" wronged me "The religion is true, the people aren't". Get it? Just because some "Mormon(s)" wronged you doesn't mean that everyone is bad. You liked me just fine until you found out I was LDS. That isn't right. Just because you don't agree with my religion doesn't give you a right to be rude to me. I never shove my religion down any one's throat. I prefer just to be an example to everyone around me...And believe me, I could be that type that shoves everything down your throat. I know everything that I believe is true without a shadow of a doubt. I couldn't always say this, but now I can. I know what I believe and I know what I stand for. I know that there is a plan for each one of us and that we are all loved by our Heavenly Father. And I try to be like my Savior, Jesus Christ and be an example of Him and that is how I choose to show my testimony. And when people notice that I am different. They come to me and ask me questions I have the answers and am ready to share. So to you my friend, if you could just please respect me and my beliefs I think we should be able to live in harmony. And I know someday you will realize that I wasn't so crazy after all and my crazy "mormon underwear" and "temples" and "sacredness" is all very important in the Lord's plan. And very special to me. I hope your heart will be soften someday so you can enjoy the same happiness I enjoy.

Your sister in Zion,

P.S. Thanks for making me so excited to go back to BYU-Idaho and be around all those mormons! :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009


After Bonnie and I came back from having girls day. Tyler, Lucy and I have the following conversation....

Tyler: "Lucy, did you show Aunt Michelle your art work?"
Me: "Lucy, did you do some art today? Did you color?
Lucy: (Smiles... with a few giggles)
Tyler: "Yes she did... all over your book...."
Me: "Oh nooooo... that isn't my book!"
Tyler: "ooops"


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Sooooo... the tittle wasn't very creative. Because honestly. I am soooo worn out. I don't even care. Remember how I bought a car on Thursday... Well today I was just on facebook minding my own business. IMing my friend, Rusty and all of the sudden I hear the *pop* and then my screen goes blank and the whole computer shuts down and I smell smoke.... I tried to revive it. But after a good 20 minutes.. there was no luck. He's gone.... He was good that whole year and a half I had him... (*TEARS*) (not just one tear. many will be shed over him...) So here lies my not so old laptop...
Rest in Peace, little buddy! I knew you did the best you could!
Well, with every death there has to be a birth... right?!
Welcome the new man into my life....
He's amazing! He even has the new Windows 7.... which I will admit... is kinda cool.
I didn't hate Vista. Ya I know. I am pretty much the only one...
But Windows 7 is fast... or maybe it's the brand new computer....
Hopefully I will have better luck with this one.....

Onto a different note... Halloween was last week! Ready for some REDNECK RAYMEEE!!!! (That is pretty scary in and of it's self....)
See... I told you it was scary...
And yes, that is my dad... the one in the mullet...
Oh... btw(by the way) this was for our Ward Trunk or Treat on Halloween.
We decided to decorate a corner of the church yard instead of just a trunk...
We did a redneck campsite...
hence the McD's ....
We are creative...
we know! :)
And the dutch oven over the "fire" was were the candy was....
it was definitely the goodest lookin' trunk there.

Friday, October 30, 2009


"Don't worry, I was a boy scout..... My mind is a compass!" - Couple's Retreat*

*Side Note: Couple's retreat was NOT a good movie. It had a lot of dirtyness in it and wasn't very funny. There were like 3 times I laughed. And twice was the same thing just at different parts of the movie.... wait till you can redbox it if you really want to see it. So you only waste a dollar instead of ten...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet Drew.....

He's my new car....
Well SUV technically!
I love him!!!!
He's a 2002 Buick Rendezous!
(Get why his name is Drew?? My sister, Nicole is creative huh?!)
Isn't He Cute???
Also... He comes FULLY LOADED!!!!
Even has a ...
YEP!!! Sunroof!!!!
And Leather Seats... which heat :)

Of course he has a CD player and all that jazzzzzz
And here is the back seat...
and I got a $8,000 umbrella too......
The steering Wheel... with all those buttons...
to play with...
Only in Park of course!
He is my very first car that I bought all by myself!!!
I am such a big girl!
I love him!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Dad is Cooler than your Dad...

