Saturday, December 11, 2010

A semester through pictures!

This semester has been a blur or stress, fun, snow, papers, snow, fun and some other stuff. I will tell you what... I can NOT wait for break to be here. One more week and I will be home for Christmas! This past semester has been one of the hardest semester academically, however we have had our share of fun this semester! Let me introduce you to my roomies... aka P.I.C. (partners in crime)!

First there is Kleen (her real name is Kolleen)

I love Kleen. She is the type of person that will love you no matter what. She puts up with a lot from me and I love her so much and am happy to see her future
adventures she will be going on shortly....

Then there is Scandilous... I mean Kandice.. She looks like Kleen. It's cause they were born on the same day. But Kandice was born first...
Kandice takes care of me. If she notices I have too much dirty laundry and not enough clean ones... she will do them for me. She also cooks for me... A LOT. She is so good to me. I am glad she isn't into boys right now so we can be friends!

Then there is the new roommie. Her name is Ta-Ta-Ta-Tia.

She is like me. Only prettier and younger. But seriously... we have a lot in common. We often do and say the same thing. We are pretty sure we were destined to meet. She cracks me up and I love spending time with her. She is a real good listener and has great advice!

So the question is... what have we done.. well....

We threw a party...
We went to a BYU game...
We take crazy pictures...
We dress up for Halloween...
I do Kandice's hairs... really nicely...
We go to dinner....
We go bowling...
We play in the snow...
We have chocolate fights...
We bundle Kleen up so she can take out our trash...
We kiss Kleen... and she REALLY likes it..

All in all I would say it has been a great semester!
I also really enjoyed Thanksgiving... so here are some pictures from that.... (ignore all dates... my camera is messed up!)




Auntie Marilyn!!!

I know that is a LOT of pictures, but let's be honest... I NEVER update my blog... nor do I put up pictures! But it is only because we are having too much fun! I am grateful for great friends, a wonderful family and for the opportunity I have to be furthering my education, even though it is challenging at times! I hope you all take time this season to take a big look at your life and realize how loved and lucky you are! Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hmmm... What a day.....

So today has been very interesting... Maybe because I had WEIRD dreams last night... may have been the Nyquil... but today was just weird too. I have been super sick since last Thursday. Every morning I wake up feeling like CRAP and tell myself. Oh... I think I am feeling better. By 2pm my body has convinced me otherwise. So today was no different. I woke up... I felt horrible. I looked in the mirror and almost cried because I LOOKED like DEEEAATTHHH!!!!!!!! I hoped a shower would help. Nope. So I went to school. Tried to learn, but after my first class started I realized I had an empty backpack. Cool. So I asked the kid next to me in my man voice for a piece of paper. He was very confused and I just held open my backpack and said to him. I forgot my binder. I know, I am a genius. He laughed asked me if I was sick. I seriously wanted to say to him... No. I always look like I just woke up from the DEAD and I always sound like I have a whole swarm of frogs in my throat. But instead I just nodded my head and he gave me the paper. So the rest of school I had to ask someone to borrow a piece of paper. I felt special. So after school I had to study for a test. I went to the library. WHAT??? Yes... I, Michelle Emily Chapin, after being at BYU-Idaho for 3 years found the Library. Who knew it was in the middle of campus. Anywho, I went to the Library to study and was on facebook, amazon and ebay for approximately 1 hour. Then I tried to study. After being on the mentioned above websites for another 15 minutes I decided I had "studied" enough and knew I was probably going to do horrible on my accounting test. I was sick. I couldn't think straight and I wasted my study time. So I went to take the test. Forgot to answer the last two... had to go back and retry and ended up getting a B on my test. I was pretty stoked! Since the girl sitting next to me in class this morning told me she failed it! Bad news for her, good news for me! So the rest of my day consisted of me complaining on how bad my head hurt. I knew my eyes were being strained and I needed to wear my glasses. (side note: I hate wearing my glasses. They don't fit my eyes. My eyelashes are too long and hit my glasses every time I blink and it is just super annoying. But nonetheless, my head starts to hurt, and I know I either need a diet coke... or my glasses. Sometimes both. ) I tried to find my glasses the other day, but failed. So I tried again this afternoon. Failed again. I decided I needed to rely on a higher source. Ya know, like Heavenly Father. So I did. I got down on my knees and said the most simpliest prayer. I was afraid I left them at home (aka Bellingham) and forgot to pack them. In my prayer I told him of this fear. I also told Him that I knew, HE knew and that I needed them. My head hurt so bad and I needed these glasses and asked for His help to find them. I finished my prayer and got up. I picked up my cell phone to call to see if they were at home. As it was ringing (approx. 45 seconds after finishing my prayer) I felt this strong feeling that I need to look in the box under my bed. After I started getting it out I thought to myself, hmmm why would I look here, this is weird.... oh well... I guess it won't hurt! As soon as I got the box out, I found my glasses. It was less than a minute after saying Amen. Amazing huh? Yes. Yes it is. I love getting immediate answers to prayers. Then a little while later I knew I needed a blessing, so I texted my friend and asked him if he could give me a blessing... and to bring his roommate. So they came over and gave me a blessing. How grateful I am to have the Gospel in my life. Especially the Priesthood power. I also love that I can text my guy friends and not have to worry about them being worthy or not. I know that they are. I know that they respect the Priesthood and I am so grateful for that. So, by the sounds of it, I should be better in no time. Thank goodnesss. This sickness was really starting to get annoying. Anyways, this was just a lot of random blogging, but I just want everyone to know that the sun will rise tomorrow. There is a God and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has some amazing doctrines. And I am grateful I know of them. If you wish you did... go here. It will change your life! Ok, that is all. ... Oh remember how Accounting and I are friends now? Ya me too....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh Econ....

