Tuesday, September 30, 2008


First awkward story/ sad story... Sunday I was at work changing bulbs in the tanning bed all by myself. First off, the gym and tanning salon are closed on Sunday. So I was the only person there. Creepy! And I kept freaking myself out and hearing thing. As I walked upfront to get something I see a man right outside the salon leaned over the garbage can going through our garbage. I froze and immediately stepped back so he couldn't see me, but I could see him. And I see him grab Kendra's and my lunch from yesterday. Neither of us finished our sandwiches and he took them out of the Carl's Jr bag and put them in his backpack. I felt so bad for this man. So I just kind of stood there not really sure what to do. He looked pretty creepy and I was already freaking out so I just stood there. Forgetting I was in plain view he looked up at me and saw me staring at him. There was a really long awkward pause then he got on his bike and rode off.... I turned around and went into the nearest room and called Kendra and told her what happened...

Second Awkward Story.... So Rochelle and I were talking and sittin in her car after work on Monday. She went home to Idaho this past weekend so we had a lot to catch up on. So we were just talking and I see a guy and a girl by a car, we couldn't hear what they were saying but could tell they liked each other but weren't dating yet. I told her we might be lucky and witness the first kiss. Her response "Oh NO!" So we continue talking and 10 minutes later I gasp and grab her head and turn it to the awkward couple! We got to witness the first awkward kiss of this awkward couple. It was amazing. They totally didn't know how to lean or probably kiss. And so they did a quick peak, realized they were awkward and decided to try a make out.
BAHAHAHAHA!!! At this point and time I lost it. I was laughing so hard I was crying. Rochelle was embarrassed and started putting up her windows in fear that they'd notice us laughing at them. I laughed the whole time they were kissing and they were makin' on each other for a good 10 minutes. As the guy drove away I pointed and laughed even harder at him. Haha. Oh how I love awkward moments like that, especially when I am just the third party observer! Good times!

End of the Month

September has already come and gone. Crazy! What the heck happened? Remember when months felt like years and years felt like decades? What happened to that? I feel like my life is rushing past me and I can't even stop to catch my breathe! *SIGH* Anyways so every end of the month is usually stressful for me. I have a worksheet due the last day of the month at school and we have a goal to hit every month at work. So the last day is always busy. But not today! School today was good I had about 8 boxes left to do, which is kind of a lot but not to bad. Plus there was a teacher there that is pretty cool about signing stuff off without being a Nazi about it. So I gave Kendra a manicure and facial. She looked good, so I got those taken care of. I rolled a perm in 20 minutes. Wesley, my teacher, told me my perm looked like crap. Thanks Wesley! It's only because the doll head I was working on was missing chunks of hair, so really it wasn't my fault. I then busted out a finger wave in literally 4 minutes. I was proud then took a break for a while and had to write a paper on anything concerning cosmetology and then diagram a haircut and do a few more things that were all "paperwork" type stuff. It was 3 o'clock pm. Still had an hour and a half of school left. Plenty of time! I had just cleaned my kit, everything was nice and organized and I hear "TWEEEEELLLLVVVEEEE!!!" That's my student number, meaning I was getting a client. I was hoping it was just a eye brow arch or something quick. Nope a male haircut. So I get all my nicely clean stuff out and go and greet "Justin" so I get him draped and get my teacher to start me and start giving him his complementary 5 minute mini scalp massage and the guy goes to sleep!!! Uh.... So I didn't know what to do, so I continue for the 5 minutes and needed to hurry I had stuff to do, so I roll off of his head like we are supposed to and he jerks awake. And was so embarrassed. Now, normally I wouldn't care. Just wake up and make a joke or something... No, this guy was mortified! So I was his hair and start cutting it. And am stressing cuz I have stuff I need to do, I was done with all my cuts! Ahh... so I finish his haircut in 15 minutes. I've been speedy lately.... And go into the teacher's office to ask if I can turn my worksheet in a few minutes late cuz of my guest and I get a solid NO! And get a lecture or procrastination. I told them I have been practicing procrastination for almost 22 years now and am pretty good at it, no sense changing my life now. So I get straight to work and finish all my paperwork in 15 minutes. So this puts me at about 3:45pm. With 45 minutes to spare. I am completely done with my worksheet! Nice!

