Monday, September 27, 2010

Hmmm... What a day.....

So today has been very interesting... Maybe because I had WEIRD dreams last night... may have been the Nyquil... but today was just weird too. I have been super sick since last Thursday. Every morning I wake up feeling like CRAP and tell myself. Oh... I think I am feeling better. By 2pm my body has convinced me otherwise. So today was no different. I woke up... I felt horrible. I looked in the mirror and almost cried because I LOOKED like DEEEAATTHHH!!!!!!!! I hoped a shower would help. Nope. So I went to school. Tried to learn, but after my first class started I realized I had an empty backpack. Cool. So I asked the kid next to me in my man voice for a piece of paper. He was very confused and I just held open my backpack and said to him. I forgot my binder. I know, I am a genius. He laughed asked me if I was sick. I seriously wanted to say to him... No. I always look like I just woke up from the DEAD and I always sound like I have a whole swarm of frogs in my throat. But instead I just nodded my head and he gave me the paper. So the rest of school I had to ask someone to borrow a piece of paper. I felt special. So after school I had to study for a test. I went to the library. WHAT??? Yes... I, Michelle Emily Chapin, after being at BYU-Idaho for 3 years found the Library. Who knew it was in the middle of campus. Anywho, I went to the Library to study and was on facebook, amazon and ebay for approximately 1 hour. Then I tried to study. After being on the mentioned above websites for another 15 minutes I decided I had "studied" enough and knew I was probably going to do horrible on my accounting test. I was sick. I couldn't think straight and I wasted my study time. So I went to take the test. Forgot to answer the last two... had to go back and retry and ended up getting a B on my test. I was pretty stoked! Since the girl sitting next to me in class this morning told me she failed it! Bad news for her, good news for me! So the rest of my day consisted of me complaining on how bad my head hurt. I knew my eyes were being strained and I needed to wear my glasses. (side note: I hate wearing my glasses. They don't fit my eyes. My eyelashes are too long and hit my glasses every time I blink and it is just super annoying. But nonetheless, my head starts to hurt, and I know I either need a diet coke... or my glasses. Sometimes both. ) I tried to find my glasses the other day, but failed. So I tried again this afternoon. Failed again. I decided I needed to rely on a higher source. Ya know, like Heavenly Father. So I did. I got down on my knees and said the most simpliest prayer. I was afraid I left them at home (aka Bellingham) and forgot to pack them. In my prayer I told him of this fear. I also told Him that I knew, HE knew and that I needed them. My head hurt so bad and I needed these glasses and asked for His help to find them. I finished my prayer and got up. I picked up my cell phone to call to see if they were at home. As it was ringing (approx. 45 seconds after finishing my prayer) I felt this strong feeling that I need to look in the box under my bed. After I started getting it out I thought to myself, hmmm why would I look here, this is weird.... oh well... I guess it won't hurt! As soon as I got the box out, I found my glasses. It was less than a minute after saying Amen. Amazing huh? Yes. Yes it is. I love getting immediate answers to prayers. Then a little while later I knew I needed a blessing, so I texted my friend and asked him if he could give me a blessing... and to bring his roommate. So they came over and gave me a blessing. How grateful I am to have the Gospel in my life. Especially the Priesthood power. I also love that I can text my guy friends and not have to worry about them being worthy or not. I know that they are. I know that they respect the Priesthood and I am so grateful for that. So, by the sounds of it, I should be better in no time. Thank goodnesss. This sickness was really starting to get annoying. Anyways, this was just a lot of random blogging, but I just want everyone to know that the sun will rise tomorrow. There is a God and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has some amazing doctrines. And I am grateful I know of them. If you wish you did... go here. It will change your life! Ok, that is all. ... Oh remember how Accounting and I are friends now? Ya me too....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh Econ....

So I am taking an Macroeconomics class and this class just makes me laugh.... here is a few of the sample conversations that have been held... thus far this semester...

Teacher: So let's think of this, and use this as an example... who does the U.S. buy their weapons from?

Student: Tony Stark

Teacher: Uh... No.... no that is completely wrong, and made up.


Teacher: So if you need to dig a ditch, who do you hire?

Student (Male): Invest in some machinery?

Teacher: No, you fire the lazy idiots you have working and hire 100 Lamanite women. They are the hardest workers ever.

Student (Lamanite Female): Uh.... Brother Webb. I will NOT work for you!

Teacher: See, there is the trick... getting them to work for you! If you can do that... you can do anything!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Creative Title Here

I know I have slacked. Don't judge me. Sometimes you just need to take a break from technology. And by technology I mean blogging, youtube, facebook, etc. I kind of did that this summer. But don't worry, I am back! I check my facebook out of habit now. It is ridiculous. I will update later on how my semester is going and all of that stuff that no one really cares about. I just want everyone to know that I am alive. I am in school. And I am stressed out. But most importantly, I am happy!