Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Did you know...

I'm a blogging manic lately.... but here's something that makes me smile during the day...

So since Rochelle aka Baby Seta aka Roach, and I are together all day long (Seriously at school all day together then work all night together) we have had to be creative on the things we do so we don't get on each others nerves. Ok so I don't get on her nerves. Anyways yesterday she came back from cleaning a bed at work and said "Did you know......" and said some random fact about animals. I said I didn't and then said a "Did you know...." about a random fact about another animal. We went back and forth for a while until I ran out of facts about animals. And she said "I win". I smiled and realized this is a fun game so we decided to move on to facts about the United States and each individual state. And the person who doesn't have a come back first loses. Don't worry that she won both of the first two games. Then we played 6 other versons of the game yesterday including resturant food chains, church hymns, t.v. shows, etc. The resturant chain and t.v show games went for at least an hour each. Ya she won all 8 games last night. So today we decided to do movies. I figured since I worked at Hollywood this one should be easy right? Wrong. We went for over an hour but then I just ran out of movies. I couldn't do it. So she is the champion right now. I will win at some point. I know I just have to find a category that she knows nothing about! Anyways it's a fun game to play and I like that we can make up the rules as we go along!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cash Cab

So Nicole called me today while I was at work. I answered it and said I'd have to call her back. Like an hour later she calls again, which was unusual. So I answered and this is how our convo went...

Me: Hello??
Nicole: Hey I'm on Cash Cab and need your help..
Me: WHAT? REALLY? Ok! What's the question?
Nicole: What's the name of the snake on Jungle Book?
Me: Uh... I saw a picture of it at school.... it was written on it. It's like Baa. I know it has double A's.... Uh...
Nicole: No it's like Sharka or something.
---Background: 30 seconds-----
Nicole: Hurry 30 seconds
Me: NO! It's Kaa!!!!
Nicole: Kaa.... YAY! We won $25!!!!
Me: Wait! Are you really on Cash Cab?
Nicole: (hesitant) ya! (silence)
Me:(starting to realize real life) Wait..
Nicole: Ok not really...
Me: Gosh ya my thought process was this... Nicole's gonna be on TV!!! Wait. Cash Cab in N.Y. and Nicole is in Las Vegas. Maybe there is a cash cab in Las Vegas. Wait why is she taking a cab??

Oh how I am my mother's daughter and can believe things people tell me... sad

I do love cash cab and hope someday someone thinks I am smart enough to call me as there shout out. Even if it does involve a Disney movie!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Better late than never right?

Eight TV shows I like to watch:
1. The Office
2. Jon and Kate plus 8
3. Rehab
4. The Prison Shows on Tru TV
5. Little People Big World
7. Next
8. CSI

Eight things that happened yesterday:
1. Woke Chyla up for work on time
2. Went to work
3. Updated my ipod
4. Caught up on Bloggers
5. Watched Step Up 2
6. Went on a date with Chyla to Arby's
7. Made my first batch of Carmel Corn
8. Discovered my passion for baking...

Eight favorite places to eat:
1. Red Robin
2. Zupas
3. Cafe Rio
4. Brick Oven (Salad Bar... yummy!)
5. Chili's
6. Olive Garden
7. Red Lobster
8. El Ranchito

Eight things I am looking forward to:
1. Chyla finishing my laundry
2. Going home in a week!!!!
3. Christmas!!!!!!!!!
4. Seein the fam
5. Being done with my worksheet at school
6. Having a week off from work
7. Getting paid
8. Sleeping tonight :)

Eight People I Tag:
I'll see if i can get 8...
1. Kristin
2. Heidi Peters
3. Nicole C
4. Nicole B.
5. Mom
Ok, that's it....Sorry

Christmas Baking

I decided this year that the one thing I miss about the holidays is the Christmas baking. So I decided this year that I am going to start my own Christmas tradition and learn how to bake one new holiday treat each year. But since this is my first year I had to learn my favorites... Carmel Corn, Peanut Butter Balls and a Cheese Ball. The cheese ball is more of a New Years fav. But I figured it sounded easy annnnd oh so yummy sounding so I might as well try. Well.. I first made the Carmel Corn.... uh I figured out why it is harder than a brick and once you get it in your mouth it sticks to your teeth like super glue... apparently you should put BOTH cubes of butter in it. I guess I was just being careful of how many calories I put in there. So Chyla and I went BACK to the store to get a few more ingredients. $70 later we had all the ingredients we needed. Who knew that baking could be so expensive. As we were getting ready to check out of Wal-Mart we walked by the pre-packaged holiday treats and both of us thought long and hard about how much time this could save us if we just bought them, but we both knew it would mean a lot more if we put our blood, sweat, and tears into these treats (literally!). Back from wal-mart we were ready to start baking and by we I mean me. Chyla got on her laptop while I dove into making the peanut butter balls. It said mix with your hands. So I dove right in..... ewwww. I hated every second of it. I could feel the peanut butter under my nails and the smell was pretty overwhelming. The receipe said to make them into balls but they just weren't staying. They kept falling apart. So I had Chyla call Mom for the like 57th time. She wasn't home so we added more peanut butter. Then I had an eppifany! Use a spoon. That helped a little but not a whole lot they were more like blobs than balls. At this point I was fairly frusterated. I said forget it and shoved them in the refridgerater to "chill". In my spare time I made the cheese ball and then some more carmel corn which turned out wonderfully this time. I could tell it turned out because everytime I turned around Chyla was at the table eating it. That's what she's best at. She clamed that was her job. Geesh. :) Then I had yet another eppifany! I realized that Mom always let the peanut butter "dough" (if you will) chill before rolling them into balls. Ooops. So I rolled the blobs into ball. Perfect! I melted the chocolate and covered the peanut butter balls with Chocolate and let them again chill. I let Chyla taste them and she was pretty impressed. Nice! ok, so here's my conclusion about Holiday baking.....

