Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh my.....

So do you ever go back and re-read your past blogs? Cuz I just did. I didn't realize how many grammatical errors I have. How embarrassing! Geez... So I would like to apologize for past and future grammatical errors. So, I am sorry! Please forgive me...

Also, on a different note... remember how I am giving my sister, Nicole, the silent treatment? Welp, it is in FULL swing! She keeps texting me and calling me. I keep ignoring. She keeps telling me I am wearing down. Although I do want to talk to her I have to be strong. I must win this one... IT IS SOOO HARD THOUGH..... I do HATE when people give me the silent treatment. Maybe this is a bad idea. OH NO!! I am breaking.... HELP!

Well, this week is going to be good. I have to work Monday- Wednesday then Thursday I am going to the Seahawks game against the Raiders. I am going with work. We are going to spray paint fans hair then get box seats (whatever those are... ahaha). It should be fun. Thursday is then followed by Friday which I get off as well as Saturday AND Sunday. That is technically 4 days off! WOW!!!!! I am sure excited!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dear Man who TRIED to crush my dreams,

When I called you back this morning I was in a incredibly good mood. Thank-you for TRYING to ruin that. Sorry you didn't succeed. Try harder next time. No wait, just don't talk next time. You were my 3rd client for the day. I had already made $10 in tips. You were very nice at first however, I didn't appreciate your fakeness. Also, when you ask me where I went to college at and when I tell you BYU don't malk me. It also isn't nice to brag about how much money you have. And talking about yourself isn't nice either. I don't care what you do for a living if it takes you 15 minutes to explain it. It ALSO isn't nice when I tell you my dreams of starting my own salon and you tell me that is the worst thing I could do with my life. It is actually quite rude. I would say we are even now, because I cut a whole in your hair, and didn't show it to you ON PURPOSE! Sorry! And when you told me that was an amazing haircut (because you didn't see the whole... bahaha) and then you hand me a $100 bill to pay for your $13 haircut and then tip me a WHOLE $1.... you obviously don't have money and you are all talk. The little old lady after you who is retired but has to work to be able to pay her bills gave me 9 times your tip! If you ask me you are RIDICULOUS!!! Anywho... next time you come in... please do us all a favor and DON'T!

P.S. Find those little girl's mother and smack her! You don't ask if you can bring in your girls that had lice to get their hair cut. That is the DUMBEST question I have ever heard! (Why are people soooo stupid???)

Your X Hairdresser...aka... Me

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So much to blog... Soooo little time.....

I have had soooo many things to blog about lately but have been sooo lazy.... so here are a few random posts crammed into one...
So.... Working full time has REALLY put a cramp on my social life... HOWEVER yesterday and today were my "days off" and I put days off in "QUOTES" because is it really a day off if you cut hair for a living and then when you have 2 days where you don't have to go to work you spend those 2 days cutting hair??? That has been my life for the last like 8 months... okay okay... 2 weeks. But seriously! I am exhausted and finally told my Dad I just wanted a DAY OFF! Totally off... no hair. None what-so-ever! So Dad made is possible. I was supposed to cut my grandparents hair and he scheduled it so Today, Thursday, could be my first "DAY OFF" no hair.. besides my own of course! :) So today was my first day of not doing hair, not thinking about it (well a little, but not as bad as I usually am) and just relaxing. It was wonderful. It was filled with Aunt Becky's Birthday/ visiting teaching lunch with Aunt Becky, Amanda Peck, Shelly Cook at Coconut Kenny's... Yummmmm!!!! And then helping Aunt Becky pack and move her stuff. And finally finishing out my day off going to see Post Grad with my Mom. What a great day!

Nextly, as many of you know... I don't understand the silent treatment. I have never been able to do the silent treatment to anyone. EVER. So the other day I called my dear sister Nicole. I asked her a secret. She did NOT tell me the secret (she blogged about it here) .... so..... since we were just talking about the silent treatment I thought it would only be appropriate to give her the silent treatment.... So I told her I would not talk to her for 1 month. It has been 4 days... I have picked up my phone about 15 times in the last 4 days to text her. It is killing me... however, I shall win...

My future..... hmmmm sooo many choices. Sooo little time... I have NO idea what to do with my life now! This sucks. Any ideas??? I'm open to anything, well... most anything!

