Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm not in Provo anymore.....

WOW! LA is HUGE!!!! I seriously have gotten lost for at least half of my time I have been here. And I have only left my apartment building once! The apartment building is ginormous! There are so many different turns and twists. And every single twist looks the exact same. It is so annoying. They said it takes about a week to get it down. A week? So for a week I get to keep walking in circles trying to find my stupid apartment. I take that back, my apartment is everything BUT stupid! It is AMAZING!!!!!!! So nice and huge and spacious. Of course I took the master bedroom! I will post pictures later but as for now here is my day....

I woke up from my nap got ready extremely fast and brought all my stuff down and loaded it into Kendra's car. Got to the airport with about 45 minutes to spare. Not too bad. Checked in my bags... they were ALL overweight. And I was already checking an extra suitcase. So I was frantically trying to cut down the weight. After about 30 minutes of that I finally got them at 50 lbs. Perfect. By this time I was sweating so bad. I gave Kendra a quick hug and an I love you and went through security. I got through that no problem and ran to my gate. I boarded the plane and not even 5 minutes later it took off. I was totally fine with it. I hate waiting to board a flight. However, I don't ever want to have to run to a gate again, I would rather wait. After landing in LA I realized I had not heard from my ride yet. So I made some calls. Then after no one answering I called Cory one of my managers who is in Provo get a hold of someone for me so I could have a ride from the airport.. So finally I figure that out. So now just wait for my luggage right? Well, 2 out of the 3 made it. Ugh. That means I am without one of my suitcases. Luckily the 2 I got had all my shower and stuff in it. While I was unpacking my stuff I realized that a little bit ago I posted a blog saying how I had the luck of the Irish and kept having lucking things happen to me. While... I think I have the curse of the pirates or something... I just am having a case of bad luck. I really wish it would stop! Oh and my laptop still doesn't turn on. Arrrrr... See, look I am already starting to talk like a pirate! Oh no!! So by this time it is Noonish. I haven't eaten all day and I have been up since 5. So I am starving! I don't have any food in the house. Nor toliet paper for that matter. Adam had told me earlier there was a burger king just down the street and I would be ok walking there. So I got up the nerve and ventered out. It took me, no joke 15 minutes of walking around, riding elevators up and down, up and down. Walking back and forth just to figure out how to get out of this dang building. After figuring it out I saw BK and started my 30 yard walk. As I was walking I glanced over to my right where a new building had just gone up and realized there was a bum sleeping. I think he was sleeping at least... I thought. Oh look! My first bum sighting. How sweet. Then laughed out loud at how ridiculous I can be sometimes. So after eating some good ole BK I decided there had to be a faster way to get into the building. You know one that wouldn't take me by the sleeping bum. So I saw this door that looked like it could help me. Sure enough the elevator led right next to my apartment. I couldn't help but laugh. So then I figured out how to get a computer room key. And all that jazz. So I am on there internet/ computer. Not to shabby. YES!!!!!!! Southwest just called me... they have found my bag!!!!!!!!!! Yipeeee!!!! Anyways, so now I guess I will just wait until I get my luggage and go take a nap. I am just waiting for Adam and Kristen to get here so I can help them unload there stuff and go to the store and get some t.p. and foods. Sorry I couldn't post any pictures.. without my laptop this might be tricky. I will figure it out tho... and soon.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Goodbye Provo!

