Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I want to talk about it....

Ok, so today has been.... well... a pretty crazy day. It started off pretty normal, ya know, hit the snooze a few times, wake up, hurry to get ready and head out the door. Then, school went by a little fast so that was weird. Then I got this phone call from this freaky guy. I think he just had the wrong number. I didn't answer but he left me a voicemail. Anyways, after school I went to work and started my crazy day there. The other manager was there when I got there so I talked to her about how to better the salon. She had, had some complaints about our bulbs, because they are pretty old. Basically just chit chat. Then this new girl I hired came into work, but showed up in a tank top. I felt bad because yesterday she wore pretty short shorts and I had to tell her not to wear them anymore. But because we were closed yesterday it wasn't that big of a deal. But today we were open and tank tops are just a no go. So someone dropped her off and she goes and clocks in. I took her to the side after she clocked in and explained our dress code. It's pretty laid back. But not THAT much. She calls someone to bring her a shirt and everything is fine. THEN, she tells me about her night she had last night.... She had a warrant out for her arrest because of an unpaid speeding ticket. And got pulled over on her way to work for expired registration (at this point the cop could have arrested her and impounded the car, he did neither because she started crying because she was late for work -1st day- so he let her off when her dad came). Then after work last night she locked her keys in her car. Later she had went to Wendy's with her brother to get some grub. On the way home they got pulled over in her brother's car. At which point that cop decided to arrest her, and her brother for some sort of something. So they both went to jail last night. Their bail was $200 a piece and their parents were in a huge fight so neither of them wanted to come bail them out. So her boyfriend bails her out at 3 am this morning. She goes home and moves out of her parents house.... needless to say she had a busy night/day. Work happens. It was just a weird feeling. Then, Ari goes to get dinner for me. She gets me a salad from Costa Vida (I'm a huge fan of Cafe Rio now BTW!!!!!!) So I was happy she got me this salad and I was eating it happy as can be. Then all of the sudden I go to tear off a piece of tortilla, ya know, it's good in the ranch and I see this black thing... yes, a fly was baked in the tortilla...........Sick huh????? So don't you worry I called and complained a little and got like 3 free meals! Go me! Then I stayed after talking to the other manager some more about everything corporate can see on our computer... which is a lot. I am planning on scaring my girls with it. But then I get a text from the girl that is supposed to open tomorrow. Saying that her husband filed for divorce and she was served with the papers today. Sad. I feel so bad for her. So now she can't work tomorrow so I had to quickly find someone to work for her. Which I couldn't find someone to work the whole shift so I have to open tomorrow morning. UGH. Oh well. THEN I get home to check my facebook and e-mail and all that good stuff and I have an e-mail from my landlord stating that I owed her almost $100 for utilities for the last few months. I have never had to pay utilities, which has been nice, except for now I have to dish out $100. Which, I DON'T have. Thanks for asking! I was already counting my pennies trying to find a way to make rent this month plus go to the doctor, plus put gas in my car and the oil needs to be changed. Oh wait. All of that costs money. And... money is the one thing I don't have. Weird how that works! So, all of this adding up just gave me a LOT of anxiety. I really want to throw up right now, and not just because I ate a fly infested salad. .... sick!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Long Time No Bloggin'

Ok, so it has been a while since I have last blogged. So I shall catch ya'll up. Here are some things that has happened since my last blog...
  • Aunt Becky and Nicole came to visit. (Check out Nicole's blog for more info). But it was a ton of fun. Temple Square was amazing.
  • Meeting at work in which I had to yell at some girls and fire one, and possible two, but the other one quit. NOT FUN!!!!
  • Some creepy guy sent me a way weird e-mail. He swears he is in love with me. Creepy. Apparently I am his "missing rib". Don't worry Mom, I reported him to Facebook and am staying far away from creepy Internet men!
  • Pioneer day at work. Therefore we closed at 2pm. People were cranky. Here's a quote from Pioneer day.

