Monday, June 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home... well kinda

Ok, after a whole week of vacation I have a lot to blog about, but I am so tired and my head is still spinning from going on the Tower of Terror. So I will be blogging about my trip. But first I need to give a little shout out to my Mom... she started a Blog ( I know it's been a while but I have been out of town and without the Internet for a while) Anywho.... way to go Mom, I am so proud of you catching up with Technology and everything! Keep up the good work. Anyways, I will post more tonight, I am going to another concert. So hopefully after that.
But I am home and the air conditioning got fixed while I was gone. My landlord got me a bed frame and I got a new roommate. Her name is Lisa she's from Japan. She is really nice. It was wonderful living by myself, like, really, really nice. But I am in college and I should have roommates. So it should be interesting. Ok, I need to go get a pedicure, my feet hurt so bad... too much walking!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Middle School or Beauty School?

Ok, so this happened last Monday but I have just been really busy, so here's why sometimes I feel like I am in Middle School instead of Beauty School.... be ready to be amazed on how LAME people are!

So on Monday I was running late to school (shocking... NOT!) and so I hurry and ran in and clocked in and then grabbed the sign in sheet and ran to the lunch room to borrow a pen from someone. And for some reason I glanced at my locker. And it was blank. Just like normal like it should be. So I hurry and signed my name in and put the papers back. Then continued on with my normal morning routine when first arriving at school. Ya know, walking around the school checkin' things out. Making sure the Learning Leaders are all there and checkin on what they are doin. Then I walked up to the front desk to say good morning to Kelli (the receptionist). Then went and sat down to do my hair and make-up for the day. This was about 9:30ish am. Then at about 10:30am it was about time for Breakfast/snack. So Layce and I decided to run over to the gas station to get a snack. So I went and got a incredibly healthy snack of a 32 oz Dr. Pepper and a package of doughnuts. And we proceeded to go eat our healthy little snack in the lunchroom. So I was eating my doughnuts and looked at my locker again. Just because it was in my line of sight. And I noticed something written in the top left hand corner. So I went to my locker and sure enough there was something written. It said and I quote "no one likes you". Can you believe it. I was so annoyed. So I went to tell the Dean of the School and showed him and he came and cleaned it off, and said oh they probably didn't know it was your locker. B.S.!!!! Because each student is numbered at Paul Mitchell the School and everyone knows every one's number. It becomes part of their name. Like I am Michelle12. No breath, no number just Michelle12. My locker has a 12 on it. So the locker number is also you student number. There is no mistaking this one. Gosh! Sometimes I feel like I am back in Middle School when things like this happen. Middle School was NOT my prime. I was constantly made fun of. My nickname was Spamela Anderson. If you can't figure out the name call me I would LOVE to explain it to you. I love taking trips down memory lane on how LAME people are and were (I don't really!)

But seriously!!! Why on Earth would people do something so lame as to write no one likes you on my locker? I am pretty sure someone likes me even if it is only my mom, dad, and sister. I know at least 3 people LOVE me! ugh... it's just so dumb. Why do people have to put others down so they can feel better about themselves? All I know is that I already went through Middle School and to be completely honest I HATED middle school. It was the worst 3 years of my life. Spamela Anderson... creative, just humiliating! Anyways... I am going to bed, because the more and more I think about it the more and more annoyed I am with the people going to that school. AHHH... I am so ready for a break... Disneyland here I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy's little girl