The other night we were over at the Pratt's and some people decided to take a walk in the Cemetery. I HATE Cemeteries! They are sooo scary and creepy. Dead people buried in the earth. GROSS! I hate them! So Amanda made me go. And then some guy (possibly Bishop Chambers.. possibly not...) told us to go home.. haha I felt like I was in high school again.

I realized that I think about hair ALL THE TIME!!! When I realized this, it now bugs me. I look at some one's hair and think how would I create that cut.. or color. Or if there would be a better hairstyle that would look good on them. Or what make-up would compliment them best. But don't worry I usually only do it on people I don't know. So don't worry. However, it is super annoying. Like in the movie tonight, the main girl's hair is super cute (see picture above). It was longer with really long choppy layers. And it was an auburn brown with Carmel highlights. In order for me to get the color I would probably do a 8RB with a 10 vol. lightener in a slice. and only do the Mohawk. So yes, that is how the color would come to be. I thought about her hair for probably 2o minutes while watching the movie... SUPER ANNOYING. However I guess someday I will be grateful for it.. hopefully...

In the previews before the movie started there was a preview for this movie called "The Boys Are Back" it look super cute! It's about a single dad taking care of his two kids. And in the preview there was a part where the little boy comes out after dressing himself and the dad said "Your shoes are on the wrong feet" and the son followed with "But these are the only feet I've got!" (Both said in a British Accent)! So cute. Made me laugh so hard! I can't wait to see that movie.

Last but not least. I have been addicted to "That 70's Show". I have NO idea why. But I love it. LOVE IT!!! I can't explain it. But it makes me laugh so hard. It isn't the nicest/ cleanest show, but really what show is. When I first moved home it was on all the time. Whenever I went to watch TV (which was kinda a lot when I first moved home) it was ALWAYS on. So I set to record all the episodes that play on all the different channels. Last week I had 68. I am now down to 28. Some were doubles. Some I had already seen, but for the most part. I have just caught up from staying at Aunt Marilyn's. And now Mom even agrees to let me watch it while she is in the room, instead of watching some stupid home decorating show. :) I am wearing her down. Before you know it I will catch her watching it without me home... bwahahahaahaha

Friday, August 21, 2009

BEST DAY EVERRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, my mom told me the other day it was time to update my blog. I am usually the one telling her so I figured it must be past time to update my blog. Well, all I do is work, work, work, work, work. But, I did get to go to the Northwest Washington Fair on Monday with my mom, dad and Aunt Becky. It was a ton of fun! We saw the Demolition Derby (best part of the fair) and saw some good crashes and had an awesome time. I'm thinking I should be in the Demo Derby next year... I can drive crazy and crash into things... now all I have to do is fine someone to sponsor me and be my mechanic... hmmm....
Anywhoo... here are some pictures from the fair...

Sooo excited to go to the fair... I even told work when I got hired I NEEDED this day off.
Oh ya know.. just me and my parents... watchin the Demo Derby... best day EVER!!!
Me and My Aunt Becky
Me and Pops
Wow... look at all that Action!
My Dad and Cotton Candy.. two things I love dearly...
My Mom giving Nicole a play-by-play via Text messaging...
Chicken Legs....I would really like a yellow baby duck someday...Momma pig with all her little piglets.... She looks ugly, but her babies are so cute... I just wanted to eat them up. (That was a pun. I do NOT eat bacon since the episode of How it's made was described to me by none other than Kristin May Booth...)

As you walk down the horse barns this is what you see... horse after horse and all you see is their butts... cute eh?

Mini Cows... for mini burgers...Mt. Baker.... View from our seats at the Derby...All in all, it was the best day! Spending time with your family, watching cars crash into things and eating your years worth of calories in one day! Who could ask for a better day???

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things that crossed my mind today....

  • I hate living alone... it's lonely......
  • More to Love is my new favorite show.... I love Kristian, sometimes she's a lot other times she's just a big girl in love. Leave her alone ok?!?
  • I miss Kristin Booth
  • I think I am getting sick... boo
  • Feeling out the whole Twitter thing... I think it's weird, yet kind of cool...
  • I am so happy I took the job at Great Clips... I am making WAY more money than the most expensive/ nicest salon in Whatcom County... no scratch that in Washington
  • Plus the people I work with are so freaking funny!
  • It breaks my heart that sooo many people in Bellingham didn't have kids
  • I made a 2 year old cry today during his hair cut
  • I accidently cut a 12 yr old boy's ear. I said I was sooo sorry and he said he didn't even feel it... even tho it bleed... sorry bud!
  • Did I mention I am lonely?
  • I want to go on a reality tv show
  • My boss and I are going on a diet/ workout program together
  • My feet hurt so bad I want to cut them off becuz I think it would hurt less
  • My face is breaking out.. ugh
  • I get to hang out with Amanda tomorrow! Woo hoo!
  • I am doing a class for YW tomorrow... hmmm what should I say??
  • I <3>


We get some pretty interesting people in at Great Clips. Here are a few examples of the convos I have during the day....