I love my Dad. He is the WORLDS BEST DAD!!! I am pretty sure he deserves a major award for
having me as a daughter. He is wonderful. I couldn't ask for a better Dad. Here is why my Dad is so amazing.. Just from things he did today....
  • He went to Costco just to buy me tampons (by himself)
  • He planned his day around bringing me lunch
  • Stopped everything he was doing just to meet me at the bank to talk to the loan officer
  • He carried my beauty supply bag out to the car for me
  • He lets me drive around his truck
  • He cleaned MY bathroom for me so my Mom wouldn't be angry... including picking up my make-up and hair stuff
  • He helped me (and still is helping me) find a car
  • Always makes me laugh... even after yelling at him and telling him I am PMSing and to leave me alone....

My dad has a billion things he could do everyday, and today he was especially busy. But he still takes time to make sure I am happy. Thanks Dad. I love you!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I think I am already getting stressed about school. This is NOT a good thing. I was going over my graduation report. Trying to plan when I will take what classes. When I got down to a few upper level classes and had to SOUND OUT THE NAME of the class!!! Oh my gosh! Hooked on foniks workeded four me... yep....

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Homecoming and Pretty Girls

One of the main reason I wanted to go to beauty school is to do up do's and make-up for homecoming/ prom/ special occasions for the girls that don't know how to do their own hair and make-up, or maybe the girls that do and just like to be pampered (wow... longest run on sentence ever..) Anywho! So tonight was homecoming for Meridian and Ferndale. I did my cousin Alli's hair (didn't get any pictures of her...) and make-up. She looked beautiful! I also did Hannah and Heidi Hoyt's hair.... and make-up....

I love these girls... they make me sooo happy! Even though they call me Sister Chapin ;)

These girls are soooo puurrtty!!!!!!
Heidi won Homecoming Princess for Sophmore class! Yay gooo Heid!Also, since I took pictures of these cute girls that means I found my camera! Yay (ok basically it means I cleaned my room) So here are some pictures from Wicked..
My Mommy, Daddy and me....

I was bored on the way to Seattle and TRIED to be creative... with no success....My Mom's luck... sit behind world's tallest man....

This is the back drop.... It's a map of Oz (No duh!)

That is all :)

I Love to See the Temple....

....I'm going there Someday...

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear Life,

I love you! I couldn't be any happier (well maybe if my car was bought...)! I think you are ridiculous though... sometimes you just think you are sooo funny! I actually agree. You are pretty funny. Looking back on the last 2 years I just laugh now (cuz I couldn't then) and now I think... When I left Rexburg and BYU-I I thought and said "I'm done with you and am NEVER coming back!" Never say never... right? Right! Well, it's official... We are going back. Back to BYU-I! And I couldn't be happier! (??WHAT!??) But it's true. School starts January 5th. We are gonna have a blast! Living with Buddha (aka Melissa). How fun! I seriously can't wait! Political Science and Business will be our time fillers (aka majors). That I am not too excited about (ya know.. the school part!). I think it will be a good move for us. But, I just have one favor... could you stop making me eat my words. I promise to be more open to things. But I am glad that you are FINALLY falling into place! I haven't been this happy since.... well in a very long time! So.. thank-you, Life. For making me happy!


Thursday, October 8, 2009


I love this new commercial for Dove and Wal-Mart.

I love it because I think sometimes people get caught up in beauty as a size 00 long blonde hair.... However I think that beauty comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors and ways. No matter what color your hair is, what size your waist is, if your eyes are big or small. No matter what you don't like about your self, your insecurities are what sets you apart from everyone else. I have always said (kind of as a joke) that I don't hang out or associate with ugly people. As rude as this statement can be taken. It IS true. I think that all of my friends/ family members are beautiful. For their own individual reasons. I was always made fun of my looks while I was in school. And people have said things here and there about my looks.. Now that I am 22 years old I have finally come to the realization that we are all beautiful and amzing in our own ways. So, I am glad that Dove/ Wal-Mart are trying to show the world that we are all beautiful in our own ways...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

WICKEDly Awesome

On Thursday night my parents and I had the opportunity to go down to Seattle and watch the Broadway show Wicked. It was amazing! I loved it. We had pretty good seats too so that was exciting. If you don't know what Wicked is about (really none of us did) it is about the Witches from the Wizard of Oz. It tells how Glenda (with a "Ga") became the "Good Witch" and how the wicked witch "Alphie" became the Wicked Witch. It also shows how the Lion, Scarecrow and the Tin man all came to be. The play was not only entertaining but also funny! I really enjoyed it. It was wicked-ly awesome.

And I figured since I am already talking about "Wicked"ly awesome things... (Get it?) I should mention another thing that has brightened up my day recently. For instance.... I bought a black laptop bag/ purse. I found this sweet deal and the one and only K-Mart. I saw it and thought "Oh that's cute... I wish it was like $2.99 though". Sure enough. Look down at the price and it was $2.99. So then I went around saying "I wish this was $.50" I guess I got a little greedy. Oh well, I will take what I can get!

I just love things that make me happy especially when they are wickedly awesome!!
**Please note, I could NOT find my camera and have been saving this post for a few days. As soon as I find my camera I will post pictures. I promise!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

No news is good new... Right?

Well, someone told me the other day you can tell I am a new hairstylist because all I think of is hair... I responded with "Oh good, that goes away?" It is true.. I do think of hair a lot, it is mostly annoying, sometimes it keeps the A.D.D. in me entertained. So basically I have just been working. I had to work 10 days in a row and then next Wednesday-Friday I get off! Yahooo. And in the middle of those days (aka Thursday) we (aka Mom, Dad, and me) will be going to see Wicked. I am incredibly excited. Not much has been going on in my life, except shopping this week. I got some killer deals from Old Navy (thanks to Amanda!) We got over $180 clothes for $65 or something like that. Then I went and got some shirts for my friend Kendra who is expecting a boy. I got him 3 shirts from GAP for $8. All way cute shirts. I am a bargin shopper lately! Except for the fact that I still am not saving as much money as I could. When I first moved home I was a lot worse at saving money than I am now, but could still use some advice on saving money... What works for you?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear "Big, Bold, and Beautiful Girl",

I heart you! Thank you for calling yourself a "Big, Bold, and Beautiful Girl"! I totally agree. You are! You reminded me today why I decided to go into the beauty industry. I am so glad you decided to come in tonight and trust someone who actually knows how to cut hair. I wish you the best of luck on your new adventures. Also, you made my week by talking about the show "Tool Academy" with me... especially the part where you yelled "Those boys are such DOUCHE BAGS!" And everyone in the salon turned and looked at us... that was definitely priceless. And something I probably would have done! I love when I have people like you come in.

Thanks for reminding me why I do hairz.

Love Always,
Your NEW Stylist,

P.S. Thanks for the tip! You should teach Whatcom County what the word "TIP" means ;)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"Every choice you've made in the past has helped create the wonderful person you are, so be proud of the lessons you've learned. Show that pride by sticking to your guns and living up to the reputation you've created. People always rely on you to do the right thing, and that's an incredibly valuable (and flattering) position to be in. Don't dilute your point of view to appease other, more powerful people. They'll respect you all the more for being true to yourself -- and that's the goal. "

That was my horoscope for today... and possibly my new motto for life.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too much MEDIA!!!!

I have soo much to say about the media... where to begin... oh I know... Kayne West.... For the few of you who live under a rock (unless reading my blog) I will let you know that our EX fav artist stole Taylor Swift's thunder at the VMA's on Sunday night. Sweet Taylor just won an award for her song "You Belong With Me" (one of my favs!) During her speech Kayne got up and stole the mic from her (Cuz he a "Gold Digga") and said that Beyonce's video was better and she should have won and blah blah blah. Luckily Beyonce has class (probably cuz she is a "single lady"... haha I am sooo witty) and invited Taylor Swift up while it was HER aka Beyonce's time to shine and shared it. Thank-you Beyonce for being classy. And Taylor, I am proud of you for not trash talking Kayne afterwards... I probably would have!
Kayne West did try to redeem himself on the Jay Leno Show tonight, however he never came out and apologized. He just cried cuz he knew his momma would be ashamed and cuz what he did was rude.... Kayne, I know I can forgive you, because we all know I still heart Chris Brown...
Next, let us talk about movies. I think I should be a movie critic or something. I realized last week I love watching movies. I really enjoy it. I don't know if I can count that as a hobby (since I don't like scrap booking or any sort of crafts, hobbies are hard for me to come by...). But if I can count it as a hobby. It will be number 1 on my list. Anywhooo... I love going to see movies so much I will go by myself (which is really nice and I don't mind it at all). Well tonight I went and saw....

I give it a solid B. I didn't hate it by any means. However, I didn't fall in love with it. I shed a few tears, but nothing like The Notebook, which I was kind of hoping for a Notebook-ish movie. And I guess it was. I thought Eric Bana who plays Henry did an amazing job. Rachel Adams, I love you but not your best film. That's ok, you are so beautiful no one will mind.