Since today is Father's Day it's only appropriate if I dedicate this Blog to my Dad! I am pretty sure that I have the best day in the world. I love him so much. I am a Daddy's little girl. I always look to him for advice and he always has it for me. I can call him up at anytime and ask him about anything. He always has the answer ( because he knows everything). Let's go on a stroll down memory lane... Beware my dad is the best....
8th Grade: My class went on a camping trip to Mt. St. Helen's. And my dad decided he was going to borrow my grandpa's van and take down a van full of me and my friends (all of which were girls). I'm not sure if he realized what he was in for. But one time when we stopped for gas one of my friends went to the bathroom and realized she had just gotten her period... for the first time. None of us had anything for her and she was freaking out a little on what we should do. I mean, we were in 8th grade and camping. Of course, none of us had any money or anything for this poor girl. As the 7 of us girls were talking in the bathroom what we were going to do for our friend they were so worried. There was nothing to do. I kept telling them it would be ok, my dad could just get us stuff. They thought that was a ridiculous idea. It's MY DAD. We can't talk to him about that. I just said "sure I can" and walked right up to him and told him the situation. He said go get what we needed and he'll pay for it. WHAT A TROOPER!!
Senior Year: Choir Tour: My Mom and Dad went as chaperone's. And at first I wasn't so sure how this was all going to go down. But it ended up being so much fun. My parents were known as the coolest parents. Which is awesome. My dad had all the boys in awe at how cool he was.
Now: Now I just realize that I am becoming my father's daughter more and more. The things I say the the things I do... I am my father's daughter.
My dad is honestly, the most amazing person I have ever met. And I think this is why Nicole and I are still single. Because we haven't found a guy yet that even closely compares to how amazing our dad is. He has sent the standard pretty high. He has told me about his life growing up and has told me that the key to bettering the world and life is to take the good and keep it and change the bad and turn it into good. So if there was something that he didn't like on how he was raised then he would change it when he was raising us. And he told me to do the same thing. Honestly, I probably won't change much. I think my parents did a pretty good job raising Nicole... and me.
All in all, my dad is my hero. If I could be half of the person he is I would feel wonderful about life. My dad is a great example of how to be happy in life. He serves anyone and everyone with a smile on his face. And not many people can do that. He is always giving. He is so supportive of everything I ever wanted to do in life. Even when I wanted to be on the Varsity Kickball team. He always told me to follow my dreams. My parents are the reason why I am in Beauty School right now. If it wasn't for my parents encouraging me I would never have started nor would I finished. But I did start and I WILL finish. They are sacrificing so much for me to go to school. And I am so grateful for them. Because of them I am going to follow my dreams and reach them. Thanks Dad for everything! I love you so much and miss you! Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blonder-ish?/ That's where they are at!!!! (Secondhand Serenade Concert!)

So Kendra reminded me the other day that we should probably both get our hair did before going to California. Which was a good idea. So, I thought I should just put a little more blond in. Some more highlights... ya know just be lighter for the summer.... yep. I am! I am blonder-ish. As you can see here, I am definitely blonder.

I didn't expect it to be this blond just because after putting the lightener on my hair and checking it and realizing it was "pee yellow" as everyone liked to refer to it and pumpkin orange I didn't think it was going to turn out at all. However the wonderful invention of toner saved my hair.. literally. So after toning it, it turned out to be a beautiful golden blonder-ish color. So far in beauty school, every time I do my hair something doesn't turn out right and ends up having to be fixed. But we always end up being able to fix it so that is all that really matters right?

Ok, more about this week I have had/ will be having. Yesterday I went to my very first concert. I went to Secondhand Serenade.... AMAZ-AZ-Zing!!!!!!! It was so much fun and so good. Kendra and I went. (Big shocker there!) And a teacher from my school went with her 2 daughters and so she saved us these seats way in the back. So we just chilled while the opening acts were going on and what not but as soon as they came on stage we hit the crowd and watched the amazing show a little closer up. It was really, really good. I was impressed and from far away the singer, looks fairly attractive. But when you get a close-up... he has the CHEEEEEESIEST smile I have ever seen. So after the concert Kendra was cold but I wanted to stay and get a picture with them so she toughed it out and let me have my fun. So I talked to the manager of Secondhand Serenade because there were 4 tables put in a square and about 300 people standing around them. So I went and asked him if the band was really going up there to sign autographs and he said "oh yeah... uh will you go spread the word?" in a really dumb I'm high kinda voice. And so I just looked and him and looked past him realizing the band was right there. So I called someone that was up in the mass of people. Mind you all these people are crowded around 4 EMPTY tables. So I figure why stand up there waiting. Why not go backstage with the band and hang out? So Kendra and I sneak around backstage behind the cars and trailer.... haha and go and there was a girl I knew so I started talking to her who was talking to the guitarist and he started talking to me. It was so cool. So ya know I was just chilling with the band. Then I thought I would go talk to the singer, and as soon as I got up to him I could tell he wasn't going to be any fun to talk to. So I took a quick couple pictures and went back to talk to this other guy. Who actually had a personality. So the moral of my story and experience at my first concert is not to follow the crowd. Screw the crowd. If you want to meet the band, go backstage no duh... that's where they are at!!!
That is all as of right now... more to come for this week as I pick up Bri and Heidi tomorrow!!! YAY for reunions!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Food... YAY!!!!!

