Monday, July 23, 2012

The power of 3s

So people say deaths come in 3s and I totally believe that and we hit our 3rd death today... so death can go away for a while. Please and thank-you! So the first death I heard about was my co-workers dad. When I heard that Bart (our maintance supervisor, man who remodeled my salon!) lost his father I was so sad for him. I went to his funeral today in support of Bart. I had never met his father, but knew Bart would need the love and support so I went. As I was sitting there listening to his eulogy and the things people were saying about him were so nice. He sounded like a fantastic man who loved God, his family and his country. He lived a long and full life and today was truly a celebration. When a family member got up and spoke of the Plan of Salvation (Confused... go HERE) it really clicked. I have such a strong testimony of the Plan of Salvation and how great of a joy to be an eternal family. I realize in this plan I someday need to get married. As I was listening to this talk he mentioned something about angels and how we have them here on Earth with us. And I also have a huge testimony of that. I believe everything happens for a reason. I also believe that God knows who we are and knows our needs. I know that death is not something to take lightly, but it comforts me to know that we will not be taken before our time. And it also scares me to know that we don't really have control over death. It is not something that we can avoid really. (I hope that makes sense... just go with me here.) So then yesterday, Sunday, the Sabbath day. I go pick up my friend, Tia for church. We discuss how another one of our co-workers had put on facebook that a friend of hers was killed. Sad, but this is number 2. So I saw her at church and sat with her. Of course she was a hot mess. I talked to her after church and realized it was her ex-boyfriend who she just broke up with 2 months ago and didn't leave on good terms. She has been so sad and regretted how she left things with him. I did what I could yesterday to ease her burdens and still keep her and Bart in my prayers. Ok, so today I find out on facebook that a girl I went to beauty school with was murdered in California. How horrible. I feel so bad. My heart is seriously torn right now. I felt so much comfort at the funeral today. I realized God knows what He is doing, but then to realize how many deaths just happened is really sad. I guess I am grateful for my testimony of the Plan of Salvation and grateful I realize that this isn't the end. When we die, only our body dies. Our spirit still lives. Plus with the shootings in Colorado.. this weekend had been a sad one. So this weekend I have learned some very valuable lessons. Lesson number 1: never leave someone on bad terms. Number 2: Always say I love you. Number 3: Never take a single day for granted. And number 4: having faith is very important and helps out a lot.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

25 Randoms

I am guessing that people are probably DYING to know 25 random facts about me. So you are welcome in advance! PS. There is no order to any of these.  (And I stole this idea from Amanda, so sue me.. jk please don't!!!!)
  1. I am a reality show junkie as of lately.
  2. Like seriously, sometimes I feel like the Kardashian's are my best friends.... 
  3. I love Justin Bieber and I don't care who knows it!
  4. I don't cry very often but when I do, I can't stop crying and usually I ball. 
  5. I DVR Boy Meets World and Saved by the Bell because it reminds me of my sister and a much simpler time in my life. 
  6. I wash my hair twice a week and blow dry it once a month.
  7. I suck at texting. It takes too long and is kinda annoying when people get mad when you don't text back. 
  8. I suck at staying in contact. 
  9. I am 5'4" and have size 10 feet
  10. I still have a crush on Zack Morris. Don't judge.
  11. I am obsessed with Fruit Punch Gatorade right now.
  12. I can't fall asleep without some sort of sound (usually the TV)
  13. I have some pretty amazing friends.
  14. I hate goodbyes and especially when people I really love move away from me.
  15. I like to move every couple years and I am starting to get an itch....
  16. I hate drinking water. 
  17. My right knee needs surgery.
  18. I got my wisdom teeth out last week and my teeth have all moved this last week and my teeth are almost back to what they were right after my braces.
  19. I call people pretty when they say something stupid (it's a nicer way to say it) and all of my co-workers/ friends are using my new lingo.
  20. Sometimes I wish I could stop time, or fly... I definitely wish I could fly.
  21. I have a 3 year supply of make-up.
  22. I never thought I would actually graduate from College with a BA
  23. I change my hair color every 2 months.
  24. I don't listen to music in the car when I am driving alone.
  25. I can't stand my toe nails not painted or when my nails aren't done.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Live from Dillion, Texas!!!