Old man on Oxygen: "How you doing pretty lady?"
Me: "Pretty good, pretty good. How are you?"
Old Man: "Oh pretty good. Out of breath. Just had to walk from the car into here"
Me: "Oh ya. That gets me sometimes too"
Old Man: "Ya...."
(Lady that he walked in with says to him "Hey I'll be right back")
Old Man: "Ya whatever!"
Me: ".... uh... so you having a good summer so far"
Old Man: "No, the dang grandkids are so annoying! And my wife is dying!"
Me: "Oh. I am sorry to hear that..."
Old Man: "Ya. That wasn't her. That lady. That's my girlfriend"
Me: "Oh! How long have you been dating her?"
Old Man: "oh for a while now. My wife had a stroke 15 years ago and I knew she would never fully recover. So.. I figured I should start looking for a new ball and chain..."

Jordan (5 1/2 year old)....

Me: "Jordan?"
Jordan: "That's me!"
Me: "Hi sweetie. My name is Michelle. What are we going to do to your hair today?"
Jordan: "Well, my mommy got sad at me. Cuz I cut my own hair last night... So can you fix it please?"
Me: "Why yes I can. Let's take a look at what you did..."
(Realizing she cut her bangs to the scalp...)
Me: "Well, I think we should just give you bangs on the opposite side... like this... what do you think Jordan?"
Jordan: "Oh YES!!! I love it! Wow! Michelle you are amazing! I love how beautiful you made me!"

20 year old scruffy kid... named Jim...

Me: "So what are we doing today to you?"
Jim: "Make me look like Brad Pitt!"
Me: "Ok, you know we only cut hair here right?"
Jim: "Ya, I already got the looks. I just need to trim down the hair to look likes his."
Me: "............. ok............"

Dad with his two kids sitting behind us while I was cutting dad's hair...

Dad: "Boys stop playing with those chairs!"
Younger Boy: "My brother started it!"
Dad: "Well you both stop!"
(Boys still playing with the chair)
Dad: "I told you guys to stop! Do you wanted to be grounded for a week??"
Younger Boy: "No! I am sorry I accidently put my foot there."
Dad: "How would you like it if I put MY foot somewhere?"

All in a days work....

Friday, August 7, 2009

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

Lately I have had a huge change of heart and now find happiness in a lot more things. Here are a few things in the last few days that have made me smile....

  • Gus fell off the bed last night... then was embarrassed about it
  • I've cut myself (during a haircut) more in the last 3 days than the last 2 YEARS
  • I got my other license today! So now I have a barbering license too!
  • Aunt Becky taught me how to play Yaztee and I got a Yaztee
  • Gus brought me all of his squeaky toys last night and squeaked all of them at once
  • I took a sleeping pill at 2am and prayed I would wake up by 7:30am and I did
  • TIPS!!!!!!!!
  • I am doing really well at my job.. better than some of the other employees that have been there a year
  • I took Gus to go potty and I kept saying "Go Potty Gus" and he faked going potty just so he could go back inside this morning because he was cold
  • My dad bought tickets to the demolition derby... both derbies!
  • Someone stopped Mom on the street in Las Vegas
  • Bahaha the last one makes me laugh just in itself....
  • But seriously someone stopped my mom on the street in LV to compliment her on her hair... I did her hair :)
  • Seeing people I know come into work and cutting their hair
  • Sleeping
  • Cotton Candy ice cream
  • Love Story by T. Swizzle and other sappy loves songs
  • Feeling the urge to pray for safety on the way home from Aunt Becky's and missing a deer by only 10 feet and being completely safe... PRAY WORKS!

You get the point... I have a lot of things to be grateful for! :) P.S. Gus is my Aunt Marilyn's dog I am house/ dog sitting right now. He is incredibly high maintenance and very dramatic!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My life is soooo hard...

