Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lucky? I think not!

Some people believe in being "lucky" others believe in karma. I believe in a little of God. I think that sometimes we may thing we are "lucky" and we just got something because of no reason at all but luck. I don't believe that. I believe that good things happen to good people (sounds like karma... but wait) because God has a plan for that person. I believe it's not luck at all, I believe that God intended for that to happen and so that is what happens. I am pretty sure this isn't making any sense (Surprise, Surprise). So lets go with my family for example. I believe it was in God's plan for me to go and be with my family here on Earth. It was not "luck" or karma because I was good in the pre-mortal life (Confused? Go here). I believe it is just God's plan for me. So am I incredibly grateful for my family? Yes! Am I so blessed that my family is absolutely amazing and that they love me for me, and accept me for who I am; and that they love my friends and have always accepted my friends? Am I blessed/ grateful that my parents encourage me to follow my dreams? Yes. I am extremely grateful! It's not luck/ karma. It was all predetermined that it was going to turn out like this. So when a great job falls into your lap it's the same thing. I am not lucky. I am not an incredibly righteous person so good things always happen to me. This is just my life. So this all comes from several people over the last week that have told me that I am super "lucky" to have everything I have. I know I am incredibly blessed. I know that I probably take things for granted, but its something I am definitely working on. I just think its funny when people look at other people's lives and are jealous. Yes, I wish I had somethings in my life that I don't (mostly money... don't judge I want to do good things with it..) but no one is going to hand me millions of dollars and say 'go be free'. And if they did I wouldn't hate that but I do fear I would turn into Kim Kardashian over night. I guess the moral of this long rant is that if you want something in your life go get it. If you don't want something in your life change it. I am 25 years old. I am a mormon girl who is still single. Is my life perfect? Hell no! (See I am not perfect!) So stop thinking everyone else's life is perfect. Go and be grateful for your life and your plan. Because God made each of our plan catered to us and what we would need and want. So please, stop being so jealous and wishing you had better luck, because girl, we make our own luck! Amen.


Amanda said...

michelle do we have some sort of mental telepathy or something? I've been thinking about this ALL last week. With Sam breaking his knee on the 50 mile hike and how everything clicked into place, how I told Heidi to text Hannah (who was up there to move cars around) but they didn't have service but right when they got to the intersection where they were going to go right to sleep for the night, they got the text and went left and were able to get to the coast guard beach ten minutes before Sam and Pres Hoyt showed up in the boat.

How last week was just a ccccrazy week and I had 2 doctor appts and one of the Dr's had moved and I lost the directions/address so I called my mom and she told me to park so I could write directions down and I parked literally right in front of the building I was supposed to be at and made it just on time.

It's not luck but HEavenly Father knowing what we need and when we need it. To help strengthen our faith and build our testimonies. Even just saying a quick prayer to help my dad find his silly headphones, then I found them within the next two minutes in Sam's EFY luggage mixed with his other cords.

Whatever we care about, He cares about, no matter how small or insignificant it may be.

Marathon Comment sorry

a girl at girls camp stood up and said she was glad her parents met so they could have her. I wanted to tell her that her family was preordained before we came here and it's no mistake she's in the family she's in in the place she's in. I used to have a really hard time because I always wondered why I wasn't born into poverty or into a horrible family (or in the 1800's where guys wore billowing white shirts) but I finally realized that we are meant to be where we are. We still have agency but our 'placement' in life is no accident.

Thanks for this blog, I was actually just going to blog about it but hadn't gotten around to it so now I don't have to :)

Musicmom-Amy said...

At our Stake conference this past June, Elder Marcus Nash said "what is luck? A coincidence?" (I will add karma). "Luck is Heavenly Father giving us a miracle/blessing where he chooses to remain anonymous". I just LOVE that. And it is written on my heart.

Michelle said...

I'm glad you guys got what I was meaning. I'm not very good with my words or writing, but yes. I agree with both of you! Love that quote too! And Amanda thanks for sharing your stories!

Michelle said...
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ThatGirlBrittany said...

I love this!:)