Saturday, March 23, 2013

Called out on Facebook.. How embarrassing!!

I have officially been called out on Facebook for my lack of blogging. I am sorry! I didn't realize that people read my blogs. I am going to be completely honest. I suck at blogging, reading blogs, etc. I normally only go online on my phone. So the blogging world is hard on my phone. I apologize to each and everyone of you if you have been disappointed in my lack of blogging. Any who I wrote a blog last week and just published it today. I always promise to be better at blogging, but frankly I suck at it. So here is the deal. I will TRY and keep my blogs up. I will do the best I can. I just hate posting pictures on here because it's just a pain for me. So get an instragram and add me. I post pictures there all the time. I guess I can give a brief update on my life, because I know y'all are on the edge of your seats dieting to know what I am up to. So here are my top 3 things of 2013 thus far:

  1. I am out of debt (minus student loans) but including my car! YAY!! Go me! $7k in less than 6 months! That's awesome and I have changed my spending habits and am a recovering shopaholic. And that's ok. I stay strong and don't spend money to bring happiness.
  2. I was "promoted" at work. Ok so work is super complicated. I don't know how to explain my job yet, but let's try. I work for a super smart and successful 33 year old man who specializes in entreprenurial arbitrage. Basically he starts his own businesses and buys in one economy and brings it to another economy for a profit. He owns and runs 8 businesses and is in a meeting right this second looking to buy into another one. PHEW! So what do I do? EVERY-THING! Seriously I am his right hand woman. I take care of everything. My title is "assistant" and he wanted to change it to "Controller" but I didn't like the sound of that because I told him he could basically call me a Bi.... ya. So I am ok with the Assistant title because it makes me sound nicer. But I seriously do everything. Mostly I just go along with him and tell him things we need to get done. But he bounces all of his business ideas off of me and together we write up our plans and next actions to grow our companies. So in some ways you could say I was like the V.P. but I am not ready to deal with that big of a title yet! 
  3. I have made friends at church. YAY! So church has been a hit and miss with me for the last few years, not because my testimony wasn't there. But simply because Mormons in Utah/ Idaho are super weird. I am sorry. I said it. Not all of them, but a big majority. They are judgmental, and don't understand how offensive some of the things they say are. So I made it a goal when I moved down here not to be offended by the stupid, ignorant things people say. I started going to church and started talking to my bishop and getting to know him and finally just told him how people piss me off sometimes. And my bishop is WAY cool! He told me to stand up for me and the other people these idiots are probably offending. I told him sometimes I am very sassy and it might come off rude. He told me to try not to be rude, but if I am sassy, I am sassy and there is nothing anyone can do about that. And then he set me up on a playdate (I wish I was kidding) with a few girls from the ward. And we became instant besties. They are such fun girls. 
So basically I am fantastic and amazing! I am super busy and have a stressful life, but it's all worth it. I am excited to be in this spot in my life that I am in and feel very blessed. And I promise that I will TRY better to be at blogging. 

Stress Stinks...

Naturally I feel like I need to put on this brave face and pretend everything is ok. I think we all do this to a point. Why do we feel like we need to pretend like everything is perfect? Life is NOT perfect. Life sucks sometimes. That doesn't mean I am so depressed and miserable. Sometimes life is hard. I have had a saying since I was little and I still stick by it today: "Life's tough, then you die". I don't think I ever realized how true that saying is. Life is tough sometimes. But so what? Get over it and move on. I have sat back and pretended that life is fine for far too long. Now don't get me wrong, I am extremely happy and blessed in my life. However I still have bad days. I have days where I need to go on a 2 hour drive so I can refocus my thought process. And frankly, that's a good thing. I think  sometimes we get this mindset where we have to be happy all the time. And especially as a "Mormon" we have to be in a good, Christ-like mood. I am calling the BS on that one! So for the last week or so I have been in this weird funk. And last night I finally figured out why I have been in a funk, and hopefully how to get out of it. So work is my life. Like, if I don't have something to do at work I  almost go crazy. So on Monday we had a big day. Meeting after meeting after meeting. We worked so much and were so busy that 5:30 pm was the first time we could even think about eating. We were doing a delivery for these sleazy guys who we heard weren't planning on paying us, so we had to make sure we got our money before we dropped off the furniture. It was a mess. Confrontation everywhere. Confrontation is something I can do and handle, but it gives me major anxiety that leads to stress. So I was stressed, then not eating, and being so busy we can barely breath was not a fun situation. After we a 10 hour day I finally get in my car and took off. I drove until I was lost and needed the help from the GPS. Driving is something that is so soothing for me.

I could feel the tension in my neck and shoulders. I was stressed. I was at my limit. I was ready to explode. But why? Were the meetings super stressful? No. Not too bad. The money we were... does it effect my pay? Nope. Not at all. 10 hours was that extremely long for me to work? No.. about normal. So why am I stressed? Why have I had a headache for the last 4 days straight?

