Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Big 2-4

Yes, yes it is very true. I am 24... so weird!!! So on my birthday people came up and wished me happy birthday they would ask me how old I was and I felt like now... since I am an "old lady" they shouldn't be asking me how old I am... it's rude! So I just told people 21. And then one guy as he was leaving said "Happy 24th Birthday Michelle" and a bunch of people looked at me confused. Ha... oops! Anyways it was a really good birthday. Chyla came up from Utah and helped me celebrate. We went to dinner where Bonnie and Lucy came and met up with us. All in all, it was a great birth-WEEKEND! :) So since I am 24 I figured I would put 24 things that I am grateful for... I know this is almost 2 weeks late, but I've been super here they are:

  1. The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ
  2. The Atonement
  3. My Testimony of the Atonement and the Gospel
  4. My Dad- Always has a solution for every problem followed by a joke to make me laugh.
  5. My Mom- She is always there for me and always keeps me down to earth.
  6. My Sister- She is amazing and loves me and is always there for me whenever I need her.
  7. My Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and those who have helped me and supported me over my 24 years to reach my dreams!
  8. Friends-They know who they are. My life would not be complete without any of them. From my first best friend to the many I have now :)
  9. Knowledge- Not only from my schooling, but life experiences that have taught me many, many life lessons.
  10. The Temple- for the Spirit that is there, and for the opportunity to have an Eternal Family
  11. Roommates that help me when I need it the most and the many fun times we have together.
  12. Drew- My car that takes me everywhere that I need to go!
  13. Technology- That I can be able to have a somewhat easier time doing homework and other things.
  14. Warm clothing- To allow me to stay warm during these cold times in Rexburg
  15. SLEEP-I tend to fall asleep if seated for too long. I can pretty much fall asleep anytime, anywhere these days...
  16. Medication- After hurting my knee I have been taking my fair share..
  17. Jamba Juice- Pretty much my favorite place as of lately...
  18. My Cell Phone- Without this lil guy I would be lost. LOST I tell you... maybe I have sent over 2500 texts in 2 weeks... ya........
  19. My Job- I love that my work is so good to me and they don't expect hardly anything out of me this semester. But they still love me just the same!
  20. Soda- I know this is a bad thing to be grateful for, but after a long day a nice Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke is just what I need!
  21. Roommate Dinners- Especially when they cook and I just eat it!!!
  22. Movies- Going to them or watching them at home!
  23. Doctors- for their wisdom and knowledge to help us to get better.
  24. My Birthday- to be able to feel so loved and special!
Well there you have it... This might have taken me 2 weeks to post, but these thoughts of appreciation and gratitude swirl in my mind constantly!