Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where is my Charlie?

Today was bad... it was a VERY bad day! I cried more today than I have in the past year. No Bueno. Anyways, there has been a lot of heartbreak in our apartment this week. One, is getting engaged this weekend. But two had their boyfriends break up with them. So needless to say we needed some "bonding" and some fun. We thought going to see Letters to Juliet would be a good idea.... NOT! It was actually a really good movie. Just makes us all want to find our Romeo aka Charlie sooner. And if not now.. maybe find our Lorenzo later in life. Welp... I guess I am just remembering a pretty famous (ok... not really) quote I used to say, and it fully applies today. "Life sucks... then you die!" However, tomorrow is a new day.. and hopefully a better one.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We have a MAJOR problem!!!!

Ok so here's the deal.
I love Naps...
I love Naps more than anything!
Well, not anything...
I take them daily.
We had a good relationship going...
Until you add a Diet Pepsi at 10:30 pm.
Oh and not just any Diet Pepsi..
It HAD to be a Horkleys!
What's a Horkley's?
44ounces of HEAVEN.
Once that D.P. is added...
EVERYTHING is ruined.
It's 4:30 am and I am awake...
Sleep, Sleep, Sleep...
Sleep, Facebook, Facebook, Sleep...
Blog, Facebook, Youtube, Facebook...
You get the point... I just want to SLEEP!

NEVER, NEVER again will I Nap!
Ok, that is probably a lie.
I KNOW it is a lie... but seriously...
This was a BAD idea!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quote of the Day

Here is a little sample of my business class... Topic: The Current Recession

Teacher: So, why do you think so many Americans already have their next paycheck spent. In other words, why are so many Americans so far into debt?

Male Student: Because so many people think they need to have the newest Lady Gaga Purse... or whatever. They just try so hard to be cool.

Teacher: uh... ok... how about you, Michelle.

Me: Well Brother Nygren, I am not sure you should ask me.. I just bought the newest Lady Gaga Purse last night. I brought it online. It should be here today.

Teacher: Dead silence (for a really long time) Seriously? Lady Gaga has a purse?

Me: YA! You don't have one yet? Loser!

... the whole class is silent....

Me: No... Lady Gaga does NOT have a line of purses. I think so many Americans are in debt because credit cards are Satan. Once you get one credit card, Satan won!

Teacher: Exactly!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here's what you've missed on... gLee

My newest favorite show is Glee. If you have never seen it, or maybe judging it before giving it a chance (*cough* AMANDAPECK***) then you need to watch it... go HERE to bring out your inner glee. Anyways they always start the show with the line "here's what you've missed on Glee" then they give like a thirty second recap. Sometimes I say that in my head before reviewing my day and or week. So here's what you've missed in Michelle's Life:

I am unemployed STILL and apparently will still be until the Lord sees fit to change that. I am loving all of my classes but one, and I LOATH that class. I have no friends in Idaho anymore :( I wish I could move home every day but not really. The boys that go to school here are a joke. Literally, someone has to be playing a major prank.I pray someday, someone yells "GOTCHA" really loud on campus and then BOYS start acting like MEN! And I am CEO of my business class team and am with 5 other boys and they all are super nice to me all the time (probably only because I get to decide their grade) and last but not least I did homework for 8 hours straight. And today the highlight of my day was watching Glee and having the man I dream about sing Jessie's Girl. And last week they sang Total Eclipse of the Heart (my all time favorite song).

So as you can see... in all reality you haven't missed a THING in my life.. Maybe next week...

Friday, May 7, 2010

I need Change

As I am sitting home alone on a Friday night I though to myself... I need change. I need to change my social life, my hair, my blog... and pretty much everything else that I possibly could change. I mean think about it... I am 23 years old. I live in a MORMON college town and I am home alone? Ridiculous right? WRONG!!! I had many offers to go out and "hang out" and "go dancing". But I am NOT all about that. I would rather stay home watch gLee or The Office on Hulu rather than hang out with 18/19 year olds. Nothing against them.. just I am not really into going out just because it's Friday night. I don't mind my life at all. Sometimes it is nice to just chillax. My week has been long and non stop I feel, so tonight is the perfect way to unwind. As for my hair... ya I need to do something.... I feel frumpy (never good) and my blog needs to be updated. I have so many pictures from Washington/ Vegas/ The Grand Canyon that needs to be put on here. I want to change the layout. But let's be honest... That is WAY too much work and I would rather study for my test that is in the morning. (Wait... did I just say I would rather study... I MUST be getting sick!!) Anyways... moral of the story. I am happy with life... even if I keep having to go through these gosh darn life tests... seriously... do they ever stop... and I hope we get to use Extra Credit in Heaven... just sayin!

On another note here are some random things that happened today...

I was sitting in my business class and talking to the guy sitting next to me when all of the sudden this other guy came running up to me and stopped right in front of my desk. We then had this conversation...
guy: Can I have your number?
me:... uh...
guy: ... uh so......... I can call... you.... to cut my hair sometime!
me: oh.. haha sure.. it's...
guy: sweet. ok... uh will you just do it.. (hands me the phone)
me: ok I just saved the number under Michelle Haircut Lady, call or text me whenever you need your haircut (cheesy smile)
guy: Perfect. I will. (walks away nervously)

I then turn back to the guy sitting next to me... and say...
Me: I seriously hate it when guys run up to me and ask for my number... happens all the time!
Guy sitting next to me: Really???
Me: No... but that was super awkward!
Guy: ya... imagine how awkward it will be cutting his hair... haha
Me: ugggh... if it is super awkward I am charging him more!!!
Guy: I would too just for that conversation

It was incredibly awkward. The guy that ran up to me and asked for my number was semi nerdish and it's going to be so much fun cutting his hair. :)

Also... my roommate was down in Utah with her Mom (and she is engaged) and called me asking where a good lingerie store was... I don't know why she called me, but hopefully her mom doesn't think I am some kind of whore... Seriously, the things Martha thinks... haha Why would I know where a good lingerie store is???

p.s. I will post and change things around soon... but just to prepare every one's sympathy for me..... I am the only one in my apartment (out of 6 girls) that is not a teenager.... AWESOME.... NOOOTTTT!!!!!!!