So I am taking an Macroeconomics class and this class just makes me laugh.... here is a few of the sample conversations that have been held... thus far this semester...

Teacher: So let's think of this, and use this as an example... who does the U.S. buy their weapons from?

Student: Tony Stark

Teacher: Uh... No.... no that is completely wrong, and made up.


Teacher: So if you need to dig a ditch, who do you hire?

Student (Male): Invest in some machinery?

Teacher: No, you fire the lazy idiots you have working and hire 100 Lamanite women. They are the hardest workers ever.

Student (Lamanite Female): Uh.... Brother Webb. I will NOT work for you!

Teacher: See, there is the trick... getting them to work for you! If you can do that... you can do anything!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Creative Title Here

I know I have slacked. Don't judge me. Sometimes you just need to take a break from technology. And by technology I mean blogging, youtube, facebook, etc. I kind of did that this summer. But don't worry, I am back! I check my facebook out of habit now. It is ridiculous. I will update later on how my semester is going and all of that stuff that no one really cares about. I just want everyone to know that I am alive. I am in school. And I am stressed out. But most importantly, I am happy!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just think before you Speak... PLEASE!!!

I was sitting in my Legislative Class today and we are doing a simulation of Congress. So we were discussing a bill that was trying to be passed. It was making English the native language of the US and would make it law to know English.... This is what was said...

Student 1: I think making English the native language of the US would be beneficial in a number of ways. I think everyone should know English!

Student 2: Ya most people would like to know English even if they don't live in America. Maybe we need to do more to support that cause.

Student 1: Ya! I say we pass this bill!!

Teacher (Acting as President): No way! If we pass this bill then how am I supposed to talk to the little Hispanic girls in line at Wal-Mart??? That's like my highlight of my trip!

Me: Creepy McCreepster... Why do you talk to little Hispanic girls in Wal-Mart???

Teacher: I think they're cute! So I use my Spanish and talk to them!

Student 1: *cough* Petafile! *cough*

Student 3: I vote to investigate the President's relationships with little Hispanic girls.

Me: I second that!

Teacher: (Hits his forehead) I just got what you guys were saying! NO! I AM NOT A PETAFILE!!!!

Hahaha gotta love BYU-I!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's MY BLOG and I'll Cry if I want to!!!!!!!!!

So the other day I came across someone's status update that said something along the lines of... "Seriously if you are having a bad day, or you are upset don't post it on your blog... no one wants to read that!" But seriously... it's their blog. They can put whatever the H-E-Double Hockey sticks they want! No one is forcing you to read it!!! Come on now! Anyways... that just made me angry. I wanted to comment on HER status and say... then don't read it you witch! But I didn't... I decided to write an angry blog about her instead.. hahaha I will get you!

Anyways... on to better things....

And by better I mean I get to go home soon!!!! I am sooo excited! It will be semi cramped in our house... but worth it. Then come back and 2 more semesters of school!!!!!

Ok, I promise pictures soon. Not that anyone actually cares...

Oh. And also, my roommates and I bought a pool... we will show you soon... it's HUGE. And FUN! And right now is in our living room.... bahahaha. I love college! :D

Friday, July 2, 2010

BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!


