Saturday, March 23, 2013

Called out on Facebook.. How embarrassing!!

I have officially been called out on Facebook for my lack of blogging. I am sorry! I didn't realize that people read my blogs. I am going to be completely honest. I suck at blogging, reading blogs, etc. I normally only go online on my phone. So the blogging world is hard on my phone. I apologize to each and everyone of you if you have been disappointed in my lack of blogging. Any who I wrote a blog last week and just published it today. I always promise to be better at blogging, but frankly I suck at it. So here is the deal. I will TRY and keep my blogs up. I will do the best I can. I just hate posting pictures on here because it's just a pain for me. So get an instragram and add me. I post pictures there all the time. I guess I can give a brief update on my life, because I know y'all are on the edge of your seats dieting to know what I am up to. So here are my top 3 things of 2013 thus far:

  1. I am out of debt (minus student loans) but including my car! YAY!! Go me! $7k in less than 6 months! That's awesome and I have changed my spending habits and am a recovering shopaholic. And that's ok. I stay strong and don't spend money to bring happiness.
  2. I was "promoted" at work. Ok so work is super complicated. I don't know how to explain my job yet, but let's try. I work for a super smart and successful 33 year old man who specializes in entreprenurial arbitrage. Basically he starts his own businesses and buys in one economy and brings it to another economy for a profit. He owns and runs 8 businesses and is in a meeting right this second looking to buy into another one. PHEW! So what do I do? EVERY-THING! Seriously I am his right hand woman. I take care of everything. My title is "assistant" and he wanted to change it to "Controller" but I didn't like the sound of that because I told him he could basically call me a Bi.... ya. So I am ok with the Assistant title because it makes me sound nicer. But I seriously do everything. Mostly I just go along with him and tell him things we need to get done. But he bounces all of his business ideas off of me and together we write up our plans and next actions to grow our companies. So in some ways you could say I was like the V.P. but I am not ready to deal with that big of a title yet! 
  3. I have made friends at church. YAY! So church has been a hit and miss with me for the last few years, not because my testimony wasn't there. But simply because Mormons in Utah/ Idaho are super weird. I am sorry. I said it. Not all of them, but a big majority. They are judgmental, and don't understand how offensive some of the things they say are. So I made it a goal when I moved down here not to be offended by the stupid, ignorant things people say. I started going to church and started talking to my bishop and getting to know him and finally just told him how people piss me off sometimes. And my bishop is WAY cool! He told me to stand up for me and the other people these idiots are probably offending. I told him sometimes I am very sassy and it might come off rude. He told me to try not to be rude, but if I am sassy, I am sassy and there is nothing anyone can do about that. And then he set me up on a playdate (I wish I was kidding) with a few girls from the ward. And we became instant besties. They are such fun girls. 
So basically I am fantastic and amazing! I am super busy and have a stressful life, but it's all worth it. I am excited to be in this spot in my life that I am in and feel very blessed. And I promise that I will TRY better to be at blogging. 


amber malmberg said...

Thanks for the update! Mwahahahahaha! You're amazing, and it sounds like you're living a very successful and purposeful life! Good for you! Having goals and successes are astronomical! Congrats on all of your changes and accomplishments this year thus far!

juss_ume said...

successful life,great.