Thursday, May 14, 2009

And then there were 2....

At the beginning of the summer there were 7 single girls in our office... and now there are two! I am one of them! Yessss! Now it is time to prove to the boys who is boss! I had a lttle hiccup but I am back and ready to bring it. We are switching area tomorrow. We are going up north to Lancaster. I hear it's supposed to be bomb. I am excited to be in the new area because I guess everyone is in need of alarms up there badly and it's a weller off (is that english?) neighborhood. Not like the neighborhood I was in today. As I walk up to the house I smell something. I look at the guy with me and said... "smell that?.... that means a for SURE sale!" As he took a deep breath in and realized the house was reaking of pot! The guy came to the door and had the reddest eyes ever. However, he didn't pass credit so we couldn't do it. Sad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Tonight we went out to Cheesecake Factory and when we go out... APX pays.... yessss! Nevermind that our bill was over $1000. It's fine. I definitely don't hate it. Anyways, my computer is not working. So I don't ever get to check my facebook, blog, email or anything it kinda stinks, but oh well what can you do! I hope everyone is doing well. I am. I love it out here. I love all the boys and how much they look after me. I know I am supposed to be here. But I can't wait to reap the rewards of this job!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My APX family!

Wow. I have been here almost 3 weeks! So much has happened... well, not really. But I would like to give an update on the people in my life.....
-Diana: She is my room roommate. She is the first roommate that actually shared a room with me ever! She is sooo amazing though. We go so well together! I love her! She is from Mexico... so yes, she is Hispanic. She is trying to teach me Spanish... I am way slow and she has to say a word like 90 times before I even begin to try to pronounce it. She is patient with me tho which I need. She is also way chill about life and doesn't have drama. Although she deals with mine nicely! :) She is 21 and all the boys in the office love her! They all ask me to "hook a brotha up" I just laugh and roll my eyes. Come home and tell her... "So and so likes you!.... Shocking I know!" We spend a lot of time together. We just click and I love her!
-Shaylee & Brittney: Are our other roommates. They are cousins and both 18. A little young, but a lot of fun to have around. We don't know how long they will stay but as of right now they are here, fun, and keep me young.
-Adam & Cory: They are our 2 main managers then Kris and Skyler are assistant managers. They are all really protective over me and I LOVE that! They all tease me a lot but I tease them right back so I feel right at home. One time Cory played a mean trick on me so I had to get him back... you know payback. I will blog about that later, it was funny. But they keep the office fun and keep incentives right in front of me so I keep working harder. Like today for instance... I was having a rough morning and didn't feel like going knocking so one of the Regional managers said if we hit our daily goal then he will give us $100 extra bucks. So of course that was a challenge. But today my own personal goal was to just get one. Then when I tried to take a sick day and Adam refused to let me I said, "fine! But if I get 2 accounts today then you have to buy me a pass to Disneyland!" He agreed and I went on with my day. I didn't think I was going to get even one sale, but I ended up getting 2 and so now he owes me a trip to Disneyland! Yay!!!! I am stoked! So they are good managers. They deal with me well. Cory and I fight a lot. But only cuz we have the same personality. We both like to argue and be right. We clash. But we always end up loving each other.
-Kris: Kris has been my driver for the past few weeks. He drives me out to my area. I love him. He is a great guy! He helps keep me motivated and will encourage me to do my best. He also lets me vent to him which helps a lot with this job.
DeeJay & Rusty: These are my boys. A few people call me Mama Seta... and Rusty and DeeJay have adopted that name for me. Rusty called me Michelle the other day and I thought he was mad at me or something. It was weird. They will call or text me every morning telling me good morning and how much they love me and they will give me a hug and kiss on my cheek every night before bed. I love it! I am not gonna lie. Rusty and I have known each other for 2 years now. And he has changed a lot. I love Rusty and DeeJay is so sweet! Last Sunday DeeJay BBQed for me... how nice huh! And I was out by the pool and got cold and he gave me his sweatshirt. Without even thinking. So cute!
Darrien & Kazj: These boys are cRaZy!!!!! They are nuts! They always keep things lively. I love them though. First thing they do when they walk in our apartment tonight is take off there shirt and run out on our balcony and scream "Happy Cinco de Mayo L.A.!!!!!!!!" Were they drunk? Nope! Stupid? Yep! They are just funny. Then they put their shirt back on and sit down on the couch like nothing happened. Meanwhile, we are all rolling on the ground laughing. Geez. Crazy cats!

So all in all I am having fun out here. I am glad I am out here. I'm not gonna lie... the job sucks and is so hard! I sometimes want to just go home, but I know I need to stick with it and I will be fine. But I need to have some fun. I really haven't gotten to do any thing. So hopefully we get to go to Disneyland sometime soon! That would make me happy.

BUDDHA COMES HOME TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough said... I need to sleep. I love you all, hope everyone is doing well! I miss everyone. Sorry if I don't talk to ya'll a lot this summer. I am busy... shocking I know! But I wish you the best, I love you all and have a blessed day! (I learned blessed day from all the black folk I have been talking to!) :)