Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swimming in a stream of ......Compliments?

So this weekend has definitely been interesting. I got a call on Friday during my math class from our apartment management telling me that our hot water heater went out... AGAIN.. and this time for good. They are ordering us a new one and they are REALLLLYYY sorry... blah blah blah. So how long am I gonna be without water? The ladies' voice changed real quick and was told me the following... "Well, that's the thing, it's not only your water this time, it's your heat too. BUT we are ordering you a new one... and it will be here in about 8-10 business days." In my head since I was in my math class I was quick on my feet figuring how MISERABLE we would be in the middle of the artic here in Rexburg!! Anyways, she then told me they would be putting us up here..

Hey, it's the newest hotel in Rexburg, I am down!! SO... Friday night was a lot of running around trying to get everything figured out... But we are settled in and enjoying the free continential breakfast, hot tub/ swimming pool and maid service! :) So this is my home sweet home until the end of the week... possible longer. Hopefully we can get back home sooner rather than later. Next, Church.... Today as I walked out of Relief Society we walked out to all of the Priesthood brethren standing with stupid smiles on their faces like someone just paid them 10 bucks to smile. My friend and I walked up to one of them to discuss tomorrow's FHE plans and they started all this nonsense of compliments. My dress, my hair, my boots, my make-up.. the list goes on. At first I was like... well, duh! (just kidding!!!!) At first I was like, hmmm these boys want something... should I tell them now or later I can't cook for them for at LEAST a week... I decided to wait for a few more compliments before breaking the bad news to them. They told us they didn't want anything from us.. we decided to walk away asap and take the compliments and RUN!!!! I turned around and literally ran into Duke (not his real name but he was wearing a duke sweatshirt the first time I met him and can not ever remember his real name... so he answers to Duke) Duke immediately appologized and then told me how beautiful I looked today. He started with my dress (wow, wow, wow... started complimenting my dress... what were you thinking....) and I told them I had already herd that one a few times today... he kept trying to find something that hadn't been complimented.. apparently all that was left was my rings. He told me I had pretty fingers and my rings made my hands sparkle.... I laughed thanked Duke and walked away. Then I headed for my meeting and heard the whistle. (You know the one I am talking about, people do "the whistle" when they like what they see...) I of course didn't turn my head as there were about 4,654 people in the foyer. I kept walking. Got over to my meeting turned around and just as I turned around I heard the whistle AGAIN. I made eye contact with a boy from my ward and his jaw was dropped. He motioned for me to go see him so I went over there getting more compliments on the way. I got over to him (I call this one Redhot.... for obvious reasons) and he told me he whistled at me TWICE and it was very rude that I didn't respond. I told him usually the whistle isn't for me... so I don't even turn my head any more... this upset him and he restated EVERY compliment you could give a girl.... Duke came over and joined. I may have felt a little awkward but it was definitely appreciated. So after letting them go on for a few minutes I asked them why all of the sudden all these "Priesthood Brethren" were all of the sudden so nice and complimenting us so much. Redhot tried to say it was him and he told them all we need to appreciate the beautiful women of the ward more... Right..... Duke however just laughed, shook his head, and said the Bishop commanded us to compliment daughters of God more... A LOT more! Bahaha. Go Bishop!!! Hopefully it doesn't stop. I wouldn't mind swimming through a stream of compliments every Sunday... Just keep swimmin' Just keep Swimmin'

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blog to Vlog all because of one Birthday....

So if anyone has noticed... I have been MIA... or have I? In reality I haven't been. I have been going to school, lookin for a job... and ya know Vloggin'. What is Vloggin you may ask.. Well it's like bloggin only the "B" is changed to a "V" because you use a Video. (Get it!?! Clever huh!) And I got this handy dandy little video recorder called a flip for my birthday......
I am pretty excited!!! I love this little guy so much! He brings happiness to my heart. Although.. trying to edit his video brings me much frustration. However the happiness is much greater than the frustration so it all works out. My roommates and I have started a Vlog on youtube of our daily lives. Mostly it is us being stupid, but we enjoy doing it. So if you would like to stay up to date on my life and see what I do on a daily occurance go to and you can subscribe to my channel. Comments and rating the videos are always appreciated.
Noooowww.... onto the Greatest Day in February... MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
Look who came up and visited me for my Birthday, Chyla!!!!!
We may have been apart for a few months, but it's like we were never apart...
Lucky to have 2 of my Best Friends from High School come with and share my special day with me!!! Love you Bonnie & Chyla!!
And who could forget my other Best Friend... Buddha
Who is much too pretty to take pictures next to... remind me next time.....
And little Lucy Lu! Bonnie and Tyler's lil girl! She is sooooo cute! Bonnie taught her how to say "Happy Birthday Aunt Shell" It made my day!!!
All in all it was an amazing birthday. I am so grateful to my parents and my sister for always thinking of me and putting me first! Thank you for the packages, cards, texts, facebook comments and everything else!!! I am so blessed and feel so loved!!!!