I'm glad I am SO NOT dramatic! So I am back at BYU-Idaho. I don't hate it here, I just don't really love it. I know an education is good and I need one and blah blah blah. But I never really thought I was going to be able to finish. I first declared my major as Political Science upon returning back to this blessed University. After taking classes I was told I need to, that I really didn't. I realized I had a lot of credits... and I need to figure out a way to graduate. Ya know so I can do this....
But upon discovering that I had so many credits, I also discovered that Political Science was a useless degree for me. I needed to do business. So just change my major to Business Management right? WRONGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! It would have been easier to go to Mars than change my major to Business. So after weeks and weeks and weeks and countless hours trying to figure out what to do and what is possible and who to talk to and blah blah blah. I was so frustrated. Anyways, finally after hours of praying my prayers were finally answered. This blessed lady told me about this degree called University Studies. She explained that basically you make up your own degree. You choose a minor and two "clusters" (Clusters are basically like mini minors). After hearing about this degree I was determined to get this. She told me it was hard to be approved for this degree though. My dad continued to tell me that I can do whatever I want. If I want to get approved I will. So I did everything I needed to. I worked on this for hours, making sure that I could take each class during the times I needed to. I worked on it over and over and over and over and over again. I had it perfect. I knew it was perfect. I knew they would look and be amazed at how perfect I had it. I wrote my letter why I deserve to be accepted and set up my appointment to go talk to the President of the University Studies Department. I called my Dad and read him my letter before I went. I told him I was staying in this man's office until I got accepted. I had it figured out that I could graduate in 2 semesters. Although the only problem was that I needed to get accepted to FAST GRAD which allows me to go to school in the fall because that is when my "summer" is. Also... I need to register for classes on next Friday. So this all had to get done before this weekend. So... here is how it went...


I had my meeting with the President of University Studies. I waited for him for over an hour. He read over my case and looked at my plan. After 20 minutes he said that he hadn't seen someone more perfect for this degree. He signed it and knew of my urgency. He promised that as soon as the lady got back from lunch that also needed to sign it he would have her sign and walk it straight down so my fast grad could be approved. An hour later I checked my e-mail. Both had already been sent through. Both Approved. As I was walking out of Pres. Tibbits office I turned around and shook his hand, I told him I was really grateful for everything and this was the BEST DAY EVER!!! He was suprised that by being apporved of a degree change it would make me so happy. I explained how much time and effort I have put into this. So by changing my degree and going on FAST GRAD I hopefully, if everything goes according to my well planned out plan I should graduate in April 8, 2011. That is in about 40 weeks... but who's counting....

Oh wait.... This girl is....

If you can't tell by the look on my face... I am really REALLY excited to graduate from college. (This picture was actually from when I got my flip... but whatev!) However, the next 2 semester will be incredibly challenging, but let's be honest with ourselves shall we? I work my best when under pressure. So wish me luck. Starting September 9th I will most likely be MIA and by MIA I mean hidden during homework.... See you in April:) haha

Monday, June 28, 2010

Good news! I'm NOT adopted!!!!

Now, some of you might say... "Why would Michelle think she is adopted?" And my Mother would say "You're not adopted. I remember the day you were born... I was there. I was the one birthing you!!!" But, there is something about me that is different from my mother and my sister...
So, I have finally discovered why I am not like my mother or sister, who love to scrapbook and make cards and all the crappy... I mean CRAFTY stuff. It's not because I am adopted... Or because I don't want to be like them... or spend time with them. (I do like to spend time with them and I DO want to be like them!) But! I have figured out this mystery. No thanks to you, Nancy Drew!

Ok, ok, I know you guys are all waiting anxiously for me to tell you why I am don't scrapbook. I don't take pictures! I have done a lot of fun things with my roommates this summer. And not once have I even taken pictures. I don't even think that my roommates know that I have a camera.

Makes sense huh? I hate taking pictures. Well, that's a lie. I like taking them, I just never remember to take my camera! So, here's the deal. I will shortly upload some pictures on here from SOMEONE'S camera and you can finally see what I have been up to...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where is my Charlie?

Today was bad... it was a VERY bad day! I cried more today than I have in the past year. No Bueno. Anyways, there has been a lot of heartbreak in our apartment this week. One, is getting engaged this weekend. But two had their boyfriends break up with them. So needless to say we needed some "bonding" and some fun. We thought going to see Letters to Juliet would be a good idea.... NOT! It was actually a really good movie. Just makes us all want to find our Romeo aka Charlie sooner. And if not now.. maybe find our Lorenzo later in life. Welp... I guess I am just remembering a pretty famous (ok... not really) quote I used to say, and it fully applies today. "Life sucks... then you die!" However, tomorrow is a new day.. and hopefully a better one.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We have a MAJOR problem!!!!