    Angry customer: "What the HELL is Pioneer day?"
    Carlos: "It's the Mormon Christmas"
  • Kristin and I went to The Dark Knight... aka BATMAN!!!!!!!! Sooooooo amazing!!!!! Loved it!!! I have a crush on Batman!
  • During Batman there was a trailer for Twilight. YAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!! It was so good. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Went floating for the first time in a pool. I hated floating previous to this. However, it was very nice and relaxing. Although, I was a little sore afterwards.
  • I was disappointed in Costco for the first time in my life. We go shopping there for work and the business membership we had I guess was frozen or something. And we tried to work around it, but the guys there were so rude. I was frustrated. Boo Costco!
  • And last but not least. A guy came into work. I did the usual questions. Last name, first name? What would you like to do today? His response was a "free ruva". I looked at him in astonishment. Was he for real? I knew who this guy was. He didn't know me, but I had heard of him before. I said "excuse me??!?!" and he said again, "free ruva". I looked straight into his eyes and said "sorry, we don't have any of those here!" He was a little shocked and I totally went off on him. He seriously looked so surprised. I asked him what he would like to PAY for and he said a wolff. I took his $5 and put him in a bed. Seriously do guys think they could just sweet talk me and I will give them free tans?? Well if they do, they better think again, cuz ain't no one gonna sweet talk me into nothin!

Anyways, it's been a crazy week. Well, almost 2 weeks I guess. But it's been good. Breaking Dawn is coming out on Saturday and I am so excited for that. I can hardly wait!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I like Power!!!!!!

I had a meeting today at work. It went well. I was nervous but for stupid reasons. I mean, it's not like they could fire me. Well they could, but that would be seriously a very stupid move on their part. The meeting with Kirk... Was nice. I got a promotion and a raise. However, I don't have to do anything more or less than I already am. Basically they just gave me the tittle and raise, with a possibility of monthly bonuses. YAY! Also. I get a gold's gym e-mail account. You know you are official when you get your own e-mail. So that was pretty exciting. Also, there is still someone right above me, but she said she sees us as equals, so she won't boss me around, and her responsibility is the numbers and the boring stuff like that. So if for some reason we do something wrong or not well enough, she gets in trouble... not me! So I am the manager/ supervisor of Provo Gold'n Tan. YESSSSSSSSSS.

Carlos was more excited than me, I think. After Kirk left Carlos (manager of the gym) asked me what was said blah, blah, blah. I told him and he was jumping up and down and hollerin like a crazy man. It was strange. Then he suggested we should celebrate. I reminded him I didn't drink. And he told me he meant dinner. I agreed held out my hand for the money (he thought I should pay because I got the raise... silly man. He makes 6 times what I make.. he should ALWAYS pay) so he handed me a $20 and we ate Cafe Rio... yummy!

Also. My title for this blog has some meaning behind it. In the 8th grade I won a contest and got to be principal for the day (yes that was the day that a huge earthquake hit Bellingham, we saw it as a sign that I shouldn't be a principal). Anyways the local newspaper came and did an article on me and why I chose that, or my other choice was a big stuffed animal and I said something along the lines I'd rather have power.... or something like that it may have said I like power. But my quote in the newspaper was "I like power". The next Sunday I had to give a talk in church, and the lady sitting next to me leans over and said "I like power too". My family thinks it's funny. Me, not so much. I was totally misquoted! RUDE! But it's definitely NOT a lie.. I do like power...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Life's Tests

Everyone in this glorious world we live in has their own trials/ tests to pass. That is why we are here. To pass a bunch of tests. And although they aren't the ones that you need to know specific dates or tons of information that you will forget right after taking the test. These tests are harder and take more time in preparing. The kind you need to work up for and really prepare. You don't exactly know when the test will present it's self. You just need to be prepared. Some one very wise told me a few months ago that I would have to pass one test that would be incredibly hard for me to do. But that I would need to do it to bring peace and happiness back into my life. She told me it would take a while for me to be ready to pass this test. That I needed to prepare myself, for if I were to fail this test I would have to start all over. And I had pass many of the smaller tests and did NOT want to start over.... That would have ruined my life.

I had the test yesterday.

I passed the test!

What a glorious feeling it is when you pass a test that you have been preparing for, for over 2 years.

Nothing compares to this feeling. I feel like I am on top of the world! Thank-you Sharron for preparing me for this test, you are my Hero!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The 3's

Ok, my MOTHER tagged me. I have no clue what that means. Like... Tag you're it? Ok well I HATE running games so I fold. Here are my 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions, 3 random surprising facts about yourself and then tag 5 people that have to complete this too.
3 Joys...
3 Fears...
-Being alone
-Car accidents and or getting pulled over for speeding.
(My Father put this fear in me....)
3 Goals...
-Finish School... all of it
-Strengthen my testimony
-Take time to stay in touch with people
3 Current Obsessions...
-Twilight/ New Moon/ Eclipse
-Red boxing movies
3 Random Facts about Me...
-Sometimes I think my life is a reality show. And I want to go into the Camera room and explain what just happened
-I got a raise today
-I hate drinking water... more than anything....
5 People....
(I told you... I'm obsessed...)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Shut up. Don't talk to me. I am trying to Read!"