Due to lack of food, social life and the extreme pain I have been through in the last 4 days... I have been hiding in Dillion, Texas all weekend, where I became a huge Panther Football fan. If you don't know what I am talking about and want to waste hours and hours on a TV show then watch Friday Night Lights. Honestly, if I didn't have KFC mashed potatoes, Fruit Punch Gatorade, Strawberry Applesauce, or Netflix with Friday Night Lights I would have DIED this weekend. Died! Seriously. I am not even being dramatic... ok maybe I am. But seriously in like 48 hours I have watched 24 episodes.... wow. That is really sad. But my football team just won state! So take that! Anyways, I am going back to Dillion. I just want you to know that I am alive and feeling better... thanks to those Panthers and Nicole for letting me borrow her netflix and for suggesting F.N.L.!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

No Man is an Island...

But right now I feel kinda like I am on an island... and I am all alone. I do have to say that most of the time I like my independence and freedom. However, whenever I am sick, that is when I want to be home and have my mom, dad and sister taking care of me. I got my wisdom teeth out on Thursday. I obviously couldn't drive myself there. So I had two of my co-workers take me and they brought me home. They dropped me off at my door and I came up to my apartment and got myself some medicine and changed my cotton swabs and got myself into bed. A few hours later my friend stopped by with her boyfriend and brought me a sno cone. And then a few hours later I called a friend to bring me something to eat. So she came like an hour later (please note that I hadn't eaten in like 12 hours and was STARVING!!!) and finally brought me some mashed potatoes and stayed for like 3 minutes and ran home to her kids. Now I know I can't expect people to drop their lives and take care of me. And I know people have their own lives and are super busy. I am extremely grateful for everyone for doing things for me. However, there are a few times in my life where I just wish I had someone to take care of me. Like someone who just loves me and feels sad that I am in pain and just wants to make me happy. Having to drive myself to Wal-Mart this morning to get my meds sucked. I was in pain but no one was going to get them for me... so I just had to do it. I am sure I am just having a pity party for myself. But I mean I did get my wisdom teeth out yesterday and no one has even come to check on me. I guess sometimes being so independent sucks. And sometimes you just want your mommy.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Last Will and Testament

Naturally, I am writing my Last Will and Testament due to my wisdom teeth being removed today. It's a sad day for America. My wisdom teeth have been a big part of my life for the last 3 years. I have been dreading the day when someone not as wise as me wanted to bring me down to their level. I just didn't think it would be a dentist. I was talking to my Father last night about the horrific surgery I am about to be put through. As we were discussing the  major risk involved he asked if he could have my car if I didn't make it through. I agreed. I will Drew, the Rendezvous, to my Father, Raymond. I would also like to give any cash money or savings to my Father to try and repay my "tab". As far as my clothes and shoes go... if you find someone that wears the same size clothes and shoes as me... please make sure they have good style and they will appreciate all of my clothes and give my entire closet to them along with any amount due on my credit card because I most likely bought those clothes with the credit card. For my hair product which is the majority of my possessions I would like to give those things to my Sisters, Nicole and Chyla and my Mother, Donna. I would hope that these ladies could divide the product up evenly. I also request that my make up which is also in abundance would go to Chyla and she may share with Nicole and Donna as she sees fit. As for my DVD collection, I would like that to kept together and given to my Father and I would request that he watch every DVD completely within one year of my death date. As for the pictures and wall hangings I would request that the blue thingy on my wall behind the door be given to Daridee Nagle. She has coveted this for a while and it shall be hers now. Everything else shall be divided up as people want it. And if they don't want it please make a shrine at Donna and Rayme's house to remember me by. The love sac and couch should be returned to Jeanne Deveraux. As for my TV, Wii and DVD player I would like that those go to my Father and he may do with those as he sees fit. My bed and any other furniture should be given away to people in need. I want to thank everyone for being an influence in my life. I am please with my accomplishments as a 25 year old female. I am proud to say that I have done most everything I wanted to do thus far and wished it could have been a longer life, but with someone as wise and accomplished as I, I can see why this dentist insists that he bring me down. I pray my family can celebrate the life I had and not mourn, for I will be forever with you. And if you make stupid decisions I will probably haunt you. Amen.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freedom isn't Free!