I have been eating out every meal for the last month probably. Do I hate this? YES! Does my weight hate it? HECK YES!!!! And I would only eat like one or maybe two meals a day... I know it's super bad for me. And one of my meals would be a Dr. Pepper... I know, I'm unhealthy.... I'm working almost 30 hours a week and in full time beauty school. Going grocery shopping was on my list of things to do, I just hadn't done it yet.... So here is my fridge before....

Notice all the condiments? Yeah... I like sacuces? Then Kendra took me grocery shopping.... She made sure I got food I could actually eat, so I wasn't allowed to buy any condiments....
So I bought some Dr. Pepper... so shoot me! I'm going to drink it either way. I am just doing it cheaper. It was $6 to buy 2 twelve packs, or it would be about $2.50 a day at the gas station to buy 2 32 oz. Dr. Peppers. I'm not going to lie, I like soda! Ok, so I even filled my cupboards... All 3 of them!!!!! Do I need 3? No, I could probably only use one. However, I can use all 3... so I did!
YAY for having food!!!!! It is so nice. I didn't have to decide on which restaurant I was going to eat at. Or which number I was going to have to get... and I didn't have to waste my money on it! YAY! This made my checking account... I mean week! Ok, it did both!! Thanks Kendra!!!!!! You're my hero!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gel Toes / Rod Stewart

Today Layce, Kendra, Cindy (Kendra's Mom) and I all went to MATC (some beauty college) to get a pedicure and gel toes. It's actually pretty cool. It's kind of like putting acrylic on, except for it's not as harsh. But they use glittery colors and they should last up to 3 months! Right on! It was a very exciting experience for me! I love them, even though I hate my feet and they look really chubby. They are a little swollen. I know I need new shoes. I just wanted everyone to know see cute my toes are!

Also, I did a Rod Stewart impersonator's hair today. He had a sweet mullet. And I put highlights in it. Honestly, I never thought I was going to have to do that.... but I did. And he loved it. The things I do during my day... you just never know.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Movin Up in the World

Today was a big day for me... I was told to call the District Manager of Gold's Gym. I was a little nervous to call him, but I did. He asked MY opinion on how to get our numbers up. It made me feel important.

Hours, Hours, Hours, Hoursssssssssss

So being in Beauty School is all about the hours, I swear. And that is the one thing I hate thinking of... the number of hours I have, the number of hours I've missed...uh... the number of hours I have left to get. It's all about the hours. So today I talked to Financial Aid because they had a big sign about re-applying for FASFA and I did NOT want to have to re-apply. I think it's horrible and pointless and I didn't want to have to have my Dad re-apply. (he he) Anyways! So I was talking to Lena (Financial Aid Advisor plus a real cool mom. I pretty much chill in her office). Lena gave me some good news... as of 4:3o p.m. Monday June 2, 2008 I have.... (Drum roll please!) 858 hours!!!!!!! Yay!!!! Go me!!!!! I should have a few more... but I have missed a few hours.... but. By mid July I will have hit the 1000 hour mark. Which is half way! In Utah you need 2000 hours. So I am getting close to the down hill part. Which is really exciting!! Therefore I have no idea how but if I hit 921 hours by a certain date I don't have to re-apply. And I will make it by like 2 weeks. So it was pretty exciting. It made me want to come early to school and stay late. (I will most likely lose that feeling pretty quickly!) So today I felt like I was conquering the hour phenomenon that causes so many future professionals so much stress. Because we can miss 160 hours free of charge. But, if we miss over 160 hours we have to pay $9.50 PER HOUR to make up. Kendra and I were looking today at how many hours people have missed. One person missed 1,455 hours. That equals $12,302.50 that, that person is going to have to pay extra to graduate. That is insane!! Welp, that will NOT be me! Because I have 858 hours... and tomorrow will be 865 hours! Yessssss! I will conquer those darn hours!