Ok so here's the deal.
I love Naps...
I love Naps more than anything!
Well, not anything...
I take them daily.
We had a good relationship going...
Until you add a Diet Pepsi at 10:30 pm.
Oh and not just any Diet Pepsi..
It HAD to be a Horkleys!
What's a Horkley's?
44ounces of HEAVEN.
Once that D.P. is added...
EVERYTHING is ruined.
It's 4:30 am and I am awake...
Sleep, Sleep, Sleep...
Sleep, Facebook, Facebook, Sleep...
Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Facebook...
You get the point... I just want to SLEEP!

NEVER, NEVER again will I Nap!
Ok, that is probably a lie.
I KNOW it is a lie... but seriously...
This was a BAD idea!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

Here is a little sample of my business class... Topic: The Current Recession

Teacher: So, why do you think so many Americans already have their next paycheck spent. In other words, why are so many Americans so far into debt?

Male Student: Because so many people think they need to have the newest Lady Gaga Purse... or whatever. They just try so hard to be cool.

Teacher: uh... ok... how about you, Michelle.

Me: Well Brother Nygren, I am not sure you should ask me.. I just bought the newest Lady Gaga Purse last night. I brought it online. It should be here today.

Teacher: Dead silence (for a really long time) Seriously? Lady Gaga has a purse?

Me: YA! You don't have one yet? Loser!

... the whole class is silent....

Me: No... Lady Gaga does NOT have a line of purses. I think so many Americans are in debt because credit cards are Satan. Once you get one credit card, Satan won!

Teacher: Exactly!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here's what you've missed on... gLee

My newest favorite show is Glee. If you have never seen it, or maybe judging it before giving it a chance (*cough* AMANDAPECK***) then you need to watch it... go HERE to bring out your inner glee. Anyways they always start the show with the line "here's what you've missed on Glee" then they give like a thirty second recap. Sometimes I say that in my head before reviewing my day and or week. So here's what you've missed in Michelle's Life:

I am unemployed STILL and apparently will still be until the Lord sees fit to change that. I am loving all of my classes but one, and I LOATH that class. I have no friends in Idaho anymore :( I wish I could move home every day but not really. The boys that go to school here are a joke. Literally, someone has to be playing a major prank.I pray someday, someone yells "GOTCHA" really loud on campus and then BOYS start acting like MEN! And I am CEO of my business class team and am with 5 other boys and they all are super nice to me all the time (probably only because I get to decide their grade) and last but not least I did homework for 8 hours straight. And today the highlight of my day was watching Glee and having the man I dream about sing Jessie's Girl. And last week they sang Total Eclipse of the Heart (my all time favorite song).

So as you can see... in all reality you haven't missed a THING in my life.. Maybe next week...

Friday, May 7, 2010

I need Change

As I am sitting home alone on a Friday night I though to myself... I need change. I need to change my social life, my hair, my blog... and pretty much everything else that I possibly could change. I mean think about it... I am 23 years old. I live in a MORMON college town and I am home alone? Ridiculous right? WRONG!!! I had many offers to go out and "hang out" and "go dancing". But I am NOT all about that. I would rather stay home watch gLee or The Office on Hulu rather than hang out with 18/19 year olds. Nothing against them.. just I am not really into going out just because it's Friday night. I don't mind my life at all. Sometimes it is nice to just chillax. My week has been long and non stop I feel, so tonight is the perfect way to unwind. As for my hair... ya I need to do something.... I feel frumpy (never good) and my blog needs to be updated. I have so many pictures from Washington/ Vegas/ The Grand Canyon that needs to be put on here. I want to change the layout. But let's be honest... That is WAY too much work and I would rather study for my test that is in the morning. (Wait... did I just say I would rather study... I MUST be getting sick!!) Anyways... moral of the story. I am happy with life... even if I keep having to go through these gosh darn life tests... seriously... do they ever stop... and I hope we get to use Extra Credit in Heaven... just sayin!

On another note here are some random things that happened today...

I was sitting in my business class and talking to the guy sitting next to me when all of the sudden this other guy came running up to me and stopped right in front of my desk. We then had this conversation...
guy: Can I have your number?
me:... uh...
guy: ... uh so......... I can call... you.... to cut my hair sometime!
me: oh.. haha sure.. it's...
guy: sweet. ok... uh will you just do it.. (hands me the phone)
me: ok I just saved the number under Michelle Haircut Lady, call or text me whenever you need your haircut (cheesy smile)
guy: Perfect. I will. (walks away nervously)

I then turn back to the guy sitting next to me... and say...
Me: I seriously hate it when guys run up to me and ask for my number... happens all the time!
Guy sitting next to me: Really???
Me: No... but that was super awkward!
Guy: ya... imagine how awkward it will be cutting his hair... haha
Me: ugggh... if it is super awkward I am charging him more!!!
Guy: I would too just for that conversation

It was incredibly awkward. The guy that ran up to me and asked for my number was semi nerdish and it's going to be so much fun cutting his hair. :)

Also... my roommate was down in Utah with her Mom (and she is engaged) and called me asking where a good lingerie store was... I don't know why she called me, but hopefully her mom doesn't think I am some kind of whore... Seriously, the things Martha thinks... haha Why would I know where a good lingerie store is???

p.s. I will post and change things around soon... but just to prepare every one's sympathy for me..... I am the only one in my apartment (out of 6 girls) that is not a teenager.... AWESOME.... NOOOTTTT!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

91 Years of Lifefullness

Last night I got a phone call from my Mom telling me that my Great-Grandma (her Grandma) wasn't doing so well. And they were expecting her to pass on fairly soon. We all knew this was coming. She lived a full life, but now was in pain. Nicole and I got to see here when we went home a few weeks ago. I am so grateful for that opportunity. She got to see us one last time while on this Earth. Last night as I was talking to my Mom I was saying the typical things to her... "She won't be in pain any more" .... "We'll get to see her again"... And I know those are both true but this morning I was sitting in church, I got this feeling like Grandma was gone... check your phone. So I did. There was nothing, no missed calls, no voicemails, no text messages. I just thought again, be patient... and keep checking your phone. Sure enough next time I check. There was a missed call, a voicemail, and text message saying call home ASAP. I knew what had happened already. Tears immediately started welling up in my eyes. As we finished the closing song and prayer I jumped up and went outside to call home. I knew the words before my mom said them and as she did I feel those darn tears fell and I was sad. I will miss my Grandma. But then I remembered the things I thought as I drove back to Rexburg from Pocatello yesterday (about an hour away). Yesterday as I drove I was thinking about life and death and what our religion teaches and what I personally believe. I started crying but not out of saddness out of gratefulness. I am so grateful I knew my Great-Grandma. I knew 2 of them infact! Both were full of stories and love. I love both of them. Even though they aren't here in person I can still feel their spirit's. I was also thinking about the Spirit World and how Grandpa Lee (Mom's Dad) along with Great Grandpa McConnell are probably welcoming my Grandma and teaching her the ropes. Preparing to teach her the Gospel. I am so glad I have a knowledge and a testimony about the Gospel and how this world works. The before, during, and after life. My Grandma McConnell was a wonderful Mother, Sister, Grandmother, and friend. She always said the nicest things to us. She knew Nicole and I were different... but never could put her finger on it... Well Grandma... be prepared... you're about to figure it out! And I can't wait to help you get the ordinances done you need to be able to be with Grandpa forever!

Here is a Picture of my Grandma McConnell at her 90th Birthday a few years ago....
P.S. If you have any questions about the things I talked about go here... It's REALLY good stuff!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

My sister

I just would like to say that I really love my sister. She is really cool and I wish I was cool like her.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Please let me tell you how finals week is going thus far... starting with today...
  • Woke up at 8:20 am.
  • Had a group final that started at 8am and I had all the papers for it (oops!).
  • Was running out the door texting my group apologizing asking how long I had... they said 5 minutes..
  • Opened the door to go outside and realized it snowed 6 inches last night
  • Took me 5 minutes just to scrape my car off... (uh-oh!!!!!!)
  • Got to the final 30 seconds late, and the teacher never even knew (phew!)
  • Talked to my PoliSci Teacher he told me he thought I am a "very intelligent young woman and I need to have more faith in myself" (he might be the smartest guy I know!)
  • Gave me my paper back...Got an EXCELLENT grade on it, he also told me what was on my final for tomorrow...
  • Then took my math final... of course I got an A (no duh!)
  • Took my math teacher his favorite cookies and made sure that I got an A in his class!
So now I just need to do the following before I can go home to WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Go to class tomorrow
  • After classes take my Religion Final in Testing Center (blah!)
  • Take my PoliSci final in my teacher's office... (I am nervous for that..)
  • Write a 3-5 page essay for a final in Criminology
  • Pack
  • Clean
  • Go home
So all in all, today, being the first day of the actual finals part... has started off a little rocky... luckily I snuck into the final without any fail. My group didn't even hate me... Then the rest of the day has been a complete success. Now to study and get good grades for the rest of my finals.... I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

50 Ways I love my Dad!!!!!

Today is my Dad's 50th Birthday!!!! So I decided I would write 50 things I love about him.

I Love...........
  1. His humor
  2. His laugh
  3. His smile
  4. His testimony
  5. His intelligence
  6. His willingness to serve
  7. His missing toe
  8. He loves my mom
  9. He loves Nicole
  10. He loves me
  11. He helps me
  12. He supports me in whatever I want to do
  13. He debates stuff with me
  14. He works hard
  15. He plays hard
  16. He spoils his "girls" (Mom included)
  17. He sacrifices for others
  18. He's kind
  19. He's giving
  20. He makes me laugh
  21. He helps me find solutions to my many problems
  22. He loves everyone
  23. He loves cruises/ vacations
  24. He takes my mom on dates
  25. He expects Nicole and I to succeed
  26. HE is a worthy priesthood holder
  27. He gives us blessings when we need them
  28. He doesn't get mad I gave him gray hair
  29. He never complains
  30. He's good at his job
  31. He supports our family
  32. He is happy having all daughters
  33. He taught me about cars and tools and stuff
  34. He went on Choir Tour with my High School with me
  35. He taught me how to drive
  36. He taught me how to drive a stick
  37. He raised Nicole and I in the Gospel
  38. He went to my games when I was younger
  39. He taught me the importance of the Gospel
  40. He plays games with Friends
  41. He helps my Grandparents
  42. He loves Football
  43. He uses Homer Simpson as an example of a father
  44. He has taken me shopping for feminine hygiene products
  45. And paid for them when I walked away....
  46. He watches the same shows as I do... and has introduced me to them
  47. He ensures everyone around him is happy
  48. He'll talk to me for hours if I want/ need him to
  49. He protects our border
  50. He is the BEST DAD in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday Dad, I love you so much and am so grateful that you are my Dad!!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honesty IS the Best Policy!!!!

So when my teacher handed out our tests today I flipped through the pages to see how long it was and when I got to the biggest part of the test, the matching, all the answers were already filled in. Without even thinking I threw the test back at him and yelled "I'm not supposed to see that!" The whole class was silent as he debated what to do. I promised I hadn't memorized any of the answers in the 2.3 seconds I had it in my hands. So he let me take the test like normal. When I handed in the test at the very last second I could. (I was the last 3 out of 50 to finish the test). As I handed the test to him he said, "Thank-you for being honest. I would have never known that those answers were already on there. And I don't even know why they were..." I thought to myself "REALLY??? DANGIT!!!!" Then I thought of how clear of a conscience I had right then... worth way more than an "A" on this test. Then as I turned to go. He said "Michelle, write the word HONESTY in big letters on the top of your paper." I did as I was told even though I thought he was going crazy... he then said these sweet, sweet words to me "I'm giving you extra credit for being honest. It's the LEAST I can do." Thank you Brother Whiting! You are a crazy man sometimes that can be convinced to make our homework load as light as possible, but you are a just and fair man. Thank-you!!! With all the extra credit I am getting on this test, I should get a fairly good grade :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Remember how...

Remember how I have been really cranky lately and I just want everyone to leave me alone... except for when I want to play...
Remember how I am almost done with my 5th Semester at BYU-Idaho and I want to kick everyone of my teachers.. minus Brother Gardner (he's awesome)
Remember how one of my teachers told me to go back to Beauty School
Remember how I told that teacher that I WOULD accomplish my dreams
Remember how Buddha's getting married in less than a month
Remember how all I want to do is see my sister and have her give me a hug... and a free rock
Remember how tax returns saved my life
Remember how I still don't have a job....
Remember how I can't wait to see my parents.... I wish April 8th was tomorrow
Remember how my parents are really good to me... and I don't deserve them
Remember how I failed my New Testament Test today and spent an hour and a half on it
Remember how I got a flip mino hd for my birthday and used it everyday for a month then now I barely have time to shower and haven't vlogged for 4 days in a row..
Remember how I am avoiding studying for my test by updating my blog because nothing new is happening on facebook
Remember how all I can think about is going to Bellingham/ Vegas for my break and I wish it was here tomorrow
Remember how I "THINK" I am only going to take a carry on with me....
Remember how we ALL know that ISN'T going to happen
Remember how this made a lot of my stress go away...
Back to studying!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swimming in a stream of ......Compliments?

So this weekend has definitely been interesting. I got a call on Friday during my math class from our apartment management telling me that our hot water heater went out... AGAIN.. and this time for good. They are ordering us a new one and they are REALLLLYYY sorry... blah blah blah. So how long am I gonna be without water? The ladies' voice changed real quick and was told me the following... "Well, that's the thing, it's not only your water this time, it's your heat too. BUT we are ordering you a new one... and it will be here in about 8-10 business days." In my head since I was in my math class I was quick on my feet figuring how MISERABLE we would be in the middle of the artic here in Rexburg!! Anyways, she then told me they would be putting us up here..