I am someone who gets stressed really easily, but can work the best under pressure. I live a very complex life. My job is complicated but I wouldn't trade it for the world. My boss had me write down a list of my "responsibilites" the other day. I went to Starbucks and sat down and started making my list. I quickly changed the list to "Stresses" in 20 minutes I had compiled 2 pages front and back of things that I think about on a daily basis that stress me out. Most of them are things like "Am I doing a good job?" "Am I worth my pay?" which frankly I think are good questions. And I think I should ask myself those questions every day. And I think all of us can ask ourselves these questions. So after writing down all my stresses I finally realized and came to this conclusion: Life is full of stress. My stress is different from your stress. But it's still stress. Stress sucks. It's a part of life though. It's never going to fully go away. It's something we need to learn to deal with. I just need to learn to deal with it better.

So here is my goal to myself and to whomever is crazy enough to take my advice. I propose that when I feel stressed out, to my max, ready to explode, I stop. I do as Vanilla Ice says and "Stop. Calibrate and listen" to my body. Listen to my big stress causing problems, and find a way to rectify the situation. If I can do this I think my life will be a lot easier. And hopefully less stressful. Sometimes when we are stressed, we are just so stressed out and we can't think straight and we get grumpy, and sometimes we say things we don't mean. Any by we... I mean ME! I do those things. I can be a major brat when I am super stressed. Chocolate does help the situation along with a diet coke. However chocolate and diet coke are not the best solution. I think that if I can just keep in check and write out or discuss my stresses every time I am at the breaking point it will help me tremendously!

Does anyone else have a good mediation method to deal with stress?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Work smwork

GAHHH! Do you ever have days at work where you have a million things to do, but yet you have negative motivation? Today is that day? I know that by writing this blog right now I will end up working until midnight, but I don't care! I don't feel like working right this second. My brain needs a break! It was either blog or go shopping. And I am too cold to move right now so, blog it is then! First of all, I work with mostly men. There are 2 females that work here. I am the only full time female, and sometimes the boys are really mean to me! As I walk from one office to another they shoot their staple guns at me. It doesn't hurt anything but  my pride. So yesterday I was out doing some marketing crap and I have been looking for a pink air soft gun for some time now, as my revenge. I couldn't find one, so I decided to make my own! It's completely normal to have a pink gun in your top drawer right?  Well to me it's the only way to survive! So now the boys will be taught their lesson! Don't mess with the best, cuz the best don't mess! Also my office is a hot mess right now! I am not sure what happened, but sometime between my boss buying another company, and purchasing two additional offices, I got crap overload in my office. This is a panoramic shot of my office. I know it doesn't look that messy, but in the corner where you can't see behind my desk if piles of crap that doesn't have a home yet. And my desk is usually perfectly clean, but since last week, I can't even see the top of it! So annoying!!!
So after next week, my life will be slightly more organized.. hopefully! It's been a crazy transition into working for a company instead of doing hair, but I love my job! I love the craziness of the days. I love that the boys pick on me, because they only are doing it because they are all really protective. I am not allowed to carry anything that could be heavy. They will all stop what they are doing and will come help me. Yesterday I had to change the lock on that door in the corner. They brought me the new door knob and said "you have to do this yourself Michelle. You need to learn to be more handy." So a few hours later I came out and got the tools, took the door knob off and 5 minutes later as I was putting the new door knob in 2 of the guys came in and said "what do you think you are doing!?" And I think they were seriously mad... I told them I was being "handy" and doing it myself. They both took the tools and finished it for me. I sat down and just watched them. I could do it myself, but isn't it more fun to watch them? :) Anyways, I love my job. Still no regrets about the move. I don't even miss doing hair, which is surprising, but good. I love that I can come and do the things I need to each and every day. I am grateful for a boss who challenges me, but trusts me too. I may have made myself an award for being an "outstanding employee that he couldn't do without" and stamped his name on there... And by may have I mean I did. And even though he didn't ask me to write myself an award. I know he still means it!  ok. Back to work now!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Chapter

(This is a semi journalish post. I wanted to be able to remember the process of my move to Utah)

