Friday, November 4, 2011

BPFF (Best Princess Friends Forever... DUH!)

So my roommate Emily is very good to me. She helps clean my room when I am lazy, does my laundry, even comes to the salon to help me clean and do laundry there.. why does she do it? Well because she loves me and is a nice person. I am grateful for her! But anywho... one night I got home and I had promised her I would clean the toilet for once so she didn't have to. Clean checks were the next day and I knew she was going to wake up early to finish it. So I got home late from work and she was fast asleep. So I cleaned the toilet and then randomly wrote her this story...

"Once upon a time there were two princesses. These princesses were stuck in a far away land called Idaho. It was cold and bare! Princess Emily was so beautiful and smart and had plans to make the kingdom the bestest kingdom ever! She was always so nice and kind to her best friend Princess Michelle, who like Princess Emily was also very beautiful, only not as smart. Princess Michelle's quest in life was to make the kingdom wealthy and full of

happiness. She planned on making everyone in the kingdom happy by making them as beautiful as her and Princess Emily. So naturally, Princess Michelle had her hands full and was always so busy. Since princess Emily was so nice and kind, she always helped Princess Michelle out and would clean her room and stuff. Well one day, Princess Michelle promised Princess Emily she would help her clean for clean checks and she said she would clean their ROYAL THRONE. Princess Emily waited and waited for Princess Michelle to uphold her promise. Devastated and alone, Princess Emily retired to her tower to embark on some much needed beauty sleep. Princess Michelle wasn't expected to come home that night, but she missed Princess Emily and even though she knew Princess Emily would be busy dreaming of her Prince Charming and didn't want to be disturbed, Princess Michelle knew she MUST keep her promise to Princess Emily. So at 3am, Princess Michelle cleaned the ROYAL THRONE and appreciated ALL the other cleaning Princess Emily did throughout the WHOLE CASTLE that day. The next morning when Princess Emily awoke, her heart was filled with joy that Princess Michelle had returned home to be with her and that she had kept her promise! She was so excited she decided to awake Princess Michelle. When Princess Emily awoke Princess Michelle, they laughed and giggled while they got ready. They remembered why they were Best Princess Friends Forever (BPFF...DUH!) and they set out to tackle the kingdom once again together! And they all lived happily ever after! AMEN!"

I am such a nerd. And yes. I decorated her door too...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

God bless modern medicine

The owners come tomorrow. TOMORROW! We have been working so hard the last month for the next 48 hours! Holy cow! We just have to get through the next 48 hours. The owners of Rexburg Housing only come every once and a while. My boss does such a fantastic job they just don't worry about our properties I guess. But they have missed Rexburg (if that is possible...) and wanted to stop in and do a little check up. So in preparing for their arrival its been very busy. I try to do my part where I can to help. I can't do a lot, but I did sacrifice something most imporant to me today, my sleep. I went up to my boss's house this morning at 5:45 am! to go sit up at her house while she went to work. So I got the munchkins off to school and then got myself off to school. So, I went to school and headed to work. My first client no showed. So I figured I better start cleaning... I needed to deep clean my salon and knew I had about 2 hours worth of cleaning. So I realized I hadn't taken my meds for the day and took them at 2 pm. Adderall at 2 pm on a full stomach= Michelle on super speed and super focused! I was crazy. I kept working and working and working and working and working. I had another no show and worked my little butt off. I cleaned the entire salon on top of doing my normal clientèle. It was crazy. My girls Allie and Emily showed up for moral support (literally they sat and painted their nails and told me to keep up the good work!) Anyways, so now my salon is nice and clean. And I only have 29 more days until we close the salon for the remodel! YAY!!!! Go team Retreat! Now to start the buying of goods and hiring!