I decided since the 4th book to the Twilight series was coming out soon (Aug 2 a perfect day!) that I should re-read all of the books. I had been thinking about it for a while and kept Twilight in my car just in case I was bored at school/ work I could start reading. And then Saturday happened. Work was so slow I wanted to rip my hair out so I could have something to think about. I was listening to my ipod. I am pretty sure I went through every song and still bored. So once I remembered I had Twilight in my car I pretty much ran out and got it and started reading. And of course that is when people start bothering me. I mean... haha... uh.. wanting to tan. So I put them in the beds and went right back to reading. I didn't get very far. In the book. If you haven't read Twilight yet, stop everything you are doing and read it! Mom, if you haven't read it by now.... I'm not sure what to do with you. Please go read it. Anyways... so I was far enough into it that I was hooked. I started to only think about Twilight and how much in love with Edward I was. Ok... if you haven't read the Twilight Series stop reading here... I am going to ruin your life if you keep reading. ...

Last chance....

Fine be that way!

So I seriously couldn't stop reading. This is my second time around with this serious and I just can't put it down. I feel like I am Bella... only I would not be as stupid as she is sometimes.. AHH I just want to slap her! But I really feel like Edward is my boyfriend. And I know that is lame to say out loud but it's true. The way she writes is like it's your real life. And I can't help but feel as I finished Twilight Tuesday night that Edward was my hero. And as I stared New Moon last night Edward broke my heart. So the last few days I have been so happy and giddy and relating everything to Edward/ Twilight that Kristin is probably sick and tired of hearing about them, but she keeps putting up with me (Thanks Kristin! You are da beeeest!) Anyways, so now I am depressed. I feel like Edward broke my heart. And now that Jake is getting involved.... ohhhh I loath Jake. He does seem pretty innocent at first, and he is. But then. oh man. Then, he becomes this overprotective, stupid, lame, jerk, of a 32 and I want to kick him. Maybe my anger comes from having a Jake in my life at one point. But really that is a whole different conversation that I don't want to have anymore. All I know is that my heart is broken right now and it's all because of a book. Which is weird for me in the first place. Because before the Twilight Series the last book I read was One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Reading is NOT my thing. But the last few days my nose has been in these dang, but oh so wonderful books. Every time someone tried talking to me I would say to them "Shut up. Don't talk to me. I am trying to read!" They would look at me with confusion on their face and just laugh and walk away, so I could get back to my sudo boyfriend, Edward.

Also, I have been picturing as Edward and Kristen Stewart as Bella, I didn't mean to but I am. So maybe the movie won't be as lame as most people are thinking.... hmmm just an idea...

Yeah.... I am lame.... I know!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Do you smell that?

