Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thank-You TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!

This morning at 10:15 am I had 2 quizzes one class. Yes, my teacher tries to kill me at least once a week. The first quiz was on the Amendments, and it was matching. We had to match the phrase to the Amendment number. If you haven't read over the Constitution lately or even the Amendments, let me tell you... they aren't short!! So I should have been studying for the last week for this quiz... did I? Heck no!!! I started at 1am last night. Ooops! I just had no desire to memorize the Constitution. Knowing which Amendment is which is semi important in the life of a Political Science Major. But ugh! Doing it is different. So I decided to do flash cards (yes, like in 3rd Grade!). I wrote them all out and called it a night. Woke up this morning to start/ finish my reading for the second quiz. I finished in enough time to drive to school and sit in my car for 10 minutes memorizing 27 Amendments. I was getting desperate. I couldn't remember a few random ones.. like the 15th Amendment.. which has to do with the Right to Vote.... So I finally came up with this little phrase.... "Fifteen by Taylor Swift is what I would vote for!" It doesn't really make sense, but if the song Fifteen was up against another song on the radio, I would probably vote for Fifteen. And it totally worked!!! It came down to 3 I wasn't sure about. I reread them and reread them, then all of the sudden I saw the 15th Amendment phrase "right to vote" I thought "I would vote for Fifteen by Taylor Swift!!!!" And the other 2 just feel right into place!!! I don't know how I did it, but I had stupid phrases like that for all 27 Amendments... and I got 100%. I even amaze myself sometimes.....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Why am I so blessed?

Does anyone else ever ponder this question in their daily life?

Because today I have probably thought this question around 18 times.

I really am so blessed. I have such amazing support all around me. My family is absolutely so amazing and supportive of me. No matter the crazy decisions I decide. They love me and are there for me. No. Matter. WHAT! Friends are the same exact way. They love me and are there for me. I mean, who can say they had a friend help them put their pants on when they hurt their knee? Or had a friend sleep with them because they are scared to sleep alone at night? Or had a friend tell them the exact thing they needed to hear to decide the Church is true. Or have a friend that is the best example to them of Christ.... basically I could go on and on about how amazing my friends and family are to me. And how they are each in my life for a reason.

Ok, so basically if you can't tell my attitude from my last blog is completely different. I am happy. I love ... ok maybe like... life right now. I dropped a class and I couldn't be happier. School is going well and I don't feel so overwhelmed now. So that is dandy and swell.

Welp, all in all. I am happy. I am blessed. Sometimes I feel like Nephi... ya know... born of goodly parents. Soooo thank-you each and everyone of you for having an impact on my life. I hope you all are having a fabulous week.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When Hell Freezes over....

Well, Guess what... Hell froze over... and I am STUCK IN IT!!!!!!!!!! Who in their right mind would let me decide to move back to Rexburg in the MIDDLE. OF. WINTER????

Do you all hate ME???

Better yet, HOW DID I FORGET???

Am I bitter? I don't know, I can't feel anything because I am COMPLETELY FROZEN!!!!

Ok, ok, you get the point. Uh, yes.. It is FREAKING cold here!!! It hurts me to walk outside for more than 30 seconds. Thank goodness for Drew. He keeps me nice and warm. And luckily all my classes except for one are all in the same building.

Speaking of classes..... Yeah... that is a WHOLE different story. I am taking 18 credits, which is a pretty full load. (Full time is 12... so you get the point.) Anywho, I am taking 4 Goverenmental type of classes, a math class and my religion class is the New Testament. And 5 out of the 6 classes I am taking are in class discussion type. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE DISCUSSIONS!!! However, that means you need to do the learning from the book.... and I HATE BOOKS!!! So I will probably have 5-6 hours of homework a night... Wait, a night? YES. A. NNIIGGGHHHTTT! SICK! Am I complaining a lot? Yes. I am aware of that. However, I am not used to doing homework. I don't think I really did it a lot before.... Honestly. I think most of the time I just pretending to do the reading and they were just generals... so I could just guess and be correct on the quizzes/ tests. But now, I am doing my degree and am in upper level classes. No more slacking. I want good grades, but uggghhh it's so much work! lol Ok, that is just a ridiculous statement. I realize that. Ok. I am done. I am sorry. I just needed to vent and had no one to talk to... So let's talk about something more happy shall we?

Well, I am reunited with one of my best friends, Buddha (aka Melissa) and I couldn't be more happier. We have pretty much been together since I picked her up from the Idaho falls airport. Today we rode together to school. We had lunch together. Then she dropped me off for my last class. Picked me up and then I took her to her last class then picked her up. She is so wonderful and I am so grateful for the time we are spending together. She thinks I am here for her, which I plan on being there for her however I can, but seriously she is helping me so much.

Well, maybe I should show you guys some pictures of my room? Ok... I am living in a town house. So our bedrooms are downstairs. I LOVE our apartment. It is SO big!!! And I just took pictures of my room and now the Internet is being lame so I can't upload pictures... I'll try again tomorrow.

So all in all, if I drop out of college, please still love me.... I seriously don't remember college being this hard. Oh! Or... If you really want me to stay in school and get a 4.0 all YOU need to do is support me so I don't need to get a job. Deal? Deal!