Last but certainly NOT least... New Moon. The newest trailer came out today if you haven't watched it yet... you need to! DO IT NOW!!!! It is absolutely amazing! I think this movie is going to be like a billion times better than Twilight. However, New Moon is my least favorite book in the Twilight Saga, but might be my favorite movie.. hmmmm... interesting. I can't wait for November 20th... I want to go to the midnight showing... yes I am a nerd.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stupid Rules!

So I have never been one to be told what to do and just accept it. I always ask Why? And then if for some reason if I don't agree with it, I don't comply. I just don't. That's just who I am.

(Example A)
There is a written/unwritten rule saying you can't paint the walls in BYU approved housing. I thought that was dumb. Kristin Booth and I both thought a Red accent wall would look so good in our apartment. However this went against the STUPID RULE....
Yes, as you can see... We didn't follow that rule. However, we did get permission to paint the wall before we did it. And we did leave it red after we left....
(Example B)
Last Thursday when we went to the Seahawks game I was going to get some garlic fries (yum!) and asked if anyone else wanted something while I was up. Being the nice person I am.... And my boss asked for a beer. She asked me if that was ok, not wanting to offend me. I said it would be fine. I have no problem. She has her agency. So I took my I.D. (because I am of age to buy alcoholic beverages) and went on my way. I ordered my garlic fries and a bud light, or so I thought. The older gentleman asked to see my I.D. I showed it to him. No biggie. WRONG! He cleared his throat and said the following "Oh geez. Ok, well I am really sorry but I can't actually sell you this beer...." I shot a death glare at him and asked why not?! He then called over his manager and asked her. She explained to me quite possibly the dumbest rule of all... Since my license is vertical not horizontal they can't sell me alcohol. Even though I am almost 23 years old. I got heated really fast, as I tend to do when hearing a STUPID RULE. I collected myself, apologized to the nice old man and thanked him for explaining. He ended up giving me a free garlic fry for any inconvenience. What a sweet old man. However, the manager then told me no one would sell me alcohol in the whole stadium. I turned around walked a way and said "ya... we'll see..."
That my friends, was a Mike's Hard Lemonade, which I BOUGHT with showing my VERTICAL I.D. Please note that I only purchased this drink, but did not consume. :)

(Example C)
Today I got ready for work, it was a little stormy out still this morning so I thought I could pull out my favor shoes of all time. My Ugg Boots (ok they are like bearpaw or some brand like that...) anyways. They are comfy, warm and slip ons. Who could ask for better shoes? So I wear a black jumper black leggings and my black ugg boots. I am at work and about half way through the day my boss says to me "Oh by the way... you're not allowed to wear those boots..." I just stood there for a second... I was so confused. I looked her straight in the eyes and said "Why not?" She laughed and told me I sound like her kids. I was completely serious though. So I went and got her the "list" of approved clothes to wear at work. Boots are on the approved list for shoes. She didn't have any answers for me. All she said was we got docked points when we got our corporate evaluation because one of the girls was wearing ugg boots.

As you can see this isn't a picture of me wearing my ugg boots at work... yet. But I think it is a stupid rule and needs to be fixed... I will find a way to fix this rule!

Monday, September 7, 2009

If You Must

Bring your bratty 13 year old girl to get a hair cut please make sure to give her, her medication before you come. When she shows me a picture of the haircut she wants and we both explain to her that she is going to have to straighten her hair each morning and it is going to take work and then when I give her that exact cut and she cries and says I made her look like a nerd... please excuse my anger that builds inside of me. For I just gave your puberty filled daughter a haircut that made her look like a young lady and not a dround rat as she did when she walked through the doors. So you are welcome for bring this awkward little girl hope as she enters the 8th grade. However, let's work on teaching your child some manners. It isn't polite to sit in a stylist's chair for 45 minutes throwing a fit. Plus it isn't lady-like. Did your mother not teach you that? Hmm... That might explain things. Also, if your daughter doesn't know what type of hairstyle she wants, I would love to pit in my PROFESSIONAL advice at no charge to you. However, remember I am the Professional, and I probably, no wait scratch that, I DO know what I am talking about. Thank-you for making your hormone filled daughter get out of my chair. I'm sorry she hated her cut, I thought it was cute. So did everyobe else. Maybe she has more issues than just her hair... just a thought. Thanks for taking an hour of my time... when you should have only taken 15 minutes. Don't worry I put a nice note on her account. So the next poor unfortunate soul that has to cut her hair can be warned. Good luck raising your little hellian... you are going to need it.