Hey, it's the newest hotel in Rexburg, I am down!! SO... Friday night was a lot of running around trying to get everything figured out... But we are settled in and enjoying the free continential breakfast, hot tub/ swimming pool and maid service! :) So this is my home sweet home until the end of the week... possible longer. Hopefully we can get back home sooner rather than later. Next, Church.... Today as I walked out of Relief Society we walked out to all of the Priesthood brethren standing with stupid smiles on their faces like someone just paid them 10 bucks to smile. My friend and I walked up to one of them to discuss tomorrow's FHE plans and they started all this nonsense of compliments. My dress, my hair, my boots, my make-up.. the list goes on. At first I was like... well, duh! (just kidding!!!!) At first I was like, hmmm these boys want something... should I tell them now or later I can't cook for them for at LEAST a week... I decided to wait for a few more compliments before breaking the bad news to them. They told us they didn't want anything from us.. we decided to walk away asap and take the compliments and RUN!!!! I turned around and literally ran into Duke (not his real name but he was wearing a duke sweatshirt the first time I met him and can not ever remember his real name... so he answers to Duke) Duke immediately appologized and then told me how beautiful I looked today. He started with my dress (wow, wow, wow... started complimenting my dress... what were you thinking....) and I told them I had already herd that one a few times today... he kept trying to find something that hadn't been complimented.. apparently all that was left was my rings. He told me I had pretty fingers and my rings made my hands sparkle.... I laughed thanked Duke and walked away. Then I headed for my meeting and heard the whistle. (You know the one I am talking about, people do "the whistle" when they like what they see...) I of course didn't turn my head as there were about 4,654 people in the foyer. I kept walking. Got over to my meeting turned around and just as I turned around I heard the whistle AGAIN. I made eye contact with a boy from my ward and his jaw was dropped. He motioned for me to go see him so I went over there getting more compliments on the way. I got over to him (I call this one Redhot.... for obvious reasons) and he told me he whistled at me TWICE and it was very rude that I didn't respond. I told him usually the whistle isn't for me... so I don't even turn my head any more... this upset him and he restated EVERY compliment you could give a girl.... Duke came over and joined. I may have felt a little awkward but it was definitely appreciated. So after letting them go on for a few minutes I asked them why all of the sudden all these "Priesthood Brethren" were all of the sudden so nice and complimenting us so much. Redhot tried to say it was him and he told them all we need to appreciate the beautiful women of the ward more... Right..... Duke however just laughed, shook his head, and said the Bishop commanded us to compliment daughters of God more... A LOT more! Bahaha. Go Bishop!!! Hopefully it doesn't stop. I wouldn't mind swimming through a stream of compliments every Sunday... Just keep swimmin' Just keep Swimmin'

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog to Vlog all because of one Birthday....

So if anyone has noticed... I have been MIA... or have I? In reality I haven't been. I have been going to school, lookin for a job... and ya know Vloggin'. What is Vloggin you may ask.. Well it's like bloggin only the "B" is changed to a "V" because you use a Video. (Get it!?! Clever huh!) And I got this handy dandy little video recorder called a flip for my birthday......
I am pretty excited!!! I love this little guy so much! He brings happiness to my heart. Although.. trying to edit his video brings me much frustration. However the happiness is much greater than the frustration so it all works out. My roommates and I have started a Vlog on youtube of our daily lives. Mostly it is us being stupid, but we enjoy doing it. So if you would like to stay up to date on my life and see what I do on a daily occurance go to and you can subscribe to my channel. Comments and rating the videos are always appreciated.
Noooowww.... onto the Greatest Day in February... MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Look who came up and visited me for my Birthday, Chyla!!!!!
We may have been apart for a few months, but it's like we were never apart...
Lucky to have 2 of my Best Friends from High School come with and share my special day with me!!! Love you Bonnie & Chyla!!
And who could forget my other Best Friend... Buddha
Who is much too pretty to take pictures next to... remind me next time.....
And little Lucy Lu! Bonnie and Tyler's lil girl! She is sooooo cute! Bonnie taught her how to say "Happy Birthday Aunt Shell" It made my day!!!
All in all it was an amazing birthday. I am so grateful to my parents and my sister for always thinking of me and putting me first! Thank you for the packages, cards, texts, facebook comments and everything else!!! I am so blessed and feel so loved!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank-You TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!