Happy 4th of July!!! My sister, Nicole, LOVES America!! I mean, I can totally understand why she does. We are blessed to live here, so it makes sense. I love America too and am incredibly grateful for my freedoms. I love that we live in a country that we can do whatever we want for the most part. I mean we can't go around killing people and stuff, and actually I am really grateful for that too! Anyways, I love that I could go to school and get an education in the field that I chose. I am grateful we can choose our religion and respect others for choosing theirs. I have recently realized that I don't allow myself to be "free" when it comes to friends. I have recently discovered that I am such an annoying people pleaser that it drives me crazy!!! I finally decided (with the help of a trained professional.. let's call him Brett :) ) That it's OK if I chose to do something that someone doesn't want me to do. Example: If one friend asks me to do something with them and I don't want to... I don't have to. Before if someone asked me to do something I would always say yes, UNLESS I had other plans. So sometimes I would fib a little and make up stories because I didn't want to go. Realizing this was such a huge deal to me! It might sound crazy to you, but realizing that someone won't hate me if I don't always hang out with them, or they won't think I am a bad person if I just want to stay home was a BIG deal to me! So I guess in some strange way this 4th of July I feel a new sense of freedom. I feel freedom from having to be perfect, or pretending that I am. Because we all know no one is perfect. And not everyone can do something all of the time. I have decided that the best thing to know you have is Freedom, whether it's religious, social, or mental, it is seriously something we are blessed with!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Is the Grass Really Greener on the Other Side?

I was talking to one of my friends today about their life and how it's so much easier to give other people advice and think "oh well if that was me I would do this.. why is it so hard for them?" I know that I look at people's lives that are drastically different from mine and think "why are they complaining?" I think about someone who is married and has kids and think they have a golden life. Why would they complain?? Whereas they look at mine and possibly think "she graduated from college and now has her career. She makes money and gets to spend it on herself... she gets to shop whenever she wants, or do whatever she wants!" (PS. They told me they think that... I wasn't just making that up). And although both statements are true... It doesn't mean my life is more glamorous than the next persons. If you asked me if I would give up my shopping or single life to be a wife and a mother, I would reply with absolutely every single time. However, that doesn't mean I am not appreciative of my life right now. I am surrounded by families. Some are single moms, some are not. Most are struggling financially, and most have a lot of issues that are trying to work through. Just like everyone, I have my issues. I am always amused when people think my life is so perfect. I work with a LOT of women. All of them have kids and most are married. So to them, I have no responsibilities. I just work and play. That's all I do to them. I hear this line on a weekly basis "we should do a girl's night!" And I respond with the same response ever. single. time... "Every night is girl's night at my house". It's partially a joke... but mostly a reality. When they look at my life they think I can do whatever I want. And although I can... I look at their life and think they have someone who actually cares what they are doing. Now, don't get me wrong. I do love my freedom and I am sure someday I will look back and read this post and laugh and long for my freedom again. But I think it's very interesting that as humans we always feel like someone else's life is so much easier, and we can look at their life and long for something they have, when in reality they are probably doing the same thing to us. I have come to the conclusion that although I do want a family of my own someday, I am extremely lucky and blessed. I love my job. I love my co-workers. I love my freedom and I love to shop. I love to make my own decisions and be able to do whatever I want. I love that I can literally move anywhere I want, because I will be able to get a job doing hair. I love my life right now. I am grateful for it. Maybe, just maybe if we think the grass is really greener on the other side we should water and take care of our lawn so we can appreciate what we already have.