Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ummm hiiiiiiiii

Wow. I suck at blogging. I always say I am going to do better, but I never do. Shocking! So I will not make any more promises. I don't even know if people still read my blog. But just in case there is someone that does read my blog let me try to enlighten you on what I have been up to... My work sponsored a straw maze on Monday night and so all the employees got in for free. Well that would be a fun activity right? Wrong. I got off work and my boss, Jeanne (who is also a big sister/ best friend/ mentor to me) called and tricked me into going with her and her 3 girls (who I used to nanny). Anywho, I was already freezing and didn't want to go, but she is very tricky and I ended up going. Her, her man-friend, his friend, her (Jeanne's) friend, and our two other co-workers all went together. Between the 6 adults (that includes me) there were 9 kids. 9 kids!!! Their age range was from 1- 9. Lucky us! So it's like 7:30pm by the time we get there and therefore it's already dark. We start on the maze and luckily I have my smartphone so I have the flashlight app and that is our light source. After about a half hour, the 1 year old is screaming his head off, he wants to get down and walk, he's cold.... it was awesome! So after a few more minutes we realize this is HELL and we need to get out of there! So we ask for the man on top of the maze to get us to the end... or in our case we were closer to the beginning. At this point I was beyond annoyed. The kids were all screaming, and running off from their parents. Awesome! Best. Birth control. EVER! I had had it with the kids screaming and yelling while the adults were trying to talk. I finally used my assertive voice and told those youngins to zip it. The adults all talked and found our way out. Well Jeanne's man-friend, his friend and his two kids got lost some how on the way out. So after a few minutes of them not coming out, and realizing that our cell phone coverage out there was crap, Jeanne and I ventured in the exit and found and rescued them. It was so much fun! NOT! Just kidding, it was an adventure to say the least. This
picture is a picture of me with my co-workers after the insanity had happened...
This is me with my boss.... obviously I am showing her who is boss :)
This was last week, my co-worker/ apartment manager, Gwendolyn invited me over for their FHE and we carved pumpkins! This is her cute girl, Ella. We carved a witch with her cauldron and her name... I free hand carved that! YES! Be IMPRESSED!
Anyways, fall is in the air, next the snow will come. And the circle of life will go on. I am almost done with school... 38 school days left! But who's counting? Duh! ME!!!!