Love Always,

Your X-Hairstylist, Michelle

Friday, September 4, 2009

Seahawks Game

So yesterday a few of us from work went down to spray paint fans hair before the Seahawks game then we went to the game. We were supposed to get box office seats.. but they over scheduled and so we just got the Season Ticket spots... just. They were way good seats. We were right under the box offices though. And then we got the Club Level tickets so that means we can go to the level where the box offices are on and they have different/ nice-er resturants. So that was pretty cool. It was a ton of fun... here are some pics from last night.
This is Me and My Boss, Mara

Danicka and I being buff...

Danicka and I at the Game... Hair painted and stickers on face... Check and Check!This wasn't very big at all....

Mara, Danicka, and Me with our All Access Pass!!!That is pretty much the just of it. We all had a great time, but were all EXHAUSTED today at work!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh my.....

So do you ever go back and re-read your past blogs? Cuz I just did. I didn't realize how many grammatical errors I have. How embarrassing! Geez... So I would like to apologize for past and future grammatical errors. So, I am sorry! Please forgive me...

Also, on a different note... remember how I am giving my sister, Nicole, the silent treatment? Welp, it is in FULL swing! She keeps texting me and calling me. I keep ignoring. She keeps telling me I am wearing down. Although I do want to talk to her I have to be strong. I must win this one... IT IS SOOO HARD THOUGH..... I do HATE when people give me the silent treatment. Maybe this is a bad idea. OH NO!! I am breaking.... HELP!

Well, this week is going to be good. I have to work Monday- Wednesday then Thursday I am going to the Seahawks game against the Raiders. I am going with work. We are going to spray paint fans hair then get box seats (whatever those are... ahaha). It should be fun. Thursday is then followed by Friday which I get off as well as Saturday AND Sunday. That is technically 4 days off! WOW!!!!! I am sure excited!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Man who TRIED to crush my dreams,

When I called you back this morning I was in a incredibly good mood. Thank-you for TRYING to ruin that. Sorry you didn't succeed. Try harder next time. No wait, just don't talk next time. You were my 3rd client for the day. I had already made $10 in tips. You were very nice at first however, I didn't appreciate your fakeness. Also, when you ask me where I went to college at and when I tell you BYU don't malk me. It also isn't nice to brag about how much money you have. And talking about yourself isn't nice either. I don't care what you do for a living if it takes you 15 minutes to explain it. It ALSO isn't nice when I tell you my dreams of starting my own salon and you tell me that is the worst thing I could do with my life. It is actually quite rude. I would say we are even now, because I cut a whole in your hair, and didn't show it to you ON PURPOSE! Sorry! And when you told me that was an amazing haircut (because you didn't see the whole... bahaha) and then you hand me a $100 bill to pay for your $13 haircut and then tip me a WHOLE $1.... you obviously don't have money and you are all talk. The little old lady after you who is retired but has to work to be able to pay her bills gave me 9 times your tip! If you ask me you are RIDICULOUS!!! Anywho... next time you come in... please do us all a favor and DON'T!

P.S. Find those little girl's mother and smack her! You don't ask if you can bring in your girls that had lice to get their hair cut. That is the DUMBEST question I have ever heard! (Why are people soooo stupid???)

Your X Hairdresser...aka... Me

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So much to blog... Soooo little time.....

I have had soooo many things to blog about lately but have been sooo lazy.... so here are a few random posts crammed into one...
So.... Working full time has REALLY put a cramp on my social life... HOWEVER yesterday and today were my "days off" and I put days off in "QUOTES" because is it really a day off if you cut hair for a living and then when you have 2 days where you don't have to go to work you spend those 2 days cutting hair??? That has been my life for the last like 8 months... okay okay... 2 weeks. But seriously! I am exhausted and finally told my Dad I just wanted a DAY OFF! Totally off... no hair. None what-so-ever! So Dad made is possible. I was supposed to cut my grandparents hair and he scheduled it so Today, Thursday, could be my first "DAY OFF" no hair.. besides my own of course! :) So today was my first day of not doing hair, not thinking about it (well a little, but not as bad as I usually am) and just relaxing. It was wonderful. It was filled with Aunt Becky's Birthday/ visiting teaching lunch with Aunt Becky, Amanda Peck, Shelly Cook at Coconut Kenny's... Yummmmm!!!! And then helping Aunt Becky pack and move her stuff. And finally finishing out my day off going to see Post Grad with my Mom. What a great day!