As I walked into work going to clock in Carlos, the manager of the gym puts his hand up to me like he was going to high five me. So, confusingly I high five him and he proceeds to tell me, Only two "clubs" out of 25 hit there monthly goal. Mine was one of them. And since I am in charge of my "club" at the manager meeting today, which I don't have to go to because of school I get the cliff notes from Carlos, I guess I got a lot of praise! YAY! Sadly, I don't get a monthly bonus because the company has to hit there combined monthly goal before anyone gets a bonus and we didn't hit it, but I guess Ron, (who is completely scary and I have never met) was saying some really good things, about how this is my first full month as manager and I stepped up to the plate and gone above and beyond what was expected of me. WOW! It made me feel pretty good.

Usually the last day of the month the clock is ticking and we are stressed trying to hit goal, and I have to hand in my worksheet. Life gets stressful. But were I did a lot on my worksheet yesterday and hit our gross goal sometime last week then hit our cash goal yesterday... it made tonight very relaxing. I'm thinking for next month I am going to try not to procrastinate as much.... well... we'll see!

Monday, September 15, 2008


My Dad always told me any excuse is as good as any other. So think of an excuse for why I haven't posted a blog in about 6 years and accept it and let's move on. No, but in all seriousness, work and school have both been really busy and my Internet has not been working, so those are some excuses that hopefully will be acceptable. Anywho... here is an update on my life in the last little while.....
  • My power, gas, water, etc. got turned off last week due to my landlord "forgetting" to pay the bills. Cool.... NOT! It was actually really funny because I am gone all day long anyways all I do is sleep and shower there during the week and so both of my roommates were freaking out and calling me trying to figure everything out. They wanted to have a meeting with me after I got off work. Except for I don't get home until after midnight. They made it until 10pm before they called me and told me they were going to sleep and they'd leave a flashlight out for me. What sweet girls! So I got home tripped over my floor (or the piles on it...) and went to bed. The next morning I woke up went back to the gym (aka work) and showered and got ready there. Not a big deal. I'm not sure what they did. But the next day the power was back on and all is well.
  • My parents upgraded our cell phone plan so now we all have unlimited texts. And I need to give a shout-out to my Momma who sent her very first text message and figured it out all by herself! Way to go, Mom!
  • BYU is back in session, yes I know it started almost a month ago, but maybe that is part of my excuse for why I haven't blogged in a while. With BYU back in session it pretty much means Provo has been revived. Provo is pretty dead in the summer time, so now with all those "Mormon kids" as my boss calls them we are finally busy at work. About time!
  • Someone was stabbed at the Orem IHop this last weekend, with a pair of scissors... That is our IHop. I immediately texted Steve to make sure he was aware and he looked up the story. Next time I got to IHop I will be armed with my scissors, just in case (and mine are a heck of a lot sharper)!
  • I made my first budget! I feel like such a grown-up! Now the tricky part is sticking to it....
  • Today was chore day. Yes, it was the Sabbath, but I have been so busy I hadn't had any time to get anything done.... so today I cleaned my room, spotless. And when I say room, really I have to clean 3, my bedroom, my closet, and my bathroom. But it's completely clean and I only have 2 loads (out of 6)... (I don't want to talk about it...) left! YAY! Oh and I went grocery shopping. I'm repenting, but I needed to get it done. I am starting my diet tomorrow and I can't be on diet if I am eating out every meal. It just doesn't work. Anyways so my room is clean, which is a huge deal in and of it's self.
  • I also realized this... You know you go to hair school if... You have 3 different types of shampoos and conditioners in your shower at one time. (Good thing I have my own shower..)
Ok, I think that's it for now. If I think of anything exciting I will be sure to post it. Sorry for taking 6 years to post. Hopefully I will be better at this....