Every once and a while we need to hit the refresh button on our life. We need to start over and wipe out all the bad/ negative in our life. We need to make the changes we have always wanted to change. We just need to start a new chapter in our life. I got this opportunity 6 weeks ago. 2 months ago I decided I needed to start looking for a new job in a new location. I got online and started looking up jobs I might like. I decided doing hair would be my back up because it is not my most favorite thing to do in the world. Don't get me wrong. I love doing hair, just all day every day gets boring, quick! So I decided to look into doing more marketing/ business related stuff. I got online and started looking in Arizona/ California. I made a list of the things I would do at my dream job and then made a list of places I wouldn't mind moving to. Salt Lake was number 4. Arizona was number 1&2 and California was third place. Anyways, so I decided maybe I should say a prayer about this and incorporate the Big Man upstairs to see what He thought and if there was any direction I should go. I prayed and basically said I am moving to Arizona. If you don't want me to, make it clear where I should go. Not even 2 hours later I get a phone call. The phone call went something like this: "Michelle, I think you should come work for me. I need someone to do this, this and this. (as he repeated my list to me) and maybe this. So you should think about it. I mean, you would have to move to Salt Lake City, but I think it would work out. What do you think?" I was speechless for like a minute and then told him I would call him back. I stopped and realized that was my answer. I freaked out for like an hour. I realized I was moving from my comfort zone. From my friends who had become my family. I realized for the first time, I was doing something for me, and not for anyone else. I know he wanted me to work for him, but I wanted to work for him more. I wanted the job he just told me about, after all it was my dream job. So I called him back and told yes, I wanted the job. We worked out the details (except when I started) and I was so excited. I couldn't really tell anyone, because I still had to turn in my 2 weeks. I sent him a text the next morning asking when he wanted me to start. He said 2 weeks. I think my heart stopped. I had to turn in my 2 weeks that day. Holy CRAP! So I wrote my notice, turned it in and cried a lot. Turning in my two weeks was really hard. I love the people I worked with! They weren't just co-workers, they were my best friends! So after crying a lot and getting the news off my chest, I got really excited. I went home and started packing. All of my stuff was packed up within 5 days. I called my landlord that day and told her I was moving. She said to see if I can find someone who might want to take over my contract, but who is going to want to move in, in the middle of the month? Wrong. The next day I found someone to take over my contract. Coincidence? I think not! Meant to be is more like it! So I worked my last two weeks, said my goodbyes and I was off. Everything feel into place perfectly. I got down here and my parents were here that weekend. I got to hang out with them, and then the following Monday started my new job. My first day I was so nervous. I wanted to be so amazing and work so hard, but learning the new ropes was hard. It took me a good 3 weeks to learn everything. But now, I love it. I love the people I work with. I love what I am doing. I love my office. I love Utah! I love everything! I have completely refreshed my life. Since moving to Utah I have lost 30 lbs, gone to church every week, cut my hair off, made goals- and started already achieving them. One of my goals was to be credit card debt free by the end of the year. However, I am going to be credit card debt free by THANKSGIVING! yahhoooo!!! I am so excited! I have saved so much money since moving down here. I love it! I love having money! So pretty much this whole 'new chapter' in my life is pretty amazing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone who is needing something new! I am grateful for this blessing in my life. I don't know if I necessarily deserved it, but I am so grateful for it! I will post pictures of everything soon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I hate Technology sometimes...

I just wrote an amazingly long, hysterical  moving, touching, enlightening post. Just to find that BA-LOGGER messed up the whole blog. Now it is showing double words with other words missing. GAH! Way to mess up my night! Now I am going to go take a shower and go to bed. Maybe tomorrow the internet fairies will come and fix it so I can post it tomorrow. If not, I can not promise to recreate that magic I created earlier. But I will try to see what I can do.. M.C. out!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Real life of Michelle Chapin.

I want you to know my life is really hard right now. I seriously have to pack to be gone for the next 12 days. Geesh. I have to fly to Reno tomorrow to go hang out with one of my best friends    coworkers (but really best friend) and then drive back to Rexburg with her. Then less than 24 hours after we get back I am turning around and going to Vegas. Both are "work trips". Vegas, we are going to a conference. I am going with my other friends... Coworkers. My job is in credibly demanding. I am going to be so exhausted after playing wokring for the next 12 days straight. Phew! I seriously don't know what I am going to do..

Lucky? I think not!

Some people believe in being "lucky" others believe in karma. I believe in a little of God. I think that sometimes we may thing we are "lucky" and we just got something because of no reason at all but luck. I don't believe that. I believe that good things happen to good people (sounds like karma... but wait) because God has a plan for that person. I believe it's not luck at all, I believe that God intended for that to happen and so that is what happens. I am pretty sure this isn't making any sense (Surprise, Surprise). So lets go with my family for example. I believe it was in God's plan for me to go and be with my family here on Earth. It was not "luck" or karma because I was good in the pre-mortal life (Confused? Go here). I believe it is just God's plan for me. So am I incredibly grateful for my family? Yes! Am I so blessed that my family is absolutely amazing and that they love me for me, and accept me for who I am; and that they love my friends and have always accepted my friends? Am I blessed/ grateful that my parents encourage me to follow my dreams? Yes. I am extremely grateful! It's not luck/ karma. It was all predetermined that it was going to turn out like this. So when a great job falls into your lap it's the same thing. I am not lucky. I am not an incredibly righteous person so good things always happen to me. This is just my life. So this all comes from several people over the last week that have told me that I am super "lucky" to have everything I have. I know I am incredibly blessed. I know that I probably take things for granted, but its something I am definitely working on. I just think its funny when people look at other people's lives and are jealous. Yes, I wish I had somethings in my life that I don't (mostly money... don't judge I want to do good things with it..) but no one is going to hand me millions of dollars and say 'go be free'. And if they did I wouldn't hate that but I do fear I would turn into Kim Kardashian over night. I guess the moral of this long rant is that if you want something in your life go get it. If you don't want something in your life change it. I am 25 years old. I am a mormon girl who is still single. Is my life perfect? Hell no! (See I am not perfect!) So stop thinking everyone else's life is perfect. Go and be grateful for your life and your plan. Because God made each of our plan catered to us and what we would need and want. So please, stop being so jealous and wishing you had better luck, because girl, we make our own luck! Amen.