So the past 2 months I have been unemployed. And have used the phrase "My life is sooo hard!" And usually people respond with... "Oh ya.. right!" But today... my life WAS hard! I had a HUGE decision to make. And I prayed and did all the things I was supposed to do and it was STILL a really, REALLY HARD DECISION!!! So as all of you probably know I am officially a hair dresser. Licensed in Utah and now Washington! Yay! Finally. So I got my License in Washington on Saturday. So this week was finally the time to start looking for a job. I applied at Great Clips like 2 months ago and they have been trying to set up an interview with me for a while now. So I figured I should probably have a fall back.. and Great Clips would be it... So I applied at Regis as well... This is the job I was hoping for... I had my interview for Great Clips on Tuesday. Uncle Rudy came in and was my beautiful model. The things I loved about Great Clips were...
  • Fun, friendly atomosphere
  • Lots of walk-ins
  • Better hourly pay
  • Better incentives
  • Nice co-workers
  • Friendly Manager
  • They offer Health and Dental

The things I didn't like about Great Clips....

  • It's Great Clips....
  • They don't do colors or any chemical service....
  • They don't wash hair before a cut....
  • They don't style the hair after the cut....
  • I would have to work every other Sunday for 2 months then have them off after that...

So the good definitely outweighs the bad... So on Wednesday aka Today I had an interview at Regis. I went in and here are the pros and cons...

  • It's Regis... aka nicer salon
  • They offer Health, Dental AND Vision
  • Better experience
  • They do the whole package.. wash hair, cut AND style hair


  • They only pay on commission and it's 40% (ps that is NOT a lot!) or minimal wage which ever is greater... (still not a lot)
  • The manager would NOT make eye contact with me during the interview
  • The girls seem snuddy when I walked into the salon for my interview
  • I would be the lowest person in the salon, so I would be the last one to get walk-ins
  • You aren't supposed to do hair outside of work... they want them to come in and pay...
  • I would have to work every Sunday for a year. No matter what.

So Regis had more Cons then Pros.... Hmmm... so I sat in the car and prayed, counseled with my parents and decided to go with Great Clips... and here is why.... I can still do colors outside of work at my house. And KEEP all of the money. No paying an outsider. Plus Great Clips will teach me how to have speed. Which I am not gonna lie, is something I lack as of right now... So I walked into Great Clips to figure out exactly how much I would make an hour. And as soon as I did everyone was so welcoming to me! And I sat down to fill out some paperwork and just knew this would be better! So she figured out what my exact pay would be and it is more hourly than I have ever made in my life. Plus I would be getting commission AND tips on top of that! After everything I would make almost double at Great Clips compared to Regis... Double? Yes. Double! So after realizing this I knew the choice was simple! So I had my orientation today and I start tomorrow! I am not even nervous for my first day! So I think it will be good. And not to mention it is humbling. Because not going to lie. I used to make fun of people that work at Hair Masters, Great Clips, cheap hair places like that. Little did I know... they make more money than people just starting out...

So anyways moral of this story is that I have a job at Great Clips. And it's not because I suck at doing hair. It's because I am only working to get money... lots and lots of money... But really aren't we all just working for the money?

Monday, August 3, 2009

26 Reasons to Love Nicole Renee Chapin

26 Years Ago on August 2nd Nicole Renee Chapin -aka- my sister was born! So I thought I would give a little tribute to the bestest big sister in the whole entire world. Happy Birthday Nicole! Hope you had a good one! So here are 26 reasons to love Nicole for all 26 years of her life....

  1. She is creative
  2. She loves laughing and having a good time
  3. She is beautiful
  4. She is VERY neat and organized
  5. She is a hard worker
  6. She is very giving
  7. She always dedicates blogs to everyone else
  8. She gives the most thoughtful gifts
  9. She has a great sense of humor
  10. She acts like a kid
  11. She is a brilliant young lady
  12. She names things (i.e. Big Red)
  13. She works hard for her money
  14. She has tiny fingers
  15. She has a beautiful smile
  16. She trusted me to cut her hair during beauty school
  17. She can sew
  18. She has a testimony of the Gospel of Christ
  19. She graduated from BYU-I with a degree in Psychology
  20. She helps her friends with their projects
  21. She LOVES projects
  22. She lives in Las Vegas (last place I pictured her)
  23. She loves the color Red
  24. She has always been there for me when I needed someone
  25. She loves her family
  26. She is the best big sister in the entire world!

I love you Nicole! Hope you had a Birthday Blast!!!!