Well, it is my last day in Provo and I haven't had a day this bad since I moved here. Seriously! Let's start with last night thought... So my friend, Briana that I met while living in Rexburg came down from Salt Lake to spend some time with me before I leave. We talked while I packed and then went to dinner. While at dinner the song The Climb from the Hannah Montana Movie came on. I admitted I like the song and wanted to see the movie. I love kid's movies/ chick flicks. Get off my back! She admitted it too and I looked up the movie times. Were we really going to see The Hannah Montana movie? Yep yep yep! So the movie was actually really, really good! I cried... four times. So now that I was already emotional I called Kendra once I got home and had a emotional breakdown about leaving Provo. I have been here almost 2 years. My life is here now, it's weird to think I am leaving. I am leaving my house, my friends, I would say my job but I don't have one... I would also say school, but I don't have anymore school. But mainly I am leaving my friends. And I lost it. I was balling like a little baby. So I finish most of my packing last night and feel right to sleep. I woke up late today. Which I had a lot to do today so that was bad news. I needed to borrow Roach's car, I couldn't get a hold of her. Great! Then I tried to get on my laptop to check in online for my flight. My laptop wouldn't turn on. Perfect! Wow what a great start to an AWESOME day! (Sense the sarcasm?) So then I decided to check the mail. I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my credit card, since I paid it off it was how I was moving to L.A..... well, still no credit card. So I called the company argued with them for a while and got no where. Perfect. Then I started moving my stuff. By this point I was beyond frustrated. I wanted to punch something. And I am not the violent type. So as I am walking down the stairs with an armful of stuff I trip and fall. Nice, smooth. Some Mexicans saw me and laughed. Sweet. I finish moving my stuff and I am pooped. I am so tired. I come back to the house get ready. Since I permed my hair it takes me like 20 minutes! Yay go me! So I drive to wal-mart. I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I have little to no money, I have so much to do, I didn't remember to leave out a shirt and everything is moved and gone. I have a toothbrush and a jacket left. So I know I can find some cute-ish/ cheap shirt at wal-mart right? On the way I call my daddy in deep desperation for a little loan of cash. Of course my Dad being the superhero he is saves my life and helps me out! So as I am talking to him my phone dies. As soon as I got to wal-mart I called him back, but not after trying to figure out how to use a payphone... they are complicated. It cost me $1! For 4 minutes of talk. Lame! So I find a shirt that is fairly cute and some other little things I needed. Go to check out and realize... I forgot my debit card! CRAP! I look into my purse and realize that I grabbed all my change I have been saving all year long. I counted it the other day and had $20, not too shabby. So I got to the self checkout so the machine can count my change. I start putting the nickels, quarters, pennies, and dimes into the machine. I ended up being $2 short, so I was frantically trying to search my purse for a few more quarters. And the lady behind me said, here sweetie, take this and hands me exactly what I needed! Awe! There are still nice people in this world willing to help out the poor and needy! I thank her and told her I forgot my debit card, I don't think she cared. I think she just wanted me to hurry. So as of right now... I am waiting for my last load to finish drying so I can pack it up, and then I just need to vacuum my room and wipe down the mirrors and counters. Then I am done. Seriously, Provo, why couldn't we have a pleasant goodbye. More of like a see ya later, if you will. But no! You had to go out big. Causing me a extremely stressful day. Well, I guess what doesn't kill me will only make me stronger. Well, that's it. I am off to L.A. I will hopefully be able to keep my blog up, but no promises. My goal is to take lots and lots of pictures. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beauty School Drop Out....

Oh by the way... THIS IS NOT ME!!!! Why? BECAUSE I GRADUATED BEAUTY SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am done. Finished. Graduated. Never to be a Future Professional at Paul Mitchell the School Provo, Utah! YIIIIIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! You don't know how good this feels. :) Oh and I permed my hair... I will get pictures after a few days when I tame it down a little... it's semi poodleish. Now, packing, cleaning then.... LA!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter!!!!!!! Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! Here's what we did... and by we I mean Chyla and I.... Chyla was really excited to find some Cadbury Creme Eggs she said it wouldn't be Easters without them... so in preparation for Easters we had to search for them... would it really be that hard......?
Bored between driving to the stores and stopping at home real quick. Perfect opportunity for a photo opp!
Yep! It would be that hard! See all those empty Shelves? Every grocery store looked like that! And all anyone had was Orange Creme filled.. she replied with "ewww Yuck!"..... The search continues...
I win! I found the ones I wanted!!!! Yay go me! Wait.... we were looking for Chyla.. we shall Search some more!
This was real life. She found them. One left. Hidden between the shelves. She was so excited. I was possibly rolling my eyes at her at how excited she got over.. CHOCOLATE!!!!!!
Now, onto coloring the eggs.... Chyla starts by hard boiling the eggs
I set up the coloring equipment
Waiting.... bored.... typical
Oh ya... mean time our dishwasher decides to overflow and pour out water. nice....
Coloring the eggs... so much fun!
Of course I had to do my name.....
The three egg colorers.... (from Left to Right) Chyla, Me, Mike
And here's where I will be in 6 days...
Welp, that was my Easters! Oh and I ate a ham sand which because it's Easter and Easter = Ham Dinner. :)
Hope Everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Over IT!