Ok, so here is the update on my roommate. She is from Japan, her name is Lisa. And we were talking the other day and she was telling me that she lived in Japan for 3 years after she graduated h.s. and then went to BYU-Hawaii and got her B.A. in Counseling Psych. As I was adding this all up in my mind (I mean I am no math major) but I was realizing that she is probably older than me.... so I asked her plain and simple how old she was. This was her response word.... for... word! " I old. I not tell you age I am. I tell you year. 1978." With a big huge grin. I tried not to let my jaw drop to the floor after quickly or not so quickly calculating her age in my head. Yep. She is 32. A bit old to be living in BYU approved housing. But it's all good. I'm not a hater. Anyways she is really nice. And very careful not to step on my toes which I have to admit I like.... my bad. But here is a quick story that happened the first day she actually lived here.... So I was back in my room drying my hair. And my room is at the back of the apartment and then I have my own bathroom and vanity area even further back in my room. Any who so I was drying my hair and I smelt something burning. At first I was confused forgetting I now had a roommate. And then I realized that it was coming from my kitchen. So I opened my bedroom door to find my whole hallway and living room/ kitchen filled with smoke. (side note: I was going to grab my camera to take a picture of the smoke but as soon as I opened the oven door I decided that was a BAD idea). So when I opened the oven I see this poor little pathetic $.88 pizza in the middle of 4 flames. The fourth corner of the WAX paper had not yet caught on fire. So I quickly search my kitchen for something to put these 3 mini fires out with. I finally find an oven mitt and start patting the flames. They eventually go out and I standing there waiting to wake up from a dream. But, nope this is reality. So my roommate comes out of the bathroom in a towel and had a very surprised look on her face. She looks at me and says "what happen?" I look at her, look at the oven and burnt remains of the wax paper stuck to my pan and look back at her. As I take the pan out of the oven and save the 88 cent pizza and put it on a new pan with ALUMINUM foil I nicely explain to her that you can't wax paper in the oven, because it will catch fire. Then help up the pan with the melted wax paper and said "example A". I quickly opened the windows and door to help the burning crayons smell escape our apartment. It eventually did. She apologized about a million and a half times. I kept telling her it was ok and that it was an accident and to just be more careful. However I have a feeling this overpowering smell thing is going to be a tradition. Today Kristin and I decided it was time to roll out of my apartment when we smelt seaweed cooking. Yeah.... it's going to be an interesting time. Oh and don't worry she said she would save me some of her seaweed/ cabbage/ beef roll.... Yummmy.....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Going to my HAPPY place

Ok, so here is an update about my little vacation that I went on. First off, we woke up BEFORE the crack of dawn and I had to be at Kendra’s at 4 am. UGH! Anyways of course I went to bed at 8 pm the night before. And by 8pm I mean 2 am. So I slept for like an hour and a half then got ready. I got my stuff out of my car and was putting it in Cindy’s car (Kendra’s mom) and my makeup spilt out of my bag and went everywhere. Well first off, 4am it’s still dark outside. So I was trying to get all of my make-up from under my car in the dark and using my cell phone as a light. THEN as I was bending over my button on my pants popped off. (Side note: Yes, I am thick skinned some say chubby, but these pants weren’t even tight!!! So I have no idea why the button popped off, but they did. Whatever). So this is how I started out the vacation. So I finally get all of my make-up and the popped off button and get in the car and fall asleep. I pretty much woke up when we were in Vegas. Then slept again till we hit Barstow, California and stopped to do some shopping. Then headed to the O.C. Our room in Laguna Beach was way nice. Our room was right on the beach. It was so relaxing an nice. After staying there for a few days we headed to Anehiem. But first we got lost in L.A. for a while. Called Kendra’s friend, Elias, to get directions. He asked where we were at. We told him and all he said was “Don’t get out of the car!” So we hurried out of the ghetto little town. Finally arriving at our hotel. After what was supposed to be a 45 minute drive that stretched over 4 ½ hours, yeah, we were ready to get into our next hotel room. But had some troubles with this dang hotel. First they gave us a room that was for handicapped people the shower was… something else. Not to mention the overwhelming smell that was protruding from the carpet, beds, curtains, etc. So we complained and got a new room. Except Cindy wanted one with a safe, so we complained again and were told we would just have to wait till tomorrow to get our ideal room. Wow. Anyways moving on, boring stuff happened, blah, blah, blah. Then the next day…. (drum roll please….) DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!
I was super excited for this! Of course the first ride we go on was Indiana Jones. Now when I was younger I went on this ride and it really scared me. I looked into the eye and it told us not to… and it just scared me. So when I was waiting in line for it my heart was pounding, palms sweaty. I was seriously nervous. But couldn’t freak out too much because Kendra’s 8 yr old daughter, Tawna was with us, so she kept asking if it was scary. So as I got on the ride I said a quick prayer to calm my pounding heart and help me face my fear. And all was well. The ride was fun and I faced my childhood fear! Yay for Me!

Ok this is really a picture of "Indiana Jones" he was fairly attractive... I'm not going to lie...

Disneyland is pretty much the happiest place on Earth, if only they would invest in some Dr. Pepper it would be so much happier. Oh and get a new Cinderella. The one that was there has some messed up teeth. And I don’t mean to be rude, but Cinderella is supposed to be this beautiful, amazing Princess, and she just… wasn’t. So that’s what I would change. Oh and also, I got my picture taken with Mickey… he’s way short, but it’s all good. So all in all I had a good trip. It was really exhausting, but good. I had fun. Thanks to Cindy and Kendra for inviting me to go and for making it possible for me to go!