Nextly, as many of you know... I don't understand the silent treatment. I have never been able to do the silent treatment to anyone. EVER. So the other day I called my dear sister Nicole. I asked her a secret. She did NOT tell me the secret (she blogged about it here) .... so..... since we were just talking about the silent treatment I thought it would only be appropriate to give her the silent treatment.... So I told her I would not talk to her for 1 month. It has been 4 days... I have picked up my phone about 15 times in the last 4 days to text her. It is killing me... however, I shall win...

My future..... hmmmm sooo many choices. Sooo little time... I have NO idea what to do with my life now! This sucks. Any ideas??? I'm open to anything, well... most anything!

The other night we were over at the Pratt's and some people decided to take a walk in the Cemetery. I HATE Cemeteries! They are sooo scary and creepy. Dead people buried in the earth. GROSS! I hate them! So Amanda made me go. And then some guy (possibly Bishop Chambers.. possibly not...) told us to go home.. haha I felt like I was in high school again.

I realized that I think about hair ALL THE TIME!!! When I realized this, it now bugs me. I look at some one's hair and think how would I create that cut.. or color. Or if there would be a better hairstyle that would look good on them. Or what make-up would compliment them best. But don't worry I usually only do it on people I don't know. So don't worry. However, it is super annoying. Like in the movie tonight, the main girl's hair is super cute (see picture above). It was longer with really long choppy layers. And it was an auburn brown with Carmel highlights. In order for me to get the color I would probably do a 8RB with a 10 vol. lightener in a slice. and only do the Mohawk. So yes, that is how the color would come to be. I thought about her hair for probably 2o minutes while watching the movie... SUPER ANNOYING. However I guess someday I will be grateful for it.. hopefully...

In the previews before the movie started there was a preview for this movie called "The Boys Are Back" it look super cute! It's about a single dad taking care of his two kids. And in the preview there was a part where the little boy comes out after dressing himself and the dad said "Your shoes are on the wrong feet" and the son followed with "But these are the only feet I've got!" (Both said in a British Accent)! So cute. Made me laugh so hard! I can't wait to see that movie.

Last but not least. I have been addicted to "That 70's Show". I have NO idea why. But I love it. LOVE IT!!! I can't explain it. But it makes me laugh so hard. It isn't the nicest/ cleanest show, but really what show is. When I first moved home it was on all the time. Whenever I went to watch TV (which was kinda a lot when I first moved home) it was ALWAYS on. So I set to record all the episodes that play on all the different channels. Last week I had 68. I am now down to 28. Some were doubles. Some I had already seen, but for the most part. I have just caught up from staying at Aunt Marilyn's. And now Mom even agrees to let me watch it while she is in the room, instead of watching some stupid home decorating show. :) I am wearing her down. Before you know it I will catch her watching it without me home... bwahahahaahaha

Friday, August 21, 2009

BEST DAY EVERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, my mom told me the other day it was time to update my blog. I am usually the one telling her so I figured it must be past time to update my blog. Well, all I do is work, work, work, work, work. But, I did get to go to the Northwest Washington Fair on Monday with my mom, dad and Aunt Becky. It was a ton of fun! We saw the Demolition Derby (best part of the fair) and saw some good crashes and had an awesome time. I'm thinking I should be in the Demo Derby next year... I can drive crazy and crash into things... now all I have to do is fine someone to sponsor me and be my mechanic... hmmm....
Anywhoo... here are some pictures from the fair...

Sooo excited to go to the fair... I even told work when I got hired I NEEDED this day off.
Oh ya know.. just me and my parents... watchin the Demo Derby... best day EVER!!!
Me and My Aunt Becky
Me and Pops
Wow... look at all that Action!
My Dad and Cotton Candy.. two things I love dearly...
My Mom giving Nicole a play-by-play via Text messaging...
Chicken Legs....I would really like a yellow baby duck someday...Momma pig with all her little piglets.... She looks ugly, but her babies are so cute... I just wanted to eat them up. (That was a pun. I do NOT eat bacon since the episode of How it's made was described to me by none other than Kristin May Booth...)

As you walk down the horse barns this is what you see... horse after horse and all you see is their butts... cute eh?

Mini Cows... for mini burgers...Mt. Baker.... View from our seats at the Derby...All in all, it was the best day! Spending time with your family, watching cars crash into things and eating your years worth of calories in one day! Who could ask for a better day???