I'm seriously OVER IT!!!!! Over Provo, stupid girls at stupid beauty school. Stupid people being upset over stupid things. Seriously! I am ready to be done with Provo. Thank goodness I am leaving in less than 10 days! Yipee!!!! L.A. is sounding better and better every second of every day. Ugh... sorry. I just needed to get it out....

Oh and Shout out to Chyla.... Let's all give her a warm welcome to the blogging world! Yay go Chyla! *cough* update more!!! *cough*

I am going to bed..... My feet hurt.... 13 hours at school on your feet.... doesn't feel so nice....

What a DAY!

So this morning I realized I have exactly one week left of school! Yay!!!!! So every Wednesday morning we have "Pow Wow" which is where the WHOLE school meets in this way too small classroom and we have announcements and they talk to us and blah, blah, blah (well that's all I hear... jk, jk!) Sometimes they have like Costco or Wells Fargo come and talk to us about getting a membership with them. Just to promote stuff. Well, today they had the Invisible Children Organization come and talk to us. They are doing a rally thingy called "The Rescue". It's on April 25th (Also my parents anniversary! Go Mom and Dad!) Anyways, they showed us a video that was very powerful... I cried. I did a project at BYU-Idaho about Invisible Children and so I have a special place in my heart for them. So they sold these bracelets that people from Uganda made. They money goes back to them. Anyways a bunch of people bought them.... so this is a picture of Kendra, Me, and Darren's bracelets....

So then I did some hair... ugh. I am so over them giving me back to back to back to back to back clients. I mean, yes, I know that is how it will be in the Salon. But I will also be getting PAID for those clients, not paying to get them! Anyways, so all the teachers decides since it's my last week at school and all that they all need to send there family into get there hair cut from me. This morning I did Connie's son's hair and tonight I did Amy's Husband hair. So possibly I may have shaved an "A" in the back of his head with out him knowing... hehehe.....

Oh what a day... WHAT A DAY!!!!!

Did I mention I am done with my 2000 hours in one week! Exactly??? I am so excited. Oh and also, L.C. aka Loser Cruiser... is no longer a part of the family. We sold her... sad, but I think it was the right move :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Lame, Lame-er, Lamest

It's lame that I have to already start packing up my life when I don't leave for another 2 weeks, but if I don't do it now I won't have time because it's all spent at school.
It's even lame-er that as I am packing/ "spring cleaning" I have the hardest time giving away my crap because I MIGHT need it later. Where's Nicole when you need her?
And the lamest of all, is that it is 3:07am and I can't sleep. I have been trying since 11pm. Definitely the lamest.
However on the bright side... I have 75 hours left of school.
I have a place to store my abundance of stuff while in LA and
I am selling my car tomorrow! Yay! I guess with every lame thing there's something good, so I can't complain. I just really want to sleep... *sigh*

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Luck of the Irish

So, I am just guessing that my family is Irish but I seriously have the luck of the Irish! On Friday when my parents were down we went to Roberts Craft Store after my graduation and we all entered to win a $50 Gift Card. Well don't worry that I am allergic to any sort of craft project so winning would not be any big of deal to me, but since my mom LOVES crafts and scarpbooking and all that nonsense... I mean goodness.. I entered my name. Don't worry.... I won! So my mom picked out some stuff for her and my sister and we used my gift card to buy it. Then, on Tuesday we went to Sonic to get some drinks and a treat. Well, they took my order and said.... some how your total is $0. Lol.... huh? Ok! So they brought out our FREE food! So that night at my first night at night school they were doing a drawing for our charity. You paid $2 for a raffle ticket and then you get a prize. They had pretty good prizes. So I thought... hmmm I want to see if I win. If I really do have luck or what. I probably won't win, but it's good because it goes to Charity. So I bought a ticket put my name and number no big deal. Then the drawing begisns. They were going to draw 10 people. So my chances were pretty good..... The first ticket drawn was mine!!! What the heck!??? I am not complaining but seriously! What is this? I don't hate it, but I really wish Utah had a lottery.... I'd go buy a lottery ticket. Probably a good thing they don't :)