Thursday, December 6, 2012

Work smwork

GAHHH! Do you ever have days at work where you have a million things to do, but yet you have negative motivation? Today is that day? I know that by writing this blog right now I will end up working until midnight, but I don't care! I don't feel like working right this second. My brain needs a break! It was either blog or go shopping. And I am too cold to move right now so, blog it is then! First of all, I work with mostly men. There are 2 females that work here. I am the only full time female, and sometimes the boys are really mean to me! As I walk from one office to another they shoot their staple guns at me. It doesn't hurt anything but  my pride. So yesterday I was out doing some marketing crap and I have been looking for a pink air soft gun for some time now, as my revenge. I couldn't find one, so I decided to make my own! It's completely normal to have a pink gun in your top drawer right?  Well to me it's the only way to survive! So now the boys will be taught their lesson! Don't mess with the best, cuz the best don't mess! Also my office is a hot mess right now! I am not sure what happened, but sometime between my boss buying another company, and purchasing two additional offices, I got crap overload in my office. This is a panoramic shot of my office. I know it doesn't look that messy, but in the corner where you can't see behind my desk if piles of crap that doesn't have a home yet. And my desk is usually perfectly clean, but since last week, I can't even see the top of it! So annoying!!!
So after next week, my life will be slightly more organized.. hopefully! It's been a crazy transition into working for a company instead of doing hair, but I love my job! I love the craziness of the days. I love that the boys pick on me, because they only are doing it because they are all really protective. I am not allowed to carry anything that could be heavy. They will all stop what they are doing and will come help me. Yesterday I had to change the lock on that door in the corner. They brought me the new door knob and said "you have to do this yourself Michelle. You need to learn to be more handy." So a few hours later I came out and got the tools, took the door knob off and 5 minutes later as I was putting the new door knob in 2 of the guys came in and said "what do you think you are doing!?" And I think they were seriously mad... I told them I was being "handy" and doing it myself. They both took the tools and finished it for me. I sat down and just watched them. I could do it myself, but isn't it more fun to watch them? :) Anyways, I love my job. Still no regrets about the move. I don't even miss doing hair, which is surprising, but good. I love that I can come and do the things I need to each and every day. I am grateful for a boss who challenges me, but trusts me too. I may have made myself an award for being an "outstanding employee that he couldn't do without" and stamped his name on there... And by may have I mean I did. And even though he didn't ask me to write myself an award. I know he still means it!  ok. Back to work now!

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Donna Chapin said...

So glad that you are busy and loving it! I love that you made yourself an award.