Sunday, January 4, 2009

Where'd 2008 Go??

First of all, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and safe travels! I was able to go home and have a wonderful Christmas with my family. The plane ride home was very interesting and I will blog about that some other time. My dad picked me up in at the Sea-Tac airport where I finally discoverd why it's called Sea-Tac (Seattle- Tacoma). Wow, I know, I am so smart sometimes. Anyways we finally arrived home at 2 am. So I went and jumped on my mom and went to bed. The next day which was the 23rd my dad came and woke me up by calling me "Sleeping Beauty" and gently rubbing my back. What a way to wake up. I love being the baby in the family! :) So Dad and I went shopping all day. And did all of my christmas shopping. Shopping with Dad is always fun. As we pulled into Costco he realized we needed gas so I ask making conversation if Costco ever runs out of gas. Dad told me... No, never. Well as we drove up. Guess what... Costco was OUT of regular. Guess this was the first time my dad was ever wrong. As we went to Costco and we were walking around. I mentioned I was hungry and we saw some samples and so we tried some. While we were standing in line. Dad looks over to me and say "So you full now?" "NO!!!!!" So he gave me an option. Dollar menu at McDs or Costco food place. I chose Costco, fo sho! Anyways so after eating we continued on our driving around running errands. We went and picked up Mom from work and my parents took me out to Jack-in-the-Box. The only fast food place we don't have in Utah and it happens to be my favorite. The next day I woke up to a text from Nicole asking if it was snowing. I looked outside and replied with yes. I realized it was time to wake up and start wrapping all the presents. I called my mom since both her and my dad were at work and I was lonely. After about 2 hours from going from phone call to phone call and realizing that my Grandma Chapin canceled Christmas Eve (who knew you could cancel Christmas Eve) I finally took a shower. And started wrapping presents. My sister texted me a little later and asked when Mom and Dad were going to pick her up from the airport. I was really worried that she was going to have to wait for a long time for our parents so I called my mom asking when she was going to pick Nicole up. And my mom was in Costco. (We LOVE Costco... ok?!) My mom tells me they already picked Nicole up and that she was probably playing a trick on me. Lame. So I called my sister the little liar face and told her I just talked to mom. She ONLY thinks she is tricky! So finally when she got home we hugged for like 3 hours or 20 minutes which felt like forever. Mom made a bunch of little finger foods and it was delicious! We had a nice and relaxing Christmas Eve just the four of us. -Wow this is a long blog, I am giving all ya'll a play by play- We woke up Christmas morning had a delicious Brunch and started the turkey for dinner and opened gifts. We all got a ton of awesome presents and the rest of my mom's side came over for dinner.... la di da di da. The rest of the Christmas time at home was exciting. I finally got back to the airport and was getting ready to head home. Chyla was planning on picking me up on her drive home from Boise. I called her a few times but never heard back from her. While sitting waiting for my flight I got a call from her saying she just woke up and couldn't pick me up. I honestly didn't care. I was just like. Oh. Ok. Well I guess I'll just chill at the SLC airport for a few hours.... 3 to be exact. But then she called our friend Darrien who came to my rescue and picked me up. He said I had to take him out to lunch which was fine with me, because I made him carry both of my suitcases up my 3 flights of stairs. haha.... As soon as I got home I opened both of my suitcases and showed Lisa (my Asian X-roommate) all of my new christmas present. I was excited for them all. I then proceeded to take a five hour nap until Chyla got home. Ok, fast forward to New Years Eve. I had school that day and saw Denny who is like the head boss of our school. I told him it was New Years Eve and absolutely ridiculous that we have school and have it all day long. I told him my tanning salon is closing at 2pm and the gym is closing at 5pm. So the school should definitely close early. We ended up closing the school at 3! ha! The power I have.... I love it! I finished my worksheet for school and felt so good. Rochelle and I both knew that Chyla needed help moving so we were getting prepared for that. Don't worry New Years Eve all the three of us moved Chyla's stuff. She rented a U-Haul because L.C. (the mini-van aka Loser Cruiser) had a flat that I hadn't taken care of yet. So we went in the U-Haul to her storage unit. I had a genious idea to wear flip-flops in the middle of winter to help move Chyla's stuff. My toes felt like they were going to fall off as I was PUSHING the U-Haul because WE WERE STUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, all 3 of us were stuck inside the storage unit in Pleasant Grove helpless. We tried calling everyone we knew but of course it was New Years Eve. Why would someone not have plans. Luckily this old man had a truck and helped pulled us out. So we got back to our apartment and decided we better feed Rochelle before she died. We went to Chili's, ate way too much and went back home to start unloading the truck. We got ALL of the stuff inside the apartment except for her couch. Which is was cute but is the couch from HELL!!! We could NOT get it up the stairs to save our life. So by this time it was after 10pm. There was no way that couch was getting up 3 flights of stairs and into our house. No way at all. So we started thinking and decided to call my friend Kendra and see if we could store it at her house. Luckily she said yes so we took it over to her house. Went to wal-mart to get some sparkling cider at around 11:30pm and then finally we got home. Just in time to watch the ball drop in NYC. Of course there was no where to sit because there was stuff EVERYWHERE. I would like to say we had a quiet New Years Eve, but it wasn't quiet at all. It was actually a night I would like to forget... lol just kidding. But when it turned 2009 I felt like my life had flown by. I felt really old and like I just keep getting older and older and I am still in school. It was depressing, until I realized I could use all of the New Year jokes. Ya know "Oh man I haven't seen you since last year!" Or "I haven't peed since last year..." Or my personal favorite... I called Dad and asked him what year it was there. He answered 2009, but I made him say 2008 so I could tell him to stop living in the past. Oh I crack myself up. I was the only person that thought I was funny but hey at least I can make myself smile. Anyways all in all 2009 has had some pretty big changes in the lives of people around me, but I can tell this is going to be a good year I live with 2 of my best friends. I am going to graduate from Beauty School, I will get a real job... this will be good. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL 2009!!!!!