Saturday, May 31, 2008


Back to life. I really enjoyed my time at home with my parents. It was nice and relaxing. I really had no worries... and it was fantastic!! Really! I wish I didn't have any stress or worry in my life... But then I guess it wouldn't really be "life" eh? Anyways. So on Thursday I walked into school and was happy to be back. People were coming up to me excited to see me, telling me they missed me. It was a good feeling. Then all of the sudden one of my Learning Leaders (aka teachers) came running up to me screaming my name. Now this would have been somewhat normal, however this certain Learning Leader and I don't really get along. We had a minor falling out, and she made me cry really hard. So whenever she says my name I cringe thinking I am in trouble or something. Anyways so she comes up to me and she looks really excited. And she asked how my trip was. Confused, I tell her wonderful and she was happy for me. And then she told me that today was the day we, as the Student Council (sorta like a Student Body) were going to the Special Olympics to do hair and manicures. A smile spread across my face as I was super excited. She told me she thought I would like to go and so she signed me up. (Apparently she felt bad for making me cry.. so now we are good... hopefully). So I went to the Special Olympics on Thursday all day long. I got a little sunburn and I was super tired Thursday night. But it was SO worth it. I loved it!!! It was so fun and the people were so wonderful. They can only make you smile. I did a LOT of mohawks. And "twisty backs" is what they called them. Oh they were so fun. Also Kendra got to come along too. So it was a fun day.

Then last night was Friday night. And besides last week (because I was on my way home) I have been sitting home Friday nights alone watching movies, and this is NOT out of choice. I don't really know what happened to all of my friends, but all of the sudden I feel like I have none to hang out with. I mean, Kendra has her kids or other friends she wants to see and hand out with. She is with me everyday so I don't blame her. But I don't know what I used to do, but now I am just sitting home alone. Which is sad, and then Saturday nights I have been trying to do something, but usually it consists of going to Redbox and renting a new movie to watch... by myself. Anyways... BUT NOT LAST NIGHT!!! See, yesterday I was going out to my car at lunch to go to 7-11 and get a Slurpee and I saw this flyer on my windshield. I looked at it and it said "Pool Party". I looked at Kendra and said "I'm going to this pool party!!!!" She just kind of looked at me like I was a dork... which I am. So I was super excited all afternoon for the pool party. It was at Seven Peaks, which is a water park, and it was only $5 to get in. Which is kinda a lot of money for me right now, but I was desperate. I was NOT going to sit home alone another Friday night! So I was talking about it with a girl named Tajia who I go to school with. And she really wanted to go. So we went. We got there about 10 ish... and started dancing for a little bit. Then Tajia and her friend Stacy decided we needed to go down the slides.... at night! DANGER!!!! I am afraid of water slides in the first place. Add PITCH BLACK slides.... NOPE!!! DANGER!!!!!!! I kept telling them I would just sit and watch and they would NOT have that... uh.... I went down like 3 or 4 slides a couple times each. I was really impressed that I did. I screamed a LOT. My throat hurts pretty bad this morning. Tajia and Stacy like to do this thing called trading places while on the water slide... Danger! We went down this slide called the "Cave In" and in a 3 person tube... Danger. But on top of that. They decide to trade places. We end up flipping the tube while IN the water slide about 1/3 of the way down. So the remainder of the slide I am trying to flip back over this stupid tube. I hated that one!!! Then we did another one called the "Shotgun" yeah if the name doesn't scare you.... well read the name again! Needless to say I did have a good time, all in all. I am sore this morning from being so tense and screaming DANGERRRRR!!! But I did have fun and I am glad Tajia made me go down the water slides. It was fun. And it was $5 well spent!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hair school.... I've actually learned something..

I will never forget what I was doing when I actually decided to go to Beauty school. I was at Hollywood Video in Rexburg, where my boss didn't really care what I did.. So I was sitting in the back talking to Chyla. I was discussing my future with her and what I wanted out of life. She told me I should move to Utah. That sounded ok with me, but what was I going to do there. That's when she suggested Paul Mitchell the School. I had heard of Paul Mitchell hair products before and so I thought.. sure why not. So I went home and researched it. I realized it was the number two school in the U.S. Vidal Sasson being #1. I looked at how much it would cost to go to the Provo School and my jaw dropped. $14,000... are you kidding me... but I guess I will talk to my parents about it. So the next day at work I was back in the office again, this time talking to my mom. I honestly didn't think I was going to get the reaction I did. I told her about it and she thought it was an excellent idea! I was suprised. So I went home that night and filled out the applications. This was Thursday night. By Monday morning I was accepted and registered for classes. It all happened so fast. However, I have not regreted my decision. Everyone is asking me how school is going. If I like it, etc. And of course I just answer it's going well. And I Love it!!! But my mom has asked me about 3 times since I have been home this weekend if I really do like it? And if it was the right choice. Mom, I do like it, all in all. Of course there are challenges in whatever you do. But, I do like Beauty School. I like that I can see that I have knowledge already. I know how to mix color. I know how to cut hair. I know how to correctly apply color and how do mix bleach perfectly. I have learned a lot. But I have much more to learn, and I am excited about learning it. I can't wait!!!! I look at people's hair and I don't judge them (because I don't judge anyone!!!!) but I think of ways to help improve their look and self-esteem! And I love that. I want to make people feel better about themselves. And I picked the right career for that. So in answer to your question, YES!!! I like it. I have grown in many ways so far. And it's really weird to think about that if I was going to school in Washington I would be almost done. I would only need 400 more hours... that is really weird to think about. All in all, I like being in Beauty School. And the other question: was it the right choice... Heck yes!!!! Moving to Utah has definitely brought it's challenges. At first when everything fell apart... i.e. my first apartment smelling like cat pee and wood, my second apartment getting broken in to and my laptop being stolen and the creepy guy coming into my room and going through my underwear drawer while I was sleeping, and my car breaking down to the point where we had to turn him over to the junk yard. I mean those are pretty devestating things to happen to a 20 year old girl who just moved away from everyone in her family. But I know I was supposed to move to Utah, and go to PMTS in Provo and start November 5th. Because I was supposed to start earlier. But I decided to wait. I'm glad I waited, because if I hadn't I would not have been as close to Kendra. She has helped me a ton since moving to Utah. I'm pretty sure if it weren't for her I wouldn't still be going to school. She encourages me everday of my life. She is such a huge support system for me. She keeps track of my worksheet for me, because no matter what I do I seem to lose it every month. She makes sure I get my worksheet done. And if I just decide to not do it, she will force me to do it. She is honestly exactly what I need to be able to finish school. And I am grateful for her!!! Well, I do have to say that I am pleased thus far with the education I have received. My dad has now gotten his second haircut. And I am getting better. The first time I screwed up his neckline... it was pretty bad. And this time I only cut a small hole in his hair. But, you really can't notice it. Well, Mom couldn't at least. I could tell my dad was pleased... we gave him the George Clooney hair cut this time. And I do have to say.... he looks good!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Old times, Good times

Coming home to visit my parents is always interesting. Whenever I know I am going to be returning to the good ole place of Bellingham I try to think of people I would like to see, like old friends from high school, and I can never really think of that many. Don't get me wrong. I love all of my friends I grew up with in high school. I just haven't really kept in contact with many of them. The only ones that I kept in contact with was ones from the Church. So I saw pretty much everyone I wanted to at Church today. So I decided that tonight it would be fun to get them all together and play games. Amanda Peck, Natasha Holmquist (aka Slesk) came over. Michelle and Nathan Anderson were supposed to, but they had family over that hadn't left yet. But it was good to catch up with Amanda and Natasha. A ton has changed since I saw them last. I mean, Natasha is now married and pregnant. And Amanda is signing up for "something called college" as she referred to it. It was good. I enjoyed being able to chat with them. We are going to be going to Lunch probably on Tuesday after Natasha's baby doctor appointment. I'm definitely looking forward to it! :)

Welcome One and All!!!!

Well I thought since everyone and there sister had a blog I should start one. And I wanted to be in the "IN" crowd. But I had to wait to start my blog until I got my new laptop.... which I got her and she's a beauty! I need to get her a name, which I will soon. So I will keep ya'll updated and try to post blogs as much as possbile! But so far, it's been sorta hard trying to think up of a blog site, name, tittle, geeesh.... so many questions! So my brain needs a rest.