This morning at 10:15 am I had 2 quizzes one class. Yes, my teacher tries to kill me at least once a week. The first quiz was on the Amendments, and it was matching. We had to match the phrase to the Amendment number. If you haven't read over the Constitution lately or even the Amendments, let me tell you... they aren't short!! So I should have been studying for the last week for this quiz... did I? Heck no!!! I started at 1am last night. Ooops! I just had no desire to memorize the Constitution. Knowing which Amendment is which is semi important in the life of a Political Science Major. But ugh! Doing it is different. So I decided to do flash cards (yes, like in 3rd Grade!). I wrote them all out and called it a night. Woke up this morning to start/ finish my reading for the second quiz. I finished in enough time to drive to school and sit in my car for 10 minutes memorizing 27 Amendments. I was getting desperate. I couldn't remember a few random ones.. like the 15th Amendment.. which has to do with the Right to Vote.... So I finally came up with this little phrase.... "Fifteen by Taylor Swift is what I would vote for!" It doesn't really make sense, but if the song Fifteen was up against another song on the radio, I would probably vote for Fifteen. And it totally worked!!! It came down to 3 I wasn't sure about. I reread them and reread them, then all of the sudden I saw the 15th Amendment phrase "right to vote" I thought "I would vote for Fifteen by Taylor Swift!!!!" And the other 2 just feel right into place!!! I don't know how I did it, but I had stupid phrases like that for all 27 Amendments... and I got 100%. I even amaze myself sometimes.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Why am I so blessed?

Does anyone else ever ponder this question in their daily life?

Because today I have probably thought this question around 18 times.

I really am so blessed. I have such amazing support all around me. My family is absolutely so amazing and supportive of me. No matter the crazy decisions I decide. They love me and are there for me. No. Matter. WHAT! Friends are the same exact way. They love me and are there for me. I mean, who can say they had a friend help them put their pants on when they hurt their knee? Or had a friend sleep with them because they are scared to sleep alone at night? Or had a friend tell them the exact thing they needed to hear to decide the Church is true. Or have a friend that is the best example to them of Christ.... basically I could go on and on about how amazing my friends and family are to me. And how they are each in my life for a reason.

Ok, so basically if you can't tell my attitude from my last blog is completely different. I am happy. I love ... ok maybe like... life right now. I dropped a class and I couldn't be happier. School is going well and I don't feel so overwhelmed now. So that is dandy and swell.

Welp, all in all. I am happy. I am blessed. Sometimes I feel like Nephi... ya know... born of goodly parents. Soooo thank-you each and everyone of you for having an impact on my life. I hope you all are having a fabulous week.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When Hell Freezes over....

Well, Guess what... Hell froze over... and I am STUCK IN IT!!!!!!!!!! Who in their right mind would let me decide to move back to Rexburg in the MIDDLE. OF. WINTER????

Do you all hate ME???

Better yet, HOW DID I FORGET???

Am I bitter? I don't know, I can't feel anything because I am COMPLETELY FROZEN!!!!

Ok, ok, you get the point. Uh, yes.. It is FREAKING cold here!!! It hurts me to walk outside for more than 30 seconds. Thank goodness for Drew. He keeps me nice and warm. And luckily all my classes except for one are all in the same building.

Speaking of classes..... Yeah... that is a WHOLE different story. I am taking 18 credits, which is a pretty full load. (Full time is 12... so you get the point.) Anywho, I am taking 4 Goverenmental type of classes, a math class and my religion class is the New Testament. And 5 out of the 6 classes I am taking are in class discussion type. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE DISCUSSIONS!!! However, that means you need to do the learning from the book.... and I HATE BOOKS!!! So I will probably have 5-6 hours of homework a night... Wait, a night? YES. A. NNIIGGGHHHTTT! SICK! Am I complaining a lot? Yes. I am aware of that. However, I am not used to doing homework. I don't think I really did it a lot before.... Honestly. I think most of the time I just pretending to do the reading and they were just generals... so I could just guess and be correct on the quizzes/ tests. But now, I am doing my degree and am in upper level classes. No more slacking. I want good grades, but uggghhh it's so much work! lol Ok, that is just a ridiculous statement. I realize that. Ok. I am done. I am sorry. I just needed to vent and had no one to talk to... So let's talk about something more happy shall we?

Well, I am reunited with one of my best friends, Buddha (aka Melissa) and I couldn't be more happier. We have pretty much been together since I picked her up from the Idaho falls airport. Today we rode together to school. We had lunch together. Then she dropped me off for my last class. Picked me up and then I took her to her last class then picked her up. She is so wonderful and I am so grateful for the time we are spending together. She thinks I am here for her, which I plan on being there for her however I can, but seriously she is helping me so much.

Well, maybe I should show you guys some pictures of my room? Ok... I am living in a town house. So our bedrooms are downstairs. I LOVE our apartment. It is SO big!!! And I just took pictures of my room and now the Internet is being lame so I can't upload pictures... I'll try again tomorrow.

So all in all, if I drop out of college, please still love me.... I seriously don't remember college being this hard. Oh! Or... If you really want me to stay in school and get a 4.0 all YOU need to do is support me so I don't need to get a job. Deal? Deal!