1.) Once you are married and a mom you understand how to cook a lot better. It's like magic. When you are a young single adult... it just doesn't come easily.
2.) When a recipe calls for 2 cubes of butter. Put both in... or else it won't turn out.
3.) When you cook with Chyla around double the recipe.
Last but not least.....
4.) I give My Mom a lot more credit, she's a way good cook and I wasted a lot of time not learning from her. Mom ready or not I'll be home in a week and we are gonna be having a cookin good time! :)

*Also, I took pictures of all my creations. I can't find my camera cord tho.... shocking I know! I'm in the middle of cleaning my room, I'm sure it will show up soon!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Quote of the Day....

Baby Seta: So you want to go back to College huh?
Me: Ya. I really don't want to but I need to.
Baby Seta: What do you want to study?
Me: Business Management
Baby Seta: So what you're saying is you want to be a Doctor....


So the search has begun for what school I shall grace my presence with next. I will be done with Paul Mitchell at the end of March then I'll work over the summer somewhere and start school in September. The only question is where. And making these life decisions is difficult. I'm grateful I can seek a higher source to help me with these difficult decisions. Anyways I was talking to my dad the other day and he asked me why I didn't want to go back to BYU-Idaho. And all I could say was my time there was done. Although I still feel that way I was showing my friend Rochelle aka Baby Seta some pictures on my facebook from BYU-Idaho and I realized I really did have so much fun there... let's take a scroll down memory lane shall we?

Heidi ran a marathon so we all went and supported her. I stayed up till 4 am making this sign. Well.... we decided at like 2 to make it.
One weekend we decided to all stay home and watch all ten seasons of FRIENDS. We all brought our mattresses out and somehow one got left out and I decided to do Airplane with Aaron.

We spent I think almost every Holiday at Bri's parent's house. This is us swimming in their pool
Amber vaccumming my hair off my arm after she cut it. I'm not sure why I look like I'm in so much pain.....
My 20th Birthday. I'm not sure where I found the goggles but sure. lol Oh and I got 2 big Princess cards like that, that birthday. I guess people know what I like.
Amber and Me saving a parking spot for some random guy...
AubRee needed her legs shaved but didn't want to do it... so I did.
This is the whole gang at Sato's (Jap. Food) Yum Yum
Waterfight.... need I say more?
Buddha thought it was funny, she was beating me with pool noodles.
Can't forget about when we all went to San Fransisco together. That was a way fun trip. This is actually a way cool picture that Matt took. Me and Bri are on the left running into the water. The group in the middle is looking at a tide pool and Buddha is on the right watching Bri and I.

This is our ward. It was a school wide competition. We were the "Red team". Sara started waterfight...

There are a ton more pictures. But moral of this memory is that I had a ton of fun at BYU-Idaho. It's nothing against Rexburg, the school, the teachers, or the people. Obviously I enjoyed it. I am just ready to move on and that part of my life is over. I still love the friends I made there. I always will. I truly had the time of my life there.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I swear I'm not dead yet....

Ok, so it has been years since I have last blogged. Not really sure why... maybe because I never have anything to post about... or possibly because I am a fairly busy person. But let's cut to the chase... My name is still Michelle. I am still going to school full time and working mostly full time. The old manager of the gym that made my life a living hell is no longer working there. The new manager is scared of me so he is usually overly nice to me. Happiness. Other than that work is good. I broke all of the beds in the last two days.... my bad. Had to call in for back-up. My boss just laughed at me and said not to touch anything any more and me "fixing stuff" is kinda an oxy-moron. Rude!!!! Anyways so we had to close early tonight... SAD... NOT!!!! Then this guy thought he was so cool for knowing how to fix it. Anyways so work is going well. I had to fire a few people in the last month or so, that wasn't so fun but it happens. Ok, school.... well I am graduating in March, don't ask me what I am doing after because I don't know yet. It stresses me out. Anyways school is good. I'm learning a lot but it makes me nervous to think that I am almost done and ready to be on my own. Moving on... Chyla (my best friend/ sister) moved in and it is the best thing ever!!! I love living with her. And my friend Rochelle aka Baby Seta is set to move in soon.... It's gonna be fun!!! Ok so one of my best friends walked back into my life today... Kristin May Booth!!!! It was so good to see her and catch up. She is lookin flossy! I miss her and need her back in my life. Deal? Deal!

Movie update: Twilight. I loved it!!!! I don't care if it was a low budget film and had some cheezy parts. So does Ice Age, but it's still a good movie!!! Seriously! I loved it! I also went to see Four Christmas's. Such a good movie! Go see it! Totally worth it! Ok, that's enough of an update. Oh I get to go home for Christmas! YAY!!